Video: Smash Open a Laptop, Learn About Processors

By Beth Pinsker, Editorial Director of dealnews

Ever wonder what the guts of a laptop look like? We had the opportunity to take a peek inside thanks to the kind folks at We took our cameras along so that you could watch too.

For our new series on what to look for when buying a laptop, we wanted to check out all the components that you need to factor into your decision-making process and sort out some of the difference among models. So when you see spec sheets on listings like our weekly laptop roundup, you can easily figure out which dual-core or quad core or core i7 laptop is the right one for you. And then you can match that with our price trend reports, to see if the prices listed are good enough to buy.

So sit back and enjoy our first episode:

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Very light on content :(
You should do videos on things that you know about and let people who know about computers do videos about computers. Even the guy that knows about computers didn't give us any valuable information. He talked about i7 very generally like there is only one and didn't even compare other options. In a word this video is worthless...
This type of general information is more geared for people who have to walk into a store and ask a clerk what computer they should buy. I usually love this site and it's tools. The fact that dealnews chose this video to teach their users about processors doesn't give a good message about the depth of research on dealnews or the tech understanding of people who browse this page. I don't think this level of information accurately represents what dealnews typically offers its users.
this is the best option to when buying a laptop so that you can easily figure out and aware if the prices is right automitically.
This was probably the most vague description of a processor that I've ever seen. The poor geek used the word "basically" 4-5 times over the course of the 1 1/2 minute video. Hate to break it to ya pal, but basically we wouldn't need this explained if it was basic. I've been in IT for about 5 years now. If this crap was basic then I wouldn't have a job.

Yes, the CPU is the brain of the machine. Yes, an i7 is good, but it's certainly not the best. Yes, having four cores is good... but most of the time you don't even use 2 of the four cores. Applications need to be programmed for that stuff bud.

Aside from the pentium, celeron, atom, and athlon processors. Anything dual core will probably be much more than what you need. Those of us who need more than that are aware of it already. Want snappy performance, go Fusion or i3. Want some serious speed, go i5 or Phenom. Want to bald yourself, go i7, Opteron, or Xeon.

Oh, and keep in mind. Just like any well developed product line, there are different tiers in each type. Just to give you an idea, i7 processors range in price between 250.00 - 1100.00.