Ridiculous Recalls: From Sheer Yoga Pants to Hair-Eating Dolls

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Women's fitness brand Lululemon announced this week that it's recalling roughly 17% of its yoga pants from stores. Apparently, they were manufactured with materials that made them too sheer for those pesky people who have a strict definition of what "pants" should be.

It's not everyday that we encounter a product recall that's seemingly so absurd. So, in honor of the Lululemon gaffe, we decided to enumerate some of the most ridiculous recalls in recent history.

Cabbage Patch Kids Snacktime Kids

This doll made a "chewing motion" that would allow it to chow down on plastic snack foods. Not a discriminating connoisseur, it would also pull in hair, fingers, and clothes. One can only imagine the horror of watching a doll slowly eating its way up your sleeve towards your neck.

Slip 'n Slide

In 1993, 32 years after the product was introduced, Wham-O finally discovered that throwing yourself head-first down a hill, potentially adjacent to skin-tearing concrete, and onto a strip of plastic that might as well be rubber if you hit a dry patch, could result in injury. Technically the Slip 'n Slide is still being manufactured (with a boogie board that might prevent some of the aforementioned issues), but the company vehemently warns teens and adults not to use it, because it may result in severe spinal injury. Children, though, are apparently fine to play with it.

British Burger Recall

Horse meat has been found in a variety of non-horsey products throughout Britain, including burgers, lasagna, and IKEA meatballs. Just say NEIGH to WILBURgers? (Yes, we know "Wilbur" was the man, not the horse in Mr. Ed, but "EDburgers" sounds too much like they'd be recalled for containing human meat.)

Kinder Eggs

Tiny, easily-ingestible toy-parts enrobed in chocolate? What could possibly go wrong? (OK, there is a plastic shell between the chocolate and the toy, but still!) For a brief time in 1997, one importer did manage to bring Kinder Eggs to the U.S., but after a talking-to from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, all eggs were recalled. Life got a little safer, but a lot less fun for our children.

Yoga Pants

As we mentioned above, Lululemon recently recalled some of its yoga pants because when worn, they were too sheer and revealed the yoga-er underneath. It gives a whole new meaning to "Hot Yoga."

Did we miss any product recalls that were more ridiculous than they were, you know, deeply harmful to the well-being of our society? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Kinder Überraschungseier have not simply been recalled. They are considered contraband in the US. Importing them is illegal and can impose a fine of US$2500 each if you are caught. Free country? LOL.
I miss Kinder Eggs. That recall is sad
The issue with the buckyball magnets wasn't choking. It was that "The magnets attract each other through the walls of the stomach and intestine, perforating the bowel" (http://en.wikipedia.org/...toys#Safety_Controversy)
Easy bake ovens - 1 million recalled in 2007 because kids hands were getting stuck inside and 'baked'.
Ford Pinto - 1.4 million recalled in 1978 - eventually nickamed the 'tailbomb' because they would explode when rear-ended.
Slip n slides were/are awesome.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@IndrekViller technically, those stores shouldn't be selling them http://www.cpsc.gov/...-Hazards-to-Young-Children/
What a pity for the Kinder Eggs, even more as Easter is coming up. I don't understand why only American's kids are swallowing the toys while it has been fine in Europe for years. Pathetic!
slip n slides were so much fun! BOOOOOOooo! to the complainers
you need a scrape or 2 to show off to your friends. "look at the gash I got this weekend on the slip n slide"
Not really true. Kinder eggs are still sold in US - although in special stores, such as Russian, Middle Eastern and European market stores... Sadly they are $3+ a pop.
I plan to buy up all 3,369,000 pairs of those unsold Yoga pants from the manufacturer and sell them to Wal-Mart as redneck girl pajama bottoms!
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@HotMod You'd be amazed by the range of things your children shouldn't eat.
The Oracle (DealNews)
What about Buckyballs? They were recalled for being a "choking hazard". Really? You can choke on tiny little magnets, and my kids shouldn't eat them? :/