Rumors? Pay With Your iPhone 5, Xbox Delays, Cloud iTunes Pricing

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

Here are some rumors we found in the dusty corners of the Internet:

  • Stream media from your iPad to your Boxee Box?
    Because they wanted to make sure they supported a device with less market penetration than their own set-top box, the Apple TV. (They don't quite understand "The Long Tail".)
  • No new Xbox until 2015?
    The good news: Four more years of out-of-the-blue Red Rings of Death.
  • iPhone 5 will have Near Field Communications chip for point-of-sale purchases?
    Begin counting down the days until you'll see someone contorting their way into paying without taking the phone out of their pocket. It'll be hilarious, gross, and disturbing.
  • Apple's AirPlay coming to TV sets?
    Apple is normally so keen on deals that undermine their own products. But wait, this IS the second Apple / television rumor, however. Where there's smoke ... ? NAH!
  • Robert Pattinson to star as Daredevil?
    The "actor" says no and that he is afraid of people's reactions. Oh, Robert! Don't worry about it! We don't care! (No really. We don't care about you at all.)
  • Apple's cloud-based music streaming service will cost $20 a year?
    "We're giving you all the functionality that we killed off when we closed down, but for a low, low price of $20 a year!" Quite the sales pitch!
  • Apple re-rumored to be developing a "Smart TV"?
    OK! I'm convinced. SOMETHING big that is Apple / TV related is about to happen! (PLEASE let it be a reality TV show about goings-on at Infinite Loop! PLEASE!)

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He longs for the day when he'll see Jonathan Ive and Tim Cook get into a huge fight over who ate all the peanut better in the house. Learn what else he craves on Twitter @dzheough.

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