Kmart's 'Ship My Pants' Ad Goes Viral, Annoys One Million Moms

By , dealnews Features Director

This week, Kmart released a video online to publicize its new Store to Home service, in which the merchant will ship an item to your home for free if it's sold out while you're shopping in-store. The video has caused quite a stir though for reasons beyond anything related to free-of-charge delivery.

In the ad, a handful of excited customers shout the suggestive line, "ship my pants" (or variations thereof), a total of 12 times. Since it's a 35 second video, that's about one pun every three seconds. Most people seem to find the video amusing, as evidenced by the 13 million views it's received since it was posted a little over a week ago. However, the One Million Moms group is pushing to have it pulled from TV, and Ad Age suggests that the "sophomoric" video could be polarizing once it airs. (It appears to still be available online only.)

Readers, what do you think? Funny or tasteless?

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I love it. Thumbs Up, Kmart marketing.
"Tasteless OR funny?" Who says it can't be both?!?!
Jeff Morgan Morgan (DealNews)
It made me want to shop at Kmart.
LMAO!!! It could have been worse--- if Kmart filmed it in the adult diapers aisle.
Oh my goodness, to the people who have the "better than thou" attitude..."Grow up America"? Take it for what it is, FUNNY. And If you don't like it fine, but don't judge other people for finding it humorous. Get over yourself.
TOOO FUNNY! a commercial that I finally think is worth air-ing
I'm sure that JCPenney "shipped their pants" when they saw this ad. It has already eclipsed evey JCP ad by about 13 million viewers.
I think it is hilarious and great. But you will always find a bunch of cry babies who will complain...
I just shipped my blue light special! (How many of you are old enough to even remember that one at K-Mart?)
That is some funny ship. Loved it.
desperation from Kmart... They are fading quickly and must do something--anything.. Just seems desperate to me..
LOVE it! By the way, One Million Moms could use a math lesson. They only have about 14,000 members!
Very funny!! One Million Moms should change their name to One Million whiney uptight Moms with no sense of humor!
Well, I just shipped my bed! That's my favorite part! Hilarious! Oh... and I'm 30!
Greg the Gruesome
“Readers, what do you think? Funny or tasteless?”

¿Por qué no las dos? :P
It is potty humor you would expect to hear from a child. Grow up America. It is sad this is what entertains people nowadays.
I laughed so hard I shipped my pants.
Who goes to Kmart anymore?
It's only on line....if the Million Moms don't like it, don't watch it or allow your children to watch it. It's funny BECAUSE it's sophomoric.
i think it's hilarious. more attitude like this from kmart and they might increase sales