10 Bizarre Clothing Items We Found On Sale

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During the course of our daily deal spelunking, we often come across some amusing, eccentric, and outright bizarre stuff. Normally we just laugh amongst ourselves, but today we're letting you in on the joke; below are some wacky and weird outfits that we've encountered while rummaging for deals. These 10 items are so quirky, we're not sure if anyone can pull them off — sadly, not even Ryan Gosling. Whether it be due to a brave pattern, or materials of questionable origin, sometimes there's a reason why these things go on sale.

1. Initially upon finding these shoes (left), we thought we'd accidentally clicked through to The Snooki Shop's footwear section (right). Yes, that's still happening.

2. The unholy union of Big Bird and Jar Jar Binks; we suspect the model is trying her best not to flap.

3. While crisp and clean looking, wearing white is just too risky; you can't eat spaghetti, you can't drink red wine, and, as Steve Martin demonstrates, you can't paint giant black abstracts. So what's the point?!

4. The shirt on the left is one step away from joining the paisley extravaganzas that make up the wardrobe of Cam from Modern Family.

4. Sassy pants!

6. We wanted to see if anyone could make this men's one-piece waffle suit look good, so we tested it out on man-candy Ryan Gosling. Turns out even he can't pull it off.

7. This sleep sack is bringing Mugatu's hobo chic Derelicte campaign to life.

8. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a tumor? No, it's a watch/compass/thermometer. It's 3 o'clock. No, wait: 15°F! No! Wait! East!

9. If Gangnam Style could be personified in a pair of leggings, it would look like these.

10. These dragon-esque kicks are straight out of Skyrim. Grats to Nike for grinding all the way to 100 in Smithing!

This is just a taste of the "interesting" clothing we encounter while deal-hunting, but there are certainly more outrageous outfits across the interwebs. Readers, what are some of your favorite crazy clothes? Can you personally pull off anything from this list? Let us know in the comments!

Paula Kerrigan has taught English in Japan and Italy, and she has written for several e-zines aimed at Westerners living abroad. She uses her experience across the six continents to inform her travel features at dealnews.

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#2 and #9 -- Dragtastic! lol
Jeff Somogyi (DealNews)
@Greg the Gruesome Not if you live your life like *I* do!
Greg the Gruesome
Re: #6

That's (cold-weather) underwear. It's not meant to be seen. ಠ_ಠ