Rumors: Cheaper iPhone 5? White IPhone 4 Ready? Wii Price Cut?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

There are always more rumors, if you know where to look:

  • Windows 8 beta coming in September?
    Memo to Internet: Please have your "Eight is ENOUGH!" or "Eight is GREAT!" blog posts ready by September.
  • iPhone 5 will be cheaper?
    Because Apple has a long history of chasing a bigger marketshare with competitive pricing. Update: has since pulled its article.
  • Is this what the Windows App Store looks like?
    Eye-shatteringly hideous? Check. Then I call this one plausible! (Not to be confused with "brain-meltingly plain" — which is the hallmark of Google, of course.)
  • White iPhone 4 will make its appearance by the end of the month?
    Buy it to ensure that you're locked into a binding contract without the chance of upgrade for when the new iPhone 5 comes out in June! (Or is that September?!)
  • Nintendo Wii price cut on May 15?
    To celebrate the 77th anniversary of the opening of the Moscow Metro. (On a side-note, how come most "today on this date" websites are essentially lists of horribly depressing atrocities, leaving me no choice but to use this Metro factoid as my punchline?)
  • iPad 3 not coming out this year?
    This news is being reported as if it's a bad thing! How fast do you want new versions of your gadgets, people? You've barely had time to film the unboxing video on the iPad 2, and you already want the thrid one?!
  • Warner Bros Music is causing the delay of Google Music service again?
    Careful, WB, Brin strikes me as the "FINE! I'm taking my ball and going home!" type.
    In related news: Please stop being insufferable jerks, music industry. (What? I said "please"!)

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cool. i love to update my iPhone into this iPhone5 or iPhone4 white. when will this be on air?