This Tea Kettle Isn't Supposed to Look Like Hitler

By , dealnews Features Director

We're pretty sure that no national retailer wants its name associated with Hitler, but JCPenney has unfortunately fallen victim to the mania of internet memes.

Just four days ago, an Imgur user posted a picture of a JCPenney billboard and noted that the seemingly innocuous tea kettle on the right looked like Hitler. From there, the unfathomably ridiculous comparison spread like wildfire, possibly because the headlines are hard to resist; when the words "Hitler teapot" flash across your news feed, how can you not click through?

It seems likely that no one believes JCPenney actually wanted to portray the Nazi dictator in the form of a tea kettle, and naturally the retailer has denied it, even pointing out that it looks more like a snowman. But that hasn't stopped the jokes from pouring in: there are even T-shirts available to purchase, with a portion of the revenue going to the Anti-Defamation League. JCPenney has since removed the item from its site, which isn't surprising since it really doesn't need anymore bad publicity.

Readers, what do you think? Is the Internet totally crazy?

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I think of Cartman more than Hitler when looking at the photo. People have too much time on their hands, probably collecting food stamps too!
I can see how it could look like hitler, though I think it is laughable to say that JCP did it on purpose.
OTOH, I don't see a snowman at all, so I think they may need a new PR department.
So you get to write the same clickbait headline while slightly tweaking the clickbait Internet culture that would craft headlines with Hitler in them. Well played.
They could've turned the tables and used the new fame to announce a donation of a % of profits to the Anti-defamation league. The overly dramatic mayor who was offended (was he serious?) should be mad at the internet for making up the association, instead of JCPenney. And I'm not even a JCPenney fan or supporter but people need to get real and recognize internet humor for what it is
Maybe it's an age thing, or people just not "with it"
Yes. The Internet IS totally crazy.
OTOH, Who knows how this will ultimately play out. It may be a complete nothing because next to no one will believe this is intentional. It may even work to their advantage by creating a mini viral marketing buzz.
OTOOH, will any of us even remember this 5 and 7/31 hours from now?
Elvis Is Alive
I just dont see the resemblance all that much. Maybe the handle looks like his hair I guess. Much ado about nothing.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@johnnylately Touche
If you are just now asking if the Internet is totally crazy then you are late to the game. Welcome!
Heh, JCPenney can't catch a break.