Grown Ups Just Want to Have Fun: 10 Kids' Items We Wish Were for Adults

By , dealnews Assistant Editor

Ah, the golden years of being encouraged to sleep, eat, and burp whenever possible. And those pirate-themed beds, treehouses, LEGOs! Do kids even know how lucky they are?! When was the last time you got to wear your batman suit to dinner, hmm? And how handy were bibs!? In our opinion there are some things that really should come in adult sizes. And no, we don't mean diapers.

At what age did our beds stop having either a sail, slide, or steering wheel (or preferably all three)?

OK, we are glad we don't have to sleep in this dinosaur's mouth.

As a kid, you're actively encouraged to dress in your favourite superhero costume and well-played tantrum can even earned you the right to sleep in your spidey-suit.

Unfortch based on our husband's reaction last night, our days of dressing as the green goblin at bedtime really have passed (tantrum or no tantrum).

If these kids' reactions are anything to go by, a grown-up-sized door bouncer might be the perfect way to unwind after a tough day in the office. We'll probably have to get a sippy cup to drink our wine out of though.

Remember the good old days when people considered you cute enough not to have to walk? After a particularly gruelling day it would be so much appreciated if someone would push us around whilst we sat comfortably catching up, or just napping.

Lets face it, we'd be a lot more creative with our dinner menus if our kitchen was as pimped out as this. Now where did we put that recipe for mud pie?

This bumbo chair looks pretty comfy, no? Replace the pears in this kid's hands for beers and you've pretty much got our ideal Sunday setup.

Back in the good ol' days, summer vacation was synonymous with water slides. These days, the closest we get to playing with water is accidentally splashing ourselves whilst doing the dishes.

Take a look at your dull (probably black) office chair. Now take a look at this swing chair. Now regret that your office chair isn't a combination rocking chair/bed with optional vibration and covered in owls. We'd just like to make one little change: Can we get the mobile with pictures of our fave hunks? Kthxbai.

Our trusty treehouse used to be a safe haven from mad parents, angry dogs, and most importantly, homework. We don't have homework anymore, but we sure wish we could hide out from housework.

Looks like LEGO are the only ones still flying the flag high for Peter Pan grownups. The 10-year-old in us would totally opt for this LEGO digital camera over any old Nikon.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to put on a onesie and make a fort out of pillows so that we can watch an episode of Thundercats before the kids get home from school.

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Great article - good for several laughs. Thanks!
They always photoshop those waterslide pictures to make the item look much bigger than actual size
Go to Hot Topic and get couple of superheroes shirts and you can sleep with those... or use them to go out and look like an everyday Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.