The New Kool-Aid Man: Sensitive, Pants-less, and "More Human"

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Earlier this month, Kraft Foods revealed that it was updating one of its most beloved mascots, the Kool-Aid Man. Gone are the halcyon days of a giant, anthropomorphic pitcher busting through walls and shouting a guttural "OH YEAH!" In the future, we'll be treated to a more "human" mascot that the company is hoping we'll "connect" with.

One must wonder how much common ground Kraft thinks the average human has with a talking pitcher of fruit-flavored sugar water. Though, since we're almost 90% water, maybe we have lots in common! Regardless, will giving him a personality change the way consumers view the Kool-Aid brand?

Check out one of the new commercials and see for yourself:

According to Deloitte's annual American Pantry Study, consumers' brand loyalty has dropped for the third year running, suggesting that more people are buying store brands and generic products in lieu of big brand names. In order to regain their customer base, brands like Kraft are having to pull these kinds of stunts in order to get our attention. But is a mascot update enough to combat that trend?

What are you thoughts on the new Kool-Aid Man? Has he gone soft? Or do you want to invite him to the dinner table? Overall, do you take it personally when a brand changes a mascot? Does a mascot even play a role in the brands you choose? We want to know! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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love the kool aid guy. i have had an "ear to ear" koo ooo ooo oool aid smi i i le" for years. As long as he doesn't go getto he will be fine.
Love the Kool-Aid guy! But trying to cut back on sugar, and DEFINITELY don't use the fake stuff! As far as remaking the mascot, at least they didn't overdo it. So not bad.
Brian Moon (DealNews)
If you are buying store brand kool-aid, you may need to rethink some things. I find the store brands taste to not be on part with kool-aid. Same with ramen. Why buy the cheaper ramen? The good stuff is 8 cents a pack or something.

I don't really see how they changed the mascot here though. That is pretty much the kool-aid man I have always known. I never knew how he got dressed. Now I do. What changed? He still smashed through the door.
I love the new Kool-Aid. I use the Kool-Aid packets all the time, especially when it warms up (plus, I use Splenda to sweeten it, since I avoid sugar).
The new Kool-Aid man is "updated" (thanks to CGI), but it still won't make me buy the stuff. It's still 99% sugar! Now there are healthier juice drink choices that are just as good if not better than Kool-Aid. Sorry Kool-Aid man!
not as good as Ship My Pants, but solid.