Rumor Roundup: Rainbow iPhones? Star Wars Solo Twins? More?

By , dealnews Media Editor

When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all of the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup," and we do it all for you!

This week:

  • Apple's Cheap iPhone Will Be Offered in Several Colors?
    "You can have one in any color as long as it's Black ... or Pink, or Blue, or White, or Orange!"
    — Less Pithy Henry Ford [Apple Insider]

  • Samsung to Release a 12.2" Tablet Soon?
    For perspective, that's about 0.2" longer than a foot. *Helpful* But seriously, to put it in terms I can understand, it's as big as two Personal Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut side-by-side ... except that people don't look at you all funny when you mash your fingers against them. (Though licking the tablet would get you more stares.) [Android Authority]

  • The New Star Wars Film Will be About Jacen and Jaina Solo?
    Oh great. Two more Star Wars characters over whom I'll have pronunciation arguments with my fellow nerds. "JANE-ah!" "No, Ja-EENA!" "UGH! YOU DISGUST ME!" "I would SO force choke you, right now!" [IGN]

  • Rory Kinnear Will be the Next Doctor?
    "Who?" "Exactly!" "No, I mean, 'Who is that?'" "Exactly..." [SlashFilm]

  • Next-Gen Android OS Will Run on All Devices?
    Will this signal an end to the platform's fragmentation that we've come find adorable? Not so! Manufacturers are still free to skin the UI as they see fit, thanks to the open source-ness of the platform, so people will still feel left out! [Into Mobile]

  • Apple to Enter the "Phablet" Market with a 5.7" iPhone?
    Soon, The Apple Store will have to measure you for a custom-tailored device. They will also, for some weird reason, measure your inseam. "Does sir iPhone to the left or right?" [Fox News]

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