Rumors: iPhone 5 Photos, YouTube Overhaul, New Final Cut?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

Here are some rumors we found in the dusty corners of the Internet:

  • T-Mobile announcing a new unlimited plan next week?
    A cruel prank for T-Mobile to pull on us, when you just know AT&T is going to disolve this plan, first thing, once they take over.
  • Best Buy angers Apple by withholding iPads from customers?
    Didn't you know that only Apple is allowed to pretend to want to sell you an item, then claim they can't due to "white is too hard to make" claims? Duh!
  • Explorer will have a "ribbon" interface in Windows 8?
    Your rumors are as exciting as your products, Microsoft.
  • Apple buys 12 Petabytes of storage?
    To put that in perspective: That's enough to hold 2,013,265,920* MP3s (that they still won't offer as a streaming service!)
    *Or one totally-wow live Phish jam.
  • Another version of Final Cut Pro soon?
    More Final Cut? Final-er Cut? Maybe that last one should've been called Penultimate Cut, eh? WORD PLAY!
  • YouTube overhauling to be more like TV?
    How, you ask? Why, with content that panders to the lowest common denominator! Advertising on all the shows! Wait ... this rumor was supposed to be about something they've not yet done, right?
  • Verizon to no longer offer new 1-year contracts?
    Maybe this means they'll be offering phones that don't become bogged-down, always-low-on-battery, door stops after just one year of service. (Just let me dream won't you?!)
  • Photographic proof that the next-gen iPhone has a different antenna and a smaller bezel?
    You can't Photoshop these kinds of things, you know. In other news, I saw a shark attacking a man hanging from a helicopter.

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He uses PhotoShoppe to put handle-bar mustaches onto daguerreotypes. Follow his short thoughts on his Twitter; and his longer thoughts on his blog.

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