Rumors: First iPhone 6 Rumor? Apple Cloud Music? Wii 2 Price?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

Here are a few rumors we heard:

  • Nintendo Wii 2 will cost $400?
    TG Daily says it could be the most expensive Nintendo device ever. But, of course, it would have to be, so that 50% of the cost of the console can be fed back into marketing to convince you that the console should cost $400.

  • Only one new Blackberry device being announced at Blackberry World?
    Some might say that is one too many. Maybe thinks so, but I certainly don't, though.

  • Nintendo DS Lite has been discontinued?
    The product line will be less confusing now that there are only three SKUs: DSi, DSi XL, and 3DSi. That's one for every budget, assuming your budget is $250 or higher. Rumor according to

  • iPhone 5 will have an A5 chip?
    That's a whole "A" better than their current technology! Wow! Thanks

  • Apple about to release cloud music service?
    If they release this soon enough, then next year during a keynote address Apple can accuse Amazon of copying them.

  • Windows 8 will have facial recognition capabilities?
    This is based on a leaked Windows 8 build having an API named "Detect human prescence" — which sounds way scarier than just facial recognition. (Especially when you say it in a Dalek voice ... though I guess everything does sound scarier in a Dalek voice.)

  • Google's Chrome OS laptops will have a subscription fee?
    Give me a break! At $10/month, with free hardware upgrades, I'd have to use that device for five years before I pay as much as I spent on my last laptop ... which didn't last five years ... and went obsolete even faster than it took to die. Whoa.

  • PSP Go has been discontinued?
    Sony just doesn't get that gamers don't want to download games through, like, an App Store. That method is totally unprofitable .... Wait! Sony was trying to do something right and it still didn't work out for them! These guys are the Rodney Dangerfield of the tech world.

  • Grand Theft Auto V will be a Nintendo Wii 2 launch title?
    Forget about 28 years of "family friendly" gaming, let's go blow some stuff up! A French gaming site says this new version is in the works.

  • iPhone 6 will be LTE compatible?
    Wow. The first iPhone 6 rumor is totally lame.

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He'd like you all to calm down and realize that, though the first was lame, there are many, MANY months of iPhone 6 rumors ahead of us. Please follow his shorter thoughts on his Twitter; and his longer thoughts on his blog. Thank you.

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