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Walmart Straight Talk Review: Is the Wireless Service Any Good?

Straight Talk Review

Awhile back, we asked our readers to review Walmart's Straight Talk Wireless service, which is almost unbelievably cheap. And now that we're moving further away from carrier contracts, it seems even more important to discuss whether these plans are worthwhile.

We've updated our feature on the details for Straight Talk, and we hope existing customers continue to weigh in on their thoughts. Has the service helped you save money on your cell phone bill? How do you feel about the customer service?

Below is a basic Straight Talk Wireless review, culled from plan details as well as reader comments. So, what is Straight Talk and is it any good?

Straight Talk Wireless: How It Works

Straight Talk is a month-to-month wireless service sold by Walmart and supported by TracFone. The latter is a company that claims to have "coverage in 99.6% of the cellular populations" and is contracted with major carriers, to purportedly "bring the same level of coverage through the same cell towers." A representative from Straight Talk also claims that it provides service in "more ZIP codes than any other single carrier."

What Makes Straight Talk Wireless Great

The up-front price of $45 per month includes unlimited minutes, texts, and data. In the past, users who went over 2.5GB of LTE data per month were then throttled to 2G speeds, but now that limit has been expanded to 5GB of data per month. However, some users have sworn up and down that they experience throttling before the limit, although there are many factors that could contribute to that perception. In order to take advantage of the 4G LTE speeds, you must have a 4G LTE capable device and purchase one of Straight Talk's 4G LTE SIM cards.

Still, Straight Talk is by far the cheapest plan that allows for so much data per month. (T-Mobile, for example, charges $50 per month for 1GB.) The service also includes numerous high-end handsets that you can port over to the service, or purchase directly through Straight Talk. However, it doesn't appear to allow financing for any models at this time, which is a downside for anyone who doesn't want to pay the full-price for a high-end phone upfront. There are many lower-end models available though at more affordable prices.

SEE ALSO: Switching to Straight Talk: Which Phones Will Work?

For folks who want to save the most money, it makes sense to use your current phone rather than buying a new one, and Straight Talk allows new customers to use their current GSM or CMDA smartphone on the Straight Talk network. GSM phones have SIM cards and must be unlocked to operate on Straight Talk's compatible frequencies, 850MHz and 1900MHz. CDMA phones, on the other hand, require additional registration and activation to verify compatibility with Straight Talk. For more details on Straight Talk cell phones, check out our guide.

Straight Talk Can Save You $180 a Year — If You Need 5GB

Compared to the plans now available from the big four carriers of Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, Straight Talk offers a lot more data for your money. Sprint charges $15 more per month for unlimited data, while T-Mobile charges $25 more per month for 5GB. However, if you don't need as much data, these carriers offer cheaper plans as well. Verizon, for example, offers 3GB for $45, which is the same cost as Straight Talk.

If you need a fair amount of data, then Straight Talk can save you $180 or more per year on your service bill. But if you're nowhere near 5GB of data per month, then there are other comparably priced options with potentially more reliable carriers. It's important to be attentive to your needs and compare plans.

Straight Talk Controversy: Coverage, Data Plans, Customer Service

The clear-cut savings aside, there are unmissable customer complaints about Straight Talk coverage and the throttling of its data plans. While the service touts an extensive coverage map, a common complaint amongst our own users is the strength of signal.

But perhaps the most focused point of contention amongst DealNews readers pertained to Straight Talk's customer service, or lack thereof. From the inability to even reach a customer service rep to a representative's failure to address a number of issues in a timely manner, we now understand some of the stresses involved in having to deal with Straight Talk Wireless customer service. As such, we want to offer some tips and techniques for reaching Straight Talk Wireless customer service and prompting the department to resolve your issues.

How to Reach Straight Talk Wireless Customer Service

Thanks to, you can reach a Straight Talk Wireless customer service rep in less time. Dial 877-430-2355. Press 1 for English, then press press 5; 5; and 2. (A customer service rep in our comments also noted the following number as well: 1-888-442-5096.)

Notice how we didn't say, "you can reach a Straight Talk Wireless customer service rep in no time"? That's because the average wait time is 30 minutes when the customer service desk is open Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 11:45 pm ET.

Other Ways to Reach Straight Talk Wireless Customer Service

Our research shows that Straight Talk does some monitoring of social media channels and comment boards (and our own comment section below), so a rep may reach out to help address a complaint in response to a posted comment. If Twitter and Facebook aren't for you, we found an email address: that may be helpful in getting questions answered. When reporting an issue with phone service, it's important to include your phone number and the serial number of your phone in the email.

Straight Talk Wireless won't win any awards for its customer service. Likewise we can't predict how much more restrictive Straight Talk's — or any carrier's — "unlimited" plans might get over time, or how hard it might be to resolve any problems you'll have with your new (or old) device on its network. But it's worth noting that Straight Talk's LTE coverage and continued fixed monthly service cost remain a serious consideration for budget-minded shoppers.

Readers, what do you think of Straight Talk Wireless service? Do you have any further pros or cons to add to our review? Please add to the discussion in our comments below.

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Poor phone service, poor quality refurbished phones, worst customer service ever. Impossible to communicate with customer service people, they never do what they say they are going to do " send you an email within 24 hours" "send you a replacement phone" "give you a refund". They simply say " they have no record" . I consistently gave them second chances over the course of 2.5 years and there was hardly a month where I wasn't extremely frustrated with their poor service. Look elsewhere for a cheap phone service this one is not worth the headache.


i just spent a half hour online w/tracfon. i got the company line about service, coverage, signal strength etc multiple times. i live in the philly area and have a walmart/tracfone plan which is supposed to have really strong coverage/service in the area. their service coverage stinks. my phone loses service 5 to 6 times a day where i have to restart it. myfamily was good w/t-mobile providing service but i would strongly recommend you stay away from myfamilymobile w/tracfone providing service. its ludicrous that they can't provide a strong signal in the philly metro area. stay away from their service.


6 mth ago I bought a att based iPhone 5s. Went to Walmart bought byop SIM card pack. Inserted sim and downloaded via WiFi went to ST activation site5 mins later phone all good. 4mth ago loved service and iPhone so much bought a Verizon linked iPhone 8. Went to Walmart bought byop sim pack went to ST site 5 mins later phone is good. Just follow the step by step instructions. I buy the 55$ unlimited plan. Have been in 3 states with no issues. I stream Hulu,netflix, YouTube and listen to SiriusXM for Howard Stern. I am a power user. No issues at all. No throttling. Why? Because I subscribed to the 55 dollar unlimited plan not the 45$ which is 10gig high speed then 2g. Called customer service once. Brief hold and speedy resolution. I love this service. Saving money and enjoying my iPhone. Why? Because I know what I bought. I followed the instructions. I subscribed to the correct plan for me. I guarantee if you use this formula you too will save money and be enjoying your smart phone.


So I just want to start out by saying, no I'm not on here to rage or vent. I am truly disgusted by what strait talk calls phone service. I've been using their service for about a year now and I must say it has been a terrible experience. I'm not talking about just the terrible data service, their phone service is absolutely broken. I have to literally (and I'm not just pulling this outta my ass) call about five to six times before it goes through, not to mention incoming calls, and that's with four bars mind you. And their data plans are a joke. I've been paying the $50 plan with 9 gigs of "high speed" data then after that is gone its unlimited 3g, and let me tell you, it's the most frustrating feeling when you've got four bars and high speed data and a YouTube video takes ten minutes to load and also buffers all the way through. So my suggestion to anyone that is planning on signing up, don't. Just save yourself the frustration and pay out the extra cause it is worth every penny.


I've been a straight talk customer for two years. Using an activation kit I was able to set up the phone myself quickly and smoothly, and was happy with the cell coverage at a great price point.

However, I recently attempted to purchase a new phone from straight talk's website which has been a very bad experience. I placed the order on the website and received confirmation, but later found there was no record of my order in straight talk's system. I was on the phone with customer service for around 40 minutes and no one could track down my order information, and eventually they recommended placing the order again. The price for the item had increased, and they said they couldn't honor the price on my original order or confirmation page I had received, and that I would have to pay the higher price though the cause was a straight talk system error. Though polite on the phone, they were not able to resolve any concerns nor were they able honor information on their website.


ok so FAIR WARNING TO ANYONE THINKING STRAIGHTTALK IS A GOOD IDEA, um ITS NOT. i am a stressed high school student with no wifi and LOTS of projects so pretty much i NEED good data and this pos "unlimited data" bit has be BeNt. i hate straighttalk more than i hate my ex. spend ur 55 dollars literally anywhere else. get a puppy. but it food and cute toys and clothes. i'd rather give my money away to a pretend hobo than pay for one MORE. MONTH. of this hot garbage of a phone service. what a scam. it's over. cancelled. i literally cannot deaaaaaaal. i have a test that literally DEFINES MY WHOLE LIFE TOMORROW (jk just if i graduate or not) and i can't even get a FREAKIN youtube video to load. i can't even PROCRASTINATE on twitter bc that leads to staring at GREY blocks where my relatable memes should be. so here i am. bye.


I bought an Iphone 6 on Black Friday. Transferred my Verizon number. It is Monday and after several calls and chats to Straighttalk, I still CANNOT receive calls. Last agent told me to return it to the store. I am not sure they will take back an opened phone not to mention the 45.00 card I already bought. Very disappointed.


Buyer beware. Your bill will never be due on the same day. You lose a day each month. What a ripoff...never heard of such a thing. Not to mention the Trac phone I got would not ring when someone called. Customer service was notified and would not send me a new phone. Stay away from Walmart straight talk phones!!


My bill was always due a different day of month. Every month it was a day earlier. What a ripoff!!! Never heard of such a thing.
Not to mention the Trac phone I got would not ring when someone called. Customer service was notified and would not send me a new phone. Stay away from Walmart straight talk phones!!


Their customer service is the worst. Google will give you more answers then them. I have talked to probably ten different techs in the past month about my voicemail icon and the voicemail alert staying on constantly despite no messages. They blamed my phone even though it worked fine for six months prior to this. I managed to get Apple to give me a new phone under warranty due to Bluetooth and overheating issues. Set that new phone up not from backup losing everything and had the same issue. I told them something was wrong in their settings. They denied it but managed to change the voicemail language to Spanish from English and did not know how to change it back. They denied it despite it being English prior to the call. After googling it myself, I managed to fix that issue along with not being able to send photos to Android phones which they also couldnot tell me how to fix.

I am switching back to ATT since they now have a prepaid no contract plan cheaper than ST.


I ad straight talk phone service for 8 months. Within the first 6 months there data was cut off 2 a week even though I had still had some to burn 3g or more. And in which you would have to call there customer service up to get it fixed. Trust me me it gets aggravating. Now for these last two months my data only stay working for 10-15min at a time then I would have to periodically turn off the phone and restart this phone. I'm done with straight talk for good there service sucks don't waste your time.


Part 3:

It's also gotten really old to have to argue with the reps when they want you to remove the battery. The battery on a Gal S7 is not removable, but they will get mad at you when you won't remove it! Just like the woman got mad at me when I was home alone & couldn't read the SIM card #s to her. She told me I should try harder or get my partner to read them. I wasn't sure which she didn't understand - the numbers were literally too small for my eyes or I was home alone... I told her she was being rude.

If you tell them they're being rude, instead of saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be" or similar, I get, "NO, I'M NOT!" & yes, in all caps! I let the woman know I was not happy & she told me, "It sucks to be you!" I do have chat records! Sadly, not any worse than AT&T though...


It's also gotten really old to have to argue with the reps when they want you to remove the battery. The battery on a Gal S7 is not removable, but they will get mad at you when you won't remove it! Just like the woman got mad at me when I was home alone & couldn't read the SIM card #s to her. She told me I should try harder or get my partner to read them. I wasn't sure which she didn't understand - the numbers were literally too small for my eyes or I was home alone... I told her she was being rude.

If you tell them they're being rude, instead of saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be" or similar, I get, "NO, I'M NOT!" & yes, in all caps! I let the woman know I was not happy & she told me, "It sucks to be you!" I do have chat records! Sadly, not any worse than AT&T though...


Part 2:

I was supposed to get it in 2 days. When I called them on the almost 2 weeks, they rudely said, "We told you 2 days shipping - once it's shipped!" since it had taken them a week to ship it. Fed Ex comes the same time every day. It was the exact time my husband had physical therapy & since it was his foot, I had to drive him. They actually told me they didn't care when I asked them to make an exception & that I'd get it when I got it!

I now wish I hadn't! Important settings are grayed out, so you can't fix it. My son is a tech guru that can unlock phones, but this is locked beyond his capabilities. It's more locked than any phone I've ever used & YOU CAN NOT TAKE IT TO ANY OTHER CARRIER. Please read that again so you can make an informed decision. You can not use this phone anywhere else even after paying $600+ in full. I lose data randomly & I haven't been able to send a text in 4 months. We've both called & used chat to try to fix it. No help!

Stay tuned!


ketsuban25: You are misinformed & more than a little rude to say someone lied. It depends on where you live. Most places can NOT pick up at the depot, have it left with a neighbor, or schedule a different delivery time even if you will sign a release. This is set by ST, not Fed Ex. It's also possible that someone at Fed Ex let you do something not approved by ST & ST didn't find out.


This will be posted in parts due to a character limit as there's a lot of important info to warn people about so they can make an informed decision. Part 1:

The service is as good as AT&T, but FFS do NOT buy a phone from them!!!! I seriously can't stress that enough. I have had nothing but trouble since I bought my Gal S7 from them in April 2017. This is not a cheap $20 flip phone. This is a good quality phone. 5 phones in the family. EVERYBODY bought theirs elsewhere. They have never had any issues in the 3 years we've had service. We have a 2 month old Gal S7 Active that was $239 on ebay. Works fine. Why, oh why didn't I get mine there?

& the guy that said not being able to pick things up at the Fed Ex depot when you missed a delivery "is a lie" is not only misinformed, but rude to say it. Most areas they do not let you pick it up no matter if it's a $600 phone or a .99 SIM card.

Stay tuned...


I've had nothing but good things to say about ST. I never call customer service.I've always went online if I needed to figure something out which was only a couple times in the 9 or 10 years I've been with them. I've always had really fast lte speeds everywhere I've lived(Mississippi,Louisiana)I've always used at&t phones with the at&t byop sim except once for a few months with T-Mobile but that worked really well too so I just don't see why all the bad reviews or complaints because it's just been a really great experience and I'll probably be with them until I die unless something better comes along. I see now by reading the comments that maybe ST isn't the best way to go for people that don't know how to set up a phone because 9 out of 10 complaints is about customer service and a few about signal problems. If I lived somewhere at&t or T-Mobile wasn't good I would probably still use ST with Verizon.Wish I could help you guys that are having problems.


Don't know why all the bad reviews because I've had nothing but good things to say about ST. I never call customer service though I've always went online if I needed to figure something out which was only a couple times in the 9 or 10 years I've been with them. I've always had really fast lte speeds everywhere I've lived like Natchez, Mccomb, Franklinton, and now Covington(that's Mississippi and Louisiana for those of you who didn't know). I've also always used at&t phones with the at&t byop sim except once for a few months with T-Mobile but that worked really well too so I just don't see why all the bad reviews or complaints because it's just been a really great experience and I'll probably be with them until I die unless something better comes along.


Go to boost mobile much better service customer service actually speaks English and they won't lie to u like I was by straight talk worst service ever


Just the fact that they are connected with Walmart should make one suspicious."..the average wait time is 30 minutes.." I have worked in several help desks and that would be unacceptable. It sounds like the ST service desk is very poorly run and unprepared for the call volume they are handling.


If you're looking for a new cell phone provider I highly recommend to use straight talk as a last priority. Very poor and careless management. Don't waste your time giving these idiots your money.


By sim card I mean plan card, typo.


I read a few of the comments here and am quite surprised. I ordered a new Verizon-compatible activation kit last week and got it in like a day. It was delivered by Fedex and I wasn't in, so I went down to the depot and got it there (someone said ST wouldn't let them go to the depot to collect it, this is a lie). When my new Verizon phone arrived (unlocked and unactivated phone from eBay), I popped in the card and activated it, then added the $45 sim card. The only hiccup I had was before my phone arrived. I mistakenly thought a Network Access Code card should have been included, so I called customer service. The rep wasn't native American or English but I understood him fine and he explained I didn't need it and could call or go online to activate without the card. I saw that on the booklet afterwards and felt a bit dumb. I get great signal and fast speeds. My phone thinks it is connected to Verizon, because it is, via ST. I don't know what more anyone wants.


This att wireless plan sucks in my area! MetroPCS is better. This wireless plan is slow on internet took 25 min to download Pandora can't even listen to radio it's so slow! Taking it back for a refund back to T-Mobile and metro for me!


Straight talk is the worst . I've had them for 2 years and had nothing but problems , I try to call them and resolve the problems but it's nothing but a hassle . My mobile data hasn't been working for months and they still haven't gotten it fixed after numerous calls I just gave up


In the last several weeks I purchased two different types of phones. The first one needed to have a new sim card sent out to get the phone working. 2 hours with "Customer Service" that could hardly speak English. After finally getting that phone working, next phone had defective equipment, 3 different service ticket numbers @ at least 2 hours per call, and still don't have the correct parts. IF you can get the phone working coverage is good, but the WORST customer service I've ever had to use. STRONGLY consider your OTHER OPTIONS before buying here.


Horrific! STAY AWAY FROM STRAIGHT TALK! I bought two new phones from them, both turned out to be defective. Now they want me to send them in to exchange them, just a few weeks after purchasing them but it will take me up to 2( if not more) weeks to replace them. They will not have me go to Walmart to replace them, but ship the phones to them and make sure I pay the monthly cost while not being able to use their service if not I will lose my phone number. I have never in my life dealt with more rude customer service reps - yes in plural - than here. Go with anything else than Straight Talk. I learned the hard way.


Their customer service is awful and really cocky. Their English is so bad it's hard to understand them, and their god-awful rude. And you spent hours on the phone with them, just pathetic! If that's how Walmart is forget them too, we should have everybody stop shopping at Walmart till they fix it.


Ok, so here's the deal on "Straight Talk", they are an off-shoot of Net10, which was bought up by Trac Fon long ago. I was a loyal user of Net10 for 10 years, but when they moved their customer "service" to Mexico around 2011, everything turned to crap! Since I know Net10 still has the same LACK of customer "service", I am certain Straight Talk is as bad, or WORSE after another 7 years of NOT caring about their customers.


This used to be the only service I used, that quickly changed when I had to deal with customer service. Dealing with them is a nightmare you will get nowhere!!!! Other than that the service was good.

Terry Vanzant

Using Straighttalk was perhaps the worst experience of my life when it comes to trying to deal with the company. Most of them don't even sound like they know how to speak English and they certainly don't do not know how to help you if you have a problem, they change my phone number without notifying me and then when I tried to make my phone work they gave me the runaround sent me two different sim cards that didn't work and I finally had to change carriers my advice to anyone is to stay the hell away from this outfit! Also they would not read refund the money that they had already charged my credit card for a few days prior!take my advice and steer clear of this trash!


I used to be with ST and received very good customer service. I did not get good reception when I was out of town, so I switched to one of the major carriers. I was considering going back to ST to save some money, but after reading these comments, I think I won't make the change. If ST really is headquartered in Philippines that may explain the change in customer service. The Philippine leader is not exactly friendly to the USA.


I've never wrote a bad review for anything. Usually I don't give a shit but this is the work customer service I've ever dealt with.


Worse customer service in my 52 years on this earth!! I was on the phone getting nowhere and asked to speak to a manager. After another 20 minutes with the low level help desk finally got a manager who was worse. Had no technical knowledge at all. Finally got to their higher level manager who said he was the highest you could get by phone and you guessed it, he was even worse then the first two. They would not even consider looking into my issue or concern they just keep speaking like little birds repeating everything over and over. Never again will I ever deal with such incompetent inconsiderate, untrained and rude people. They should all have been fired but they are straight talks cream of the crop. Good luck to anyone who chooses this company you have been warned. Look at the other review and you will see for yourself. To honest I would rather pay slightly higher costs and know that if I have issues they can be taken care of. Not these people !!!!


I don't know if you are aware but if you check BBB you will find that Straight Talk lost a lawsuit due to the issue that a lot have with them throttling back on your data. You may be able to be reimbursed for any "mistakes" that they say they have not made. Just thought anyone would like an FYI on this, hope this will work for many of you.


I have been a Straight Talk customer for a few years, on my 3rd phone. Anyways they are much cheaper for what you get with the major carriers, however customer service is lacking. Simply put, you get what you pay for. When you get someone on the line they speak broken English. Communication between them and the customer is key for good service. About the's decent, however since ST phones don't roam you cannot use extended networks and you may end up in an area with zero coverage. I am currently considering switching to Verizon.




I called to inform them that they had made a mistake with my account. They were saying I used my high speed data limit when I had just put a card on two weeks prior. They immidatly after starting to talk to me started giving me attitude when I told them I was looking at the data level on my phone and I had only used 2 GB (as I don't use a whole lot of data with my crappy phone). I finally told the guy that there's no way I used up 5g of data and if they didn't get it figured out I was going to go to T-Mobile and he said ok that's fine. I then told him I wanted his customer service number because I was going to call the corporate office (its impossible to find the number because they don't want to hear the way their company is run) and let them know that their customer service is treating people this way and he told me "go ahead and call them, I don't care.And started laughing. I asked to speak to a manager and he hung up on me. Straigh talk isstealing from people.


This is the middle section that did not post earlier cont......They say i need another phone to check it but are unwilling to send one or try other ways. I dont have another phone or anyone around me. It still dont call out and they say after 30 days i cant return phone. i just renewed 45 dollars and it messed up. Ive had hell since december. This company is in the phillipenes and they are hard to understand and arent no help at all. They are rude and have hung up on me several times. What a headache. And what an ordeal. I got a few more weeks of sevice if they dint fix it im leaving i have stopped direct pament already. I will be going somewhere else. I would like to report to bbb and the public utilities commision and my attorney. They also always say i use more data than i do i use about half and they cut me back. I thought they already was sued for this.


Continued..... If anyone starts a class action lawsuit against these people then let it be known in contacts and who to contact and i will be on board. I have all sim cards and envelopes and everything. In my opinion st has their money and dont care at all about my problem. I lost many costly and important calls due to this problem. Also i hear st is owned by walmart. So i would be on board with any lawsuit against these corporations. Can you hear me now.


They say i need another phone to check it but are unwilling to send one or try other ways. I dont have another phone or anyone around me. It still dont call out and they say after 30 days i cant return phone. i just renewed 45 dollars and it messed up. Ive had hell since december. This company is in the phillipenes and they are hard to understand and arent no help at all. They are rude and have hung up on me several times. What a headache. And what an ordeal. I got a few more weeks of sevice if they dint fix it im leaving i have stopped direct pament already. I will be going somewhere else. I would like to report to bbb and the public utilities commision and my attorney. They also always say i use more data than i do i use about half and they cut me back. I thought they already was sued for this. Continued...


I have been st customer 3 and a half years. This past december my note wouldnt get on internet. I called st a few times they got my emie number and it still didnt work. The next morning my phone said no sim. After 3 years now a problem. I called st they will send a new sim. The wrong one came. Phone wouldnt work. They kept sending me sims like they were passing out candy but they kept sending the wrong one i have 8 sim cards from that time in a matter of almost 3 months. They finally told me since im a bring my own phone customer that they cant get my apn setting right that i needed a st branded phone and it was made to work together. They also told me verizon had3 towers here and att only have 1. So i went with verizon and bought a 500 dollar galaxy s5 at walmart. It worked 2 months. Now it wont call out or recieve calls everything else seems to work. I called st every day all day since tuesday. They say its provisioned right but i cant call. Continued..


I have been st customer 3 and a half years. This past december my note wouldnt get on internet. I called st a few times they got my emie number and it still didnt work. The next morning my phone said no sim. After 3 years now a problem. I called st they will send a new sim. The wrong one came. Phone wouldnt work. They kept sending me sims like they were passing out candy but they kept sending the wrong one i have 8 sim cards from that time in a matter of almost 3 months. They finally told me since im a bring my own phone customer that they cant get my apn setting right that i needed a st branded phone and it was made to work together. They also told me verizon had3 towers here and att only have 1. So i went with verizon and bought a 500 dollar galaxy s5 at walmart. It worked 2 months. Now it wont call out or recieve calls everything else seems to work. Cont....


If you bring an unlocked phone from Europe or presumably other locales to this service, beware. Spent hours on phone speaking to CSRs, who all stated that my phone should work fine. Tried several different SIM cards based on CSR input, but none worked ("Device not recognized?" An unlocked iPhone) ST might work for some, especially people who are willing (?) to spend hours on phone with CSRs to resolve problems. Never had this problem trying to use the same or primary phone abroad. And have never heard of similar problems from those who used alt services in US on their foreign bought phones when visiting. Agree that most problems start and end with CSRs - would be better if they trained WM employees to do setup and activation. Most people don't want to be bothered with that, even techies. As a final (snarky) note, I don't know anyone who considers being a cell phone techie to be one of their life's ambitions, so avoid this service if your ambitions lie elsewhere.


As a fairly heavy data user, I switched up to the $55/month plan so I'd have 10 GB data instead of 5 GB/month. Previously I've used more than 5GB but never 10 GB. Now a bit less than halfway thru the month (by billing period) Straight Talk sends me an SMS saying I've used 10.25GB of data and will have to have 2G service the remainder of the billing period. I chatted with a straight talk rep on their chat line and was told that though my phone shows I've used 6.8 GB of data in this billing period ( I check usage more than weekly) they show I've used 10.25 GB due to the data settings on my phone. I got the data settings from their HELP technicians. Chat operator said I'd just have to live with it. Not happy. Will investigate another provider.


My Verizon contract ran out and I decided I would go prepaid. Because of where we live, I really needed to stick with the Verizon coverage/towers and so Straight Talk was my choice. Or so I thought. On their website they say they'll send you a free SIM card, so I ordered that. It never came. I called back twice. The first time the rep said he reordered it and gave me an order number. Still no SIM card, so I think OK, I'll just buy the kit. Silly me. When I tried to order the kit it came up and said my phone was already in the system. Called back again and after great effort reached a human. She put me on hold for 15 minutes and never returned to the phone. Actually, I feel like this initial horrible customer service was a gift that saved me from switching over to Straight Talk. I'm done with them before I even started.


The worst prepaid cellular provider from my experience. Number was high jacked and ported to another carrier. Plus there is no security.


Lets keep it simple. 8 hours on the phone with straight talk associates. 3 different associates said phone was defective, I contacted apple support and they seen no issue. Finally after the last hour and a half on phone, said this is not acceptable and need to speak with manager. I got passed around and finally they agreed to contact Verizon the carrier for my straight talk contract. Somehow they were magically able to fix problem in no time at all. Good luck to those that need to call customer support


Don't dare give these crooks your bank acct # or card #-always buy the refill card elsewhere so you can quit when they screw you.Half of my data disappeared while my hotspot was powered down for a week after a reserve refill.They have no records to back them up-so sorry-you lose !


Also the other major complaint on this board I see is about the phones. I have no idea what they are like. Just buy an unlocked GSM device and order the att sim card. If you buy a mid to low tier junk phone that's on you. Yeah a decent phone is going to cost money...they always have. Be prepared to spend an avg of 500 on a decent unlocked new phone. There are cheaper options like nexus or oneplus that are great or you could buy last year's flagship at a deep discount. Don't buy a StraightTalk branded lg Optimus or whatever and expect it to work like a galaxy 7 or lg g 5.


We have used StraightTalk for the past several years after switching from V. The savings have definitely been worth it. If you require a lot of handholding and don't understand the basics of cell phone technology it may not be for you. The coverage has been great even in very rural areas. If you sign up determined to beak their terms of service it may not be for you ie streaming music and Netflix all day long...yeah they are gonna throttle you for that and rightly so...even though from my understanding it's not StraightTalk doing the throttling but the parent network their mvno is leasing from that does it. The only time you should ever be dealing with customer service is in activating a sim card on the network or porting a number to a new sim card. I think I did the first few ones myself through the portal but I have called in since then to do the same and their customer service is MUCH improved from where it started years ago. They can handle ports and other similar issues.


... SIM card so ST could try to restore me having phone service as soon as possible since they totally screwed up? When she said they couldn't do that is when I knew it was finally time to part ways with ST - and I've really enjoyed their service! The irony of this story is I've been telling their cust serv reps for YEARS to tell their supervisors, to tell THEIR supervisors, etc. to let the folks at the top know that this obtaining SIM card issue is their biggest downfall! Nearly everything else is GREAT about ST, but having to pay for a SIM card & the S&H, then take a day off of work to wait to sign for a silly SIM card that other cell providers give you for free when you walk into their store is ridiculous! But I've enjoyed ST's reliability & also NOT limiting download speeds on their AT&T LTE network plans whereas Cricket (who also use AT&T network) limits the LTE download speeds to 8Mbps & others even more. I know Verizon limits all MVNO's leasing their LTE network to 5Mbps ...


... the ST agent deactivated my SIM card for some odd reason! I didn't realize it until after we hung up & I tried to call someone -- NO SERVICE! He had told me that the new SIM card would arrive on Thurs (I'd ordered it around 5PM on Mon, 23 May 16) so when I was finally able to call ST customer service back a few hours later from a friend's phone, the agent I spoke to said not to worry, she would simply reactivate my phone. Well, she tried, to no avail. Then she dug into the notes from the ticket # I gave her & said, for some odd reason, the previous 'customer support' person misunderstood & had shipped me a REPLACEMENT micro SIM card for my current Galaxy S3 Android phone! I would now have to wait for that SIM card to arrive on Thurs, then call ST back to have them re-activate it! I was LIVID to say the least! Then she asked me if I'd still like to order the nano SIM card for the iPhone 5s I had bought, which now wouldn't arrive until Friday! How about overnighting me a new ...


I've enjoyed ST service for several years & have sent them many new customer. IMO their biggest problem is obtaining SIM cards for either new service or phone/provider change. While you can buy their $45 monthly service cards (unl/unl/5mb data) at Wal-Mart, their SIM cards must be shipped to your residence where you must sign for them at your door. Of course, most of us work during the day when UPS/FedEx attempts to deliver & Straight Talk leaves those companies explicit instructions NOT to allow evening pickup at their facilities & instead tell them the SIM card package MUST be signed for AT the residence only!! Trying to obtain an estimated delivery timeframe from either UPS/FedEx is useless so you must take an entire day off of work to babysit your house while you wait for the SIM card to arrive!

Then, two days ago, when I called to order a nano SIM card for their AT&T LTE network for Iphone 5S I was buying to replace my micro SIM card in my Galaxy S3 on their AT&T LTE network ...


I used chat on website to resolve an issue. They could not resolve and could care less if they did. I am so sick of apathetic service and pray that straight talk will disappear or get new management. I asked to speak to a manager because a recording would have gotten me better service. They said a manager will get back to you in an hour and 5 1/2 hours later I called again and was told that a manager will be with you in a day, I then quit for I never want to go through that again!


I never review or comment on anything, but Straight Talk's customer service is so horrible i can not contain it. Phone service was fine in my area, but if you have any issue what so ever and need to call their customer service - good luck.

I have been with straight talk for while no complaints except what is up with unlimited data. I didn't have data for 4 days til may reload payment. It didn't go to 2g it went to 0. I couldn't do anything. It says unlimited. I was really mad about this. False advertising.


Everything about the service is superior as long as you prefer to resolve your own cellular service issues, the "self-checkout" kind of shoppers. The only thing I can suggest is that if you are the type of person to ignore the warning texts and lose track of your service end date, then try to reserve next month'and service ahead of time because I have ran into an issue more than once when I went to reactivate service around midnight right after it deactivated and they were updating their automated system and I had to go almost till sunrise the next day before reactivating.....

. I'm just saying.


I have been with ST for many years, and have moved my whole family over. If you want to BYOP, do NOT attempt to do this online yourself. The site doesn't work, you will end up calling customer service, and then have to wait 3 days for them to send you a new sim card. Once you are set up, you should be ok. However, we have an iphone 5s that has never been able to use data (19 yr old who doesn't want to take the time to trouble shoot, so...) and a Samsung 5S that often when I renew the service for the month, has to change the APN settings to something else, then change them back again to get data. That seems to be the biggest issue we have had between 4 phones, getting the correct APN settings for each phone. Customer service vs google vs trial and error. At least I'm not paying the taxes for post-paid contract phones, and I have been with them for about 5 years. I wish they would bring back the online chat feature though.

I used straight talk for one month and honestly I don't think I will use it again. Texting was slow to send messages and calling was OK but the data only worked for like a week


Had ST just over 3 years. I like it OK, but they need fluent English-speaking reps. Some places I get no service but it's rare. Have not used out of state so don't know how well it does in that case.

My last phone I'd only had just over a month when the charging port messed up. Walmart wouldn't honor the service plan I bought so I had to go through ST to replace. I shipped the old phone Feb. 26; was told my new phone should arrive March 4, still no phone.

I've asked more than once for the tracking number; they either say that they don't have one "yet" or that they will use the same tracking number I used to ship my old phone. That doesn't make sense.

Long wait times when calling; I find it easier to use online chat when they first open when they're not busy.

They need to offer accessories that you can order from them (chargers, covers etc.)


Worst customer service I've ever experienced as long as you don't have to talk to the customer service the service is ok as far as being able to make calls and data but none of their agents speak English and are all worthless


I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, bought through straight talk. It uses the verizon network, I can sit in the break room at work and get no service. This lady sits next to me with her verizon phone and gets 4 bars of 4g. I don't get it.


Not excited at all. I have had to sign up for the "auto pay" option, 4 times seems like it works for a couple months and then it just doesn't anymore. I have had to call in and re-enter my CC# multiple times because it doesn't record it for some reason. The only thing reliable about this service is that it most likely will not work when you need it count on that.


I have had Tracfones and have been using Straight Talk for 4 years. I only recently upgraded to a LG 3g phone, even though the other was still working. Now my husband has gone through 3 flip phones. We had no problems replacing his other phones, and I haven't had problems when I've called, except for one time. As for service, we spend time in the woods, nothing near, but we have cell phone service. I just set up home phone service with ST and am happy with it. I am now going to try STs Wifi for home internet. Will let you know next week.


I used SraightTalk for a couple of years with an iPhone 5 I bought from them. It worked great, but then I bought a year's worth of service in advance and the phone died 32 days into the year. No refund on airtime. According to my records I spent 12.8 hours on the phone with customer service over five months, with 50 or 60 transfers to different robots and humans. V-E-R-Y frustrating. Bottom line is I paid $535 for a month of phone service. I registered a complaint with their corporate office in Miami and that looks like the end of it as far as they're concerned.


Worst customer service ever! I got a new smart phone on black friday. Since the previous phone auto-refilled on 11/25/15 I called and asked if I could get some credit toward the new phone or some extra days since I was wanting to start using the new phone right away. NOPE! Can't do anything to help you! No credit. You just have to wait till the old one expires or you can activate the new one and just lose the credit/time on the old one. What a waste!!! Then after playing with my new smart phone for a week, but it not being activated, I decided to say the heck with it and just take the loss! I activated the new phone with 2 wks to spare on the old one. I called them to make sure the auto-refill was cancelled on the old one. "Yep you won't be charged". Last night - charged the $33.74 for the old phone! On the phone for over 30 minutes to get a refund! Transferred twice and the never ending automated list of extensions. Absolutely ridiculous! Should've chosen diff carrier.


Verizon is 40 for a line, 45 for iPhone 3gigs. Not 45 total!


I've been a ST customer for 7 or so years since it's 1st year in business. I've had tracfon

paige d

DON'T DO IT. I am a techno-weenie, am great with phones, and if you ever have to use their Customer Service you will RUN back to a higher priced service. I am two months into waiting for my replacement phone. Like Upset Nana below, I was told I would receive shipping instruxns via email. Never happened. Finally shipped me a box. Mailed it back, three weeks later, no phone. Told they had been out of it, but "just" got it in. Told it would ship that day, call for tracking #. Called next business day (Monday) at 8 pm. Still no tracking number. Not packed, not shipped. Told to call again in morning to remind them to ship it! What?! Each time it takes 45-60 minutes to finish call with non-English speakers. Never a supervisor available. Short of showing up at the warehouse myself to get the phone handed to me, I don't think I will ever see a phone from them again. I have spent at least 4 hours (cumulatively) trying to resolve and still have no phone. I repeat, DON'T DO IT!!!!

Beckie J

I've had no trouble with coverage at all. The problem is customer service. Be prepared to kill an hour and explain your problem to several different people. For whatever reason, my husband's phone has been deactivated on two different occasions, even though we do a monthly bill pay with our cc. It is painful trying to get issues resolved.


I think all of you dont know hot to use a freakin phone i have ST and it works 100% fine no issues at all remember people you need service to get the


Straight talk wireless sucks. They say you have unlimited access to calls, text and the web.
They are falsely advertising the word unlimited. Now they say you only get five gigs of data. Not to mention they out source everything to the middle east. I refuse to support and fund the diaper heads. Wal-Mart should be sued for false advertising.


Straight talk is the phone system to make you sooooo frustrated it is a price of crap! What are you working from china? You are the worst of the worst


Straight talk phone is the most frustrating non working phone I have ever seen. Your high speed internet goes away halfway through not that its high speed in the first place. It shuts down constantly. everything when it ddoes work is so wishy washy a peice of crap

Upset Nana

Like the person before me, I signed up ONLY to post this. I have used Straight Talk service for 3 years and until now I have been very pleased with the service. My problem now is that I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone in March 2015. I'm experiencing major issues with the phone. It shuts down in mid conversation even when its fully charged and the screen locks up for no apparent reason. I've been trying for more than 3 weeks to either get a refund of my money or get a replacement phone. I was told 2 times that I'd get an email with shipping information and never got them. I was told last week that within 2 days I should receive a package to return the phone in. A week later and the package hasn't arrived. I called AGAIN today only to be told that they never shipped the package. I really want a refund of the money I paid for the phone so I can buy another one. I paid $449 for the phone. Straight talk doesn't allow Samsung to service the 1st year contracts but they aren't!!


I signed up just to leave this comment - I have had ST for over 3 years now and the service has been excellent. My account auto re-news so I have no disruption in service and I have used new phones as well as old phones with no issues whatsoever. If you have any technical abilities at all it is very easy and straight forward to setup a new account or transfer a number from a different carrier. As far as customer service goes, they are no different than trying to get something out of Verizon. The cost is a fraction of what you pay on the main stream providers due to the fact the billing is straight forward and no hidden charges are waiting to jump out at you. 5 GB of data at 4G LTE is awesome for $45, don't listen to the complainers that can't follow the simple setup procedures, ST is the best thing going for wireless connectivity.


Straight Talk Wireless is a great brand with very affordable options for customers. Unfortunately, it sounds like many customers are struggling with getting to a helpful customer service representative. Try using the Customer Service Number: 1-888-442-5096


Omgosh. No. No, no, no. Straight Talk is THE WORST. If you're considering it, just walk away. Horrible customer service. Won't refund for new phones, want to replace with old, refurb. I'd had mine just 60 days. That's gross. Was on hold for ONE HOUR to speak to a floor manager. Then, was disconnected! Called them back, they transferred me to more inept employees. Incredibly frustrated. After my month is up, I'm OUT. And, to think I researched ALL before CHOOSING them. Disgusting. :(

Brian C

I have experienced adequate service from Straight Talk during phone calls and as far as receiving and sending data/texts. However, on multiple occasions when trying to add time to my phone Straight Talk has sent the service time to a different phone simply for not having it active for a day or two, my number being given to someone else and my money being sent, without my control, to this other phone. I do not recommend because the likelihood of being one day behind at some point is high, and if it happens you could lose your phone, your number, and your money.

Brian C

I have had a Straight Talk phone for a while, not because I loved it or thought the service was excellent but because it worked and it was pretty easy to pay for. HOWEVER, recently I have changed my mind about how easy it is to pay for as I've experienced on multiple occasions a total loss of money simply by not buying the service card on the exact date that it gave me a month ahead of time. Twice I have bought the service plan and gone through the phone process to add time to my phone and both times my money and phone time has been sent to someone else who was given my phone number by Straight Talk as soon as my service ended. Customer service tells me that it is not their policy to return any of this money as has been explained rudely to me twice.


Straight talk recently upgraded to 5gb of high speed data per month which is pretty cool. The Walmart I got my phone from has straight talk specific phones, which have been god awful so far. The first time I tried to be cheap and got a $40 one. Three days later, got stuck at startup after freaking out on me and forcing me to restart my phone. I made the mistake of calling customer service...first person had me do a factory reset. Didn't work so he forwarded me to another whom no matter how many times I told him I already did it (4) he had me do the reset again. Then he suggested the stupidest thing ever. Wait 5 business days for a box, put my phone in it and send it off, then wait 5 business days for them to get it, finally wait 5 more business days to get a new phone!!!! That's 3 weeks without a phone and he did not offer a free month of service in return!!

My reply? "Can't I just return it to Walmart?"

They said no, but I tried anyways and they let me pay to upgrade...ffs ST..


I seriously don't understand the point of pressing one for English when I still get transferred to someone who can't even began to speak it...Once when I called in it got so bad that I literally couldn't make out what the rep was saying so I asked her to please escalate the call to her supervisor because her English is extremely broken and she's not comprehending a single word that I'm saying. she then started to yell at me stating that she does speak English. I work for a call center and I would def. be fired if I ever spoke to a cust. that way. If you question their answer about anything I've also had the bad experience on being hung up on. over all they honestly have the worst Customer Service a company could ever have!

Yvette Smith

Straight talk has the worst customer service. I have nothing against foreigners, but you cannot understand them and they cannot understand you. They are always in a rush on the phone. I prefer to talk to an American on the phone that can understand English, when I do talk to a real person. I have been with straight talk since, 2009 but, I don't want them to get it twisted, I can change phone companies. They're customer service is horrible. Other than that, I am please with their phone and services. You cannot get a human on the phone. I really am beginning to hate straight talk customer service. You can't get in touch with them when you need them. When you email them, it is no better. By the time they email you back, you have forgotten what you email them for, just poor customer service all away round!

Yvette Smith

Straight talk has the worst customer service. I have nothing against foreigners, but you cannot understand them and they cannot understand you. They are always in a rush on the phone. I prefer to talk to an American on the phone that can understand English. I been with straight talk since, 2009, but I don't want them to get it twisted, I can change phone companies. They're customer service is horrible. Other than that, I am please with their phone and services.


I have been with Straight Talk for YEARS and have never had ANY kind of a problem! My signal strength is great, I have never had to call customer service for anything though, so I can't comment on that. I bought a new phone and checked with the site before I bought it to make sure it was compatible, and everything was VERY easy to take care of online, to keep my old number etc. I have recommended Straight talk to many friends and they have all be pleased with it also. All the negative comments are VERY surprising to me. I am on autopay and have never had any issue with that either. I have never experienced "speed throttling" either and I download music quite often. I may be considered a "light user" when it comes to my phone, but all in all, I will say I couldn't be more pleased.


I recently moved and now my phone is stuck on "Roam". I called in, went through hell with a rep, and finally got a supervisor that told me I'd have to change my phone number, though he didn't seem 100% sure that it would even help. He sent me a SIM card so I called back today to change my number only to get an absolutely clueless rep that hung up on me when I asked for their supervisor. The next rep then told they would need to send me another SIM card. Not only that, they are having "technical difficulties" and they need me to call back in two days before they can even do THAT. She basically kept me on the phone for an hour to tell me that this problem won't be resolved for another week. She promised that I would be compensated for the time I haven't been able to use the phone (assuming they ever get it fixed). My phone has gone from being able to make and receive calls and texts (but not send data) to being on "Emergency Only" status. Absolutely terrible service. 0/10 DO NOT USE.


I love straight talk. Customer service is from another country, yes, but i never need them. Buy one of their phones, quit living on it and you'll never go over data. The coverage part is more complex. Each area has a primary service company: ATT, Verizon, or T-Mobile. Verizon is the only one that doesn't use a SIM. I just moved out of Verizon (MT) area and into a T-Mobile (Denver area). Your local Wal-Mart will know which service is best. Every service can be used everywhere, but one will be most recommended. People who complain about st are just whiney first world brats who think they deserve the same thing they'd get for $200/m for only $45/m instead. Grow up. It is a great company to have a phone with and I'm never going back to another large non-month-to-month company.


For the past 10 months I have been getting email form the idiots at straight talk telling me that my debit card has been declined. I talked to my bank and they said they have never declined my debit card from Honduras. (they claim they are in Florida, but that is a lie just like everything else they say. The only reason I have put up with the lying idiots for three years is because I take care of a family in Mexico and need to talk to them frequently.


It is impossible to make international calls. Every time I try to reach someone outside the country I have the same messages: the number you are trying to dial is busy or Unfortunately Straight Talk International Dialer has stopped. The customer service is the worst ever with the indian robots John and Elizabeth who keep repeating over and over again the same phrases no matter what your problem is. I don't understand how a trusted chain like Wal-Mart can associate their name with this company. Taking money for a service that you are not providing is THEFT!


By far the most crappy customer service ever. Android system shuts down and apps are slow if they work at all. Buyer be ware!


This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I'm trying to activate a phone and called 877-430-CELL (2355) to be hung up by Amelia and Victor because they do not speak English. Every time you call that number they hang up on you. So I call this number 800-299-7784 and get the same outcome. I asked to speak with management and they refuse to transfer me. I contacted support through their website and they told me they will not give me corporate or any managements contact information. Poor customer service.


I just joined st phone services this last year.I really like the service.iam not a big user like most peopke who i read all the complaints about i have not yet had trouble with costomer service.iam oneof those light users like they talk about.but i have heard all the horre stories from friends and family who are bing sorrly overchared from all the big compans they say how there getting ripped off by virsionand atnt.and sprint.i quess it comes down to u as a consumer. sounds to me as non of them are very good in coustomer relations. or refunds or making every one happy.but like the one person on here said it less money spent iam glad for straigjt service it has saved me alot of money one the home home service as well as my cell service. so think it out do want great service thst none offer to save money which straight talk does or do u just plain like complaining.ill bit every one on here eho complaind about straigjt talk also had the same gryps about there super expensive plan .


When straight talk came out it was great and all Verizon towers until at&t bought them out. Ten you saw the Verizon tower phones slowly start to disappear. There customer service is on the toilet. If you never need customer service you might be fine , but the moment you need to talk to someone, be prepared for at least a 2 day headache. Verizon now has a 45 dollar month prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text and 1 gig of data. The date is less than straight talk but my last month there I used less than a gig cause I use the WiFi at home and about. I made the switch. Better service better phone better customer service. I could go on and on about the headaches and problems I've had with ST but I'm afraid there isn't enough room on the internet.


45$ plan is trash run out of high speed data after 3 gb and bumps down to 2g speed


My son live in California Mo., and I bought him the straight talk package with for his Samsung S2 phone at Walmart. I live in Denver and the connection is so bad, that I don't even bother calling on his Samsung with straight talk. I have to call on his land line. ;(


It is nice that the service is cheaper than ATT or Verizon. However, I was very mislead when signing up. It tells you that you get high speed data, so I was under the impression that I would get 4g. But 3g is the best I get, and I don't get it very often either. It claims to use Verizon and ATT towers, and my phone is specifically claimed to use Verizon. However, in places where my friends with Verizon get 4g, I get 1X (very very very slow) or nothing at all. I dont understand how that works if they use the 'same towers'.


Read a few of these posts and I decided to add my own.

A Verizon customer for over 7 years; at one point I was paying over $300.00 monthly for 2 smartphones on my account. Although I loved the things I could do I was really not happy paying a good used car note rate for cell phone use.
My sister had ST and went on at trip together and she had service just as well as I did for $45 monthly. Like many, I cringed at the thought of having a PP phone. My sister had an older phone and activated it for me on a $30 plan and said if I see any difference don't change and I have lost nothing. Well thank God my contract was up; I joined the ST move and have bee there now for more than 3 years. YES! CSR is horrible but I have two smartphones for $90 monthly and no service complaints. One phone uses Verizon towers and the other uses AT&T towers with awesome service.
In fact my cousin and I can be on trips and have to rely on my ST service over his Sprint service even at s home.You make the call.


I can't say that I understand all there is to know about cell phone providers except that I grow weary of contracts and an invoice that gives headaches trying to decipher! I settled on ST because of the simplicity and coverage claims. Checked the device compatibility on the ST website and purchased 2 new IPhone 6Plus, The loading and transfer of existing number proved to be a bit challenging and required a call to tech support. I did not have any trouble getting through, but the language problem does exist. Once on and making daily use of our phones...we like it!! We traveled to N. Carolina from Louisiana, went through the mountains and coverage was great! Aside from the language problem I have not experienced foul or otherwise bad technical/customer service. Good Karma I suppose! Have had service for 2 weeks, so if it doesn't pan out...I am free to change!! Logging onto ST website is a problem. Look to use 'CHAT' for any problems it helps solve language dilemma.


I spent three days trying to add minutes that included international calling. The service center was not only rude but incompetent. No one spoke English as a first language and they were very hard to communicate with. When my phone was finally activated using the customer service it still would not call outside of the country. I finally gave up and accepted I would be charged for a service I could not use. Then, as if it could get any worse, I saw that the unprofessional service center had charged my account twice in the same day. I called several times trying to get it fixed and the last person I spoke with told me to contact my bank and report it as a fraud! They are the fraud and since they are not in the US, they have no issue with being reported as such! What a joke! And a waste of money!


If you want a cell phone service with cheap phones and NO customer service, then Straight Talk is what you need. The phones work fine for a year or so, then they crap out and you're stuck with a $300 phone that doesn't half work. I haven't been able to get online for 4 months now and their alleged customer service is a joke. All they do is apologize for not doing anything. I've been on the phone with them for hours with their alleged customer service trying to resolve this mess. This morning I waited over 30 minutes while that idiot tryed to get HIS computer up. After over an hour I was told I will have to wait until some supervisor can talk to me. I'm done with this mess. Straight talk is definitely a buyer beware situation. My phone also quit forwarding pictures and they won't even address that. I tried to get them to quit billing me for the services they aren't providing. I don't even have to tell you how that went. RIP OFF


I have been a straight talk customer for over 2 years yes their customer service is horrible, you are calling India and they are reading off a script. I live in New Jersey I have excellent coverage. the $45 a month was a no brainer for me I was paying over $115.00 month. I'm looking to buy a unlocked s4 and bring it on over but I'm leary about calling their customer service. my wife purchased galaxyS4 last year through straight talk works fine no problems. I would highly recommend straight talk.


Will not let you bring your own phone unless it is a new one. Iasked for a refund for 8 dollars and they said"no." I have a Verizon casio pay as you go 250 pone two months old it will not transfer. Waste of time and money.


Bring your own phone is a gimmick unless it is a brand new phone ! I have a Verizon pay as you go 250 one which straight talk claim is compatible but will not will. It is a pay as you monthly phone. They refuse to refund me my 8 dollars because their service isn't working on my phone. I get over seas operators not American than aline of bull its our towers. Than transferrs me to someone else. You can't transferr a phone unless its. new!


The article says. "... ideal for light smartphone users." It even works with my corporate mobile program. So to all those folks who are spoiled with tons of data from previous carriers, this is not for you! I get strange looks when I say I'm on Straight Talk, but then again I don't have a compulsive need to have my iPhone glued to my ears on elevators, sidewalks, parking garages, etc. I love the $45/month fixed charge, it's auto-renewed, and I have no issues with service. I paid up front for a new iPhone from WalMart and have had no equipment issues. Registration by phone and online was a little suspect, but they got the job done. If you're a data hog, go back to a major carrier and pay your $150+ monthly bill! I'm considering using Straight Talk for my son, $45+$45 is cheaper than any family plan out there.


The article says. "... ideal for light smartphone users." So to all those folks who are spoiled with tons of data from previous carriers, this is not for you! I get strange looks when I say I'm on StraightTalk, but then again I don't have a compulsive need to have my iPhone glued to my ears on elevators, sidewalks, parking garages, etc. I love the $45/month fixed charge, it's auto-renewed, and I have no issues with service. I paid up front for a new iPhone from WalMart and have had no equipment issues. Registration by phone and online was a little suspect, but they got the job done. If you're a data hog, go back to a major carrier and pay your $150+ monthly bill! I'm considering using StraightTalk for my son, $45+$45 is cheaper than any family plan out there.

Mike Pellet

When I bought my Samsung S2 Straight Talk phone from Walmart, it was covered by a 1 year warranty. At 11 months old, it went bad and started using fully charged batteries in just a few hours. Checked batteries in another similar phone and they last for days - so I know it's the phone that's bad.

Went online to Straight Talk using their chat window. They decided to no longer honor their 1-year warranty but said they will be happy to transfer my existing number to a new phone that I have to purchase myself.

Eff that (if you know what I mean). Going to another service before the monthly card expires.


on sunday i contacted straight talk and began the process of porting my sprint number and iphone 4 to their service... i'm still waiting for it to happen... here's an example of my chats:

Sarah: The ticket have an information that is waiting for updates to complete the port in process.
WILLIAM: but what needs to be updated? the phone? the account?
Sarah: The port in process needs to be updated complete in order to activate the phone with the phone number you transferred.
WILLIAM: and this has been in process since sunday... FOUR days ago... how long is it suppose to take?
Sarah: In order to complete the phone's activation process, please wait 24 hours.
WILLIAM: i have waited "24 hours" FOUR TIMES... i want you to tell me when my phone will be available to make calls!!
Sarah: Yes, the phone will be activated completely once the port in process will be completed.
WILLIAM: and when will that be?
Sarah: Please wait for another 24 hours in order to complete the phone's activation process.


Walmart straight talk is the worst that I have ever delt with. Walmart doesn't stand behind their phones. Don't bother getting the warranty for the cheap phones they sell, my phone crashed I was told I had to pay a $30 deductible to get a refurbished phone after paying $41 for a warranty. This is the second phone in 2 years. It's a SCAM "If it sounds to good to be true" it probably is. Run!!!


I came to this site when we had horrible experience with trying to get help in transferring old phone number to a new phone. We spent hours on the phone with the 1-800 #. A post on this site recommended the email address:
We got great service and wish we would have know about it sooner.

Dont do it RUN!!



A horrible company with horrible customer service. I had my phone service turned off twice accidentally after asking to use a prior number with my existing service. All they ever do is apologize. The worst experience with a business I have ever had. I switched to someone else after only 4 days and let them keep the $45.00 just so I would not have to deal with them any more.


DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR "BRING YOUR OWN PHONE" PROGRAM!!!! I bought a $250 phone on ebay after imputing the serial number into the compatibility box. ST said my phone was compatible. I called in because I wanted to keep my number. ST said my phone is NOT compatible!

EVERYTIME I have needed to call in to their "customer service" department, it has been nothing but headache. Not only that, but they need to hire people who can speak English CLEARLY!


Straight talk claims that they have unlimited data but after three GB it slows down. I have not been able to have data at all for the past three months. I am very unhappy. Straight talk needs to work things out. The other day I called straight talk to see what was wrong and all they said to do was to buy a new sim card and register it to my number. So to another company...


my phone is terrible. the service is worse. I tried to get a replacement phone, which meant I spent 10 days without a phone, and they sent me a used piece of garbage that was the wrong model/color. Worse, I can't get decent phone service. I don't come close to using the amount of time I did with my old flip phone, and I barely use any data. I spend my time looking for a pay phone to check my voicemail. I'll be going back to Verizon, for at least twice the cost. I will write this off to shear stupidity on my part.


I thought straight talk would at least offer a decent phone and service. They are awful. My first phone didn't work, I spent a month telling customer service I couldn't complete a single phone call, and I have an unlimited plan for a reason. All they could say was "you can get a bar, so it isn't our problem". After two months they recognized it was their problem, and agreed to provide a new phone. Of course I had to ship them my phone and wait 10 days for a replacement, not a terrible burden since my phone didn't really work, but still I was paying. Finally the replacement phone arrived, and surprisingly it wasn't event an equivalent phone. I spent a lot of money on my galaxy, and they sent me a used piece of garbage in exchange. The replacement, has even worse phone service. In Washington Dc there is little LTE service, and no bars most places I go. I spend my time trying to find a pay phone so I can check my voice mail. Customer service, of course, continues to suck.

ian miller

straight talk is garbage. The equipment is poor at best. Service is deplorable. The employees speak broken English at best and are unknowledgeable. If you call into the customer service(that's the biggest joke around) they make you feel like you are in the wrong and that you are bothering them by making them do their job. They are a perfect match for walmart though. Another company with zero customer service.


I have been a customer of Straight Talk for 3 years. I have contacted the customer support team many times and they have helped me to resolve every problem I've had with eloquence and poise. I would recommend them to a friend in the San Luis Obispo, CA area.


I had StraightTalk for a number of years; at first they were "OK." Something happened, though, in the last year of my stint with them, and they became a nightmare to deal with. Customer service was non-existent, and I could literally do nothing to resolve issues. I had to go somewhere else for service, and leaving StraightTalk became the worst experience of all. They would not release my number nor shut down my account. I will NEVER go back.


StraighTalk has provided the worst customer service and overall cell service in the world. Thank you for screwing us over StraighTalk!


Lessons learned-
Use the chat and customer service is ok. Don't activate through the website, it crashes. Use Chrome not IE on their site. The site is not IE compatible. Activate your phone via chat, trust me. Renew automatically, if your service stops you lose your number, don't be cheap and change plans monthly. Also make sure you are using less than 2.5gb of data. I looked at my historical average at my old carrier and on unlimited data I was using 2-2.5GB per month paying $116 for an old paid off iphone. The move made sense for me.

How I learned-
I activated on the website and the website locked up and my number transfer didn't go through. I called them and was told too bad, go buy another starter kit. Nothing they could do. I threw that $60 away, decided to give it another try paid another $60 and activated via chat and no issues. I have my plan renewing automatically. The ironic part is I work for one of the big carriers... It's not straight talk.


There are no words to describe how disappointing my whole experience with Straight Talk has been. I bought a 'bring your own phone' activation kit that would not work on my phone even though they checked it for compatibility and troubleshot the phone repeatedly. I called back after checking several different solutions. I wasn't angry, I just wanted my money back since the product obviously didn't work. I tried explaining the situation but the representative insisted that it was MY FAULT!! The final straw was when the customer service representative HUNG UP ON ME when she realized she didn't know what to do and didn't want to give me my $70 back for a SIM card that plain and simple DIDN'T WORK.


About 5 years ago I switched over from Metro PCS (poor coverage area) to Straight Talk. My first phone was a Straight Talk Samsung phone(didn't want to put much money into the new service) Not only did that phone last for 2 years but I was able to talk in places that even under contract with Sprint I was unable to talk. I later discovered I was on the AT&T network with them and I learn a bit more about the service and things Like APN's. Today I am running a Samsung S4 Active and I have to say I love the service and promote their service where ever I go. I actually have a Start up kit here at the house. It has all the carriers that Straight Talk uses, Most everyone has Said they love the AT&T service through them. Now of course every phone can not run on AT&T. My wife bought the S3 a few years back and is on there Sprint Flavor and it drops signal about as soon as you enter the doors of any Walmart Store.APN's are well documented on the web.


I had straight talk for over two years. The reason I went to them was for flexibility, depending on my money from month to month. Sometimes I'd buy the $45.00 plan or $30.00. So during one month I ran into money problems so I didn't renew for that month, The next month I renewed. They assigned me a new # & I could no longer have my old number. I call CS and after 30 mins of back and forth, they told me they couldn't give me my old # back. So I assumed that number was assigned to someone else. So I called my old number, to find out, NO one had the number. So I called them back & asked why I couldn't get the # since it was not assigned to anyone else. they didn't know just basic, "we have no control over that", So much for flexibility & convenience. How is it better than having a contract? You either pay each month or loose your number. So I dropped them, I'll go somewhere else. Stay away from them, CS has no idea what they are doing, the Company is worthless!!


Make sure you buy a Straight Talk phone that runs off of Verizon towers, and you won't encounter call issues. Some of their phones run off of AT&T towers...not so sure about those.


Worst customer service EVER! Spent hours on hold trying to fix overcharge. Some of the rudest people I have encountered. When given a name to call back no one would connect me to that name that I was told I wld just have to ask for. Regretting I ever purchased straight talk and am currently looking new provider for internet


I have used Straight Talk now for 6 months and am absolutely totally satisfied. Being retired from BellSouth/AT&T even with my "discount", I was paying $78 and that was only for a 450 min plan and limited data usage. Have no regrets ! Only contacted customer service one time and that was for the initial set up of which the representative that helped was more than knowledgeable and solved my issue. Very happy I was able to use my Iphone 4 and port same number. Have great reception and coverage. Sorry, but there is nothing negative I can say about the Straight Talk Plan.....Wish I would have switched years ago !!


Thanks it was helpful to me, please check this review page written by me


I'm an IT guy for a living so Customer Service doesn't matter much to me, in my opinion ever cell company I've dealt with has stupid customer service reps. If I'm actually calling customer service it's probably not an issue "tier 1" support could ever resolve. That being said, I ditched Verizon to go to Straight Talk and it's been awesome! I'm free to choose the phone I want (Nexus 5) on a solid data cap, at a reasonable monthly price without 2 year contract woes and ridiculous carrier bloatware. Straight Talk is slightly complex to set up initially, not totally idiot proof like Verizon or AT&T. Not an issue here, but if you are not tech savvy at all, consider paying a higher rate at a larger carrier to get reps to hold you hand through the entire process.


Straight Talk (Cliffs Notes)

BYOF = Bring your own Phone - ONLY works with GSM (Sim card) phones - on ATT and T-Mobile networks.

They don't overtly advertise the carrier of each phone, but it is in the lower left corner of the Box (must do some research or go to the Walmart):
CDMA-V = Verizon
CDMA-S = Sprint
GSM-T = T-Mobile

CDMA = Code Division Multi(ple) Access
GSM = Global System for Mobile(s)
These refer to the two incompatible voice technologies that US cell phones are currently built on.

GSM is better for world travel (but ST only works in the US so irrelevant).

CDMA , has fewer hand off related dropped calls due to its soft hand off. (can and does actually communicate with two cell towers at once).

Re: Verizon, Straight Talk no longer offers new technology phones with Verizon (stopped about 2 years ago), but they do still support some older technology phones with CDMA-V, if you look around... And NONE of the CDMA-V are 4G.


I have been a customer of Tracfone for 7 years. I loved it when I got it, but they have become impossible to work with. The customer service has gone from "great" to "a nightmare". I have learned that if you want something fixed ask for a supervisor right away. They don't give their regular cs people authority to do anything.

I was considering switching to Straight Talk - that is what my dad uses - but now that I know it is owned by Tracfone, that is not an option. RUN, people. it is not worth it.


I have 2 accounts with straight talk,for over a year.The phones are excellent and i never have a problem with customer service.
Compare to AT&T,i save alot of money for the same services.
No Contracts,sometimes i even buy a $30.00 plan..Can't beat the price and service,Wait time for customer service is about 3 mins. 5 stars



thanks so much for this article. it was more helpful than anyone in Walmart or from Straight Talk that i've attempted to get information from. My husband's phone is a straight talk Samsung Centura. It's ok...not bad. The CUSTOMER service for Straight talk stinks ... but the cell service is fine... we use verizon towers. I'm getting ready to switch the rest of us over and that is where i am having trouble getting info about what iphone models work ... every walmart tells something different, and i see varying info in my internet research. My daughter wants to buy new... so we i think are up to speed on that, but I am trying to find out about getting used phones...unlocked, clean esns... there is just a lot and nobody from walmart or straight talk to give direct answers. VERY FRUSTRATING.



Go to ---> Settings
Then go down to ---> Access Point (near the bottom)
Click on the + sign "to add" then follow these directions:

1. Connection name: StraightTalk

2. Internet APN

Access Point Name: wap.tracfone
Username: (leave blank)
Password: (leave blank)
Proxy adress:
Proxy port: 8080
Network type: ipv4/ipv6
Authentication type: None


Access Point Name: wap.tracfone
Username: (leave blank)
Password: (leave blank)
Proxy adress:
Proxy port: 8080

MMSC address:
Network type: ipv4/ipv6
Authentication type: None

4. Click on the Check Mark for "Done"

5. You might have to go back one page to "Access Point" and click on Straight Talk until it becomes active and the other one inactive.

6. Reboot.

7. Test out internet.


I will never recommend straightalk to anybody. The company does not protect its customers from cell phone identity theft. In fact, they do not care about it. My phone account and personal information was stolen through this company, probably an inside job. After many complaints and no action, Corporate told me it is out of their hands. When you pay a service, you trust the company with your personal information. That information is private, and they have to protect it. Yet, they do absolutely nothing. Now I feel vulnerable and violated thanks to straighttalk. I live my life checking my credit and obsessed with the idea that there is someone out there with my personal information because they are careless and, in my view, part of this scam. I am not the only straightalk customer that has experienced this horrible and terrifying situation, and in my opinion, it is not worth it.


I have been using straight talk for about 3 yrs now and the coverage area is good. About 6 months ago, I upgraded to a "smart phone" and have been having problems ever since. Also, I have been trying to talk my mom into switching to straight talk from trac phone for about 2 yrs. She finally switched recently and the website said that she could use her phone but the customer service rep said that it was not compatible. She wanted to keep her phone number and they programmed the SIM card with the wrong number and had to mail her a new card. After almost 2 weeks without a phone they sent her "another card" and this was all taking time away from her 30 day plan that she had purchased. Now she is having the same data connection problems and dialing problems that I have been experiencing lately. I also just found out that you can't have numbers blocked from your phone if someone is harassing you, you have to change your number. They are about to loose me as a customer.


Horrible Service! DO NOT do business with STRAIGHTTALK! They lie about their so called "Unlimited Data Plan". It's not what it is all cracked up to be. My phone will not dial out, echoes, youtube takes forever to load, and other issues.


Never EVER buy a phone from this company. If you want to do a prepaid phone, do net10.

My issues from StraightTalk are getting way out of hand. When I first got my phone, it was okay. My service was okay, everything was peachy. I went back home and found out I had NO SERVICE. I went 2 weeks without a phone, and when I tried paying for minutes for it, they charged my card twice and only got 1 month of minutes. Never got the other 50 back. My calls got dropped, picture messages never sent, phone conversations cut short because the other end couldn't hear me when I was NOT muted. I tried sending it back when something happened to my screen, and it kept freezing within the first 30 days I had it, and they wouldn't take it.

If you want to go through literal phone hell, sign up with straight talk. It's definitely not worth wasting money with this company.

Laurie Reese

Straight Talk is the worst phone service I have ever had 3 weeks trying to return a phone and this is the 5th phone I've gotten from them that did not work Android sassy phone I have been flat out lied to several times when asked to be moved further up the chain to talk to someone I was told there was no one higher that I could only go one person above the one that answered the phone when I calledStraight Talk does not seem to care about its customers or how they are treated all they care about is getting your moneythey seem to be dragging this out until my card runs out so I have to buy a new one when and if I ever get my replacement phone I was told they were sending me a label to send my phone back and that was a lie too they sent me an email with a bunch of BS on it but no label I think the FCC needs to do something about straight talk and I think it's about time we all start calling our attorney generals and the FCC and try to get straight talk shut

Laurie Reese

Straight Talk is the worst phone service I have ever had 3 weeks trying to return a phone and this is the 5th phone I've gotten from them that did not work Android sassy phone I have been flat out lied to several times when asked to be moved further up the chain to talk to someone I was told there was no one higher that I could only go one person above the one that answered the phone when I calledStraight Talk does not seem to care about its customers or how they are treated all they care about is getting your moneythey seem to be dragging this out until my card runs out so I have to buy a new one when and if I ever get my replacement phone I was told they were sending me a label to send my phone back and that was a lie too they sent me an email with a bunch of BS on it but no label I think the FCC needs to do something about straight talk and I think it's about time we all start calling our attorney generals and the FCC and try to get straight talk shut down


Second, regarding customer service:

Simply put, customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I had a sim "go bad." Despite the rep's promise to expedite delivery of a new sim, it still took over a week to get a replacement--during which time I was out of a phone.

The biggest problem is that Straight Talk for some reason blacklisted my address, which prevents me from using auto-renew. Customer service reps refused to acknowledge any issue on their end (or any purposeful blacklisting) and insisted it was an issue with my credit card. After a few weeks of getting nowhere, I gave up on ever fixing the issue and now purchase $45 refills from Walmart.

So, the takeaway:

Don't expect much from customer service. Expect challenges to arise. But in spite of the challenges, if you want to save a lot of money, you don't like surprise charges on your bill, and you don't want to be locked in to a contract, Straight Talk is hard to beat.


First regarding the service itself:

I've used Straight Talk since June 2012. On AT&T towers, calls are consistently clear and rarely drop. Data speeds are fast, considering I live in a rural area. On LTE, I get roughly 15MB/s download and 5MB/s upload. On HSPA+ it's about 5MB/s and 2MB/s. I've been throttled before, but not since Straight Talk clarified its data policy of 3GB/month.

One issue is poor signal in large buildings such as hospitals. By comparison, a coworker with an actual AT&T plan gets bars where I don't--despite supposedly using the same towers. Maybe due to how AT&T prioritizes traffic on its towers?

Overall, $45/month for 3GB of data and unlimited calls/texts is a great deal.

my st phone

So I hear all the complaints about their customer service. I have been on ST for 2 years. Pay for 1 year in advance and comes down to $41 per month and don't have to pay for the fee's. Ported my number, it did take some time, but after paying $100 per month, it was worth the wait. ST now gives 3 gb of LTE per month. Then unlimited at 3g or h+ if you're phone supports it. Whine if you want and keep paying more.


Bad Bad Bad. Please never buy this. I did not receive 1/3 of what I purchased. People told me not to buy this but... Please take their advise ( I didn't ). Walmart will not back up this purchase either - that surprised me too.


Ditto bad service. Trying to port a land line number told it could take up to 30 days, once I started having problems. No mention of that before. Burning through my Tracfone minutes on hold for hours.


Attention! If you want great customer service DO NOT go with this company. If you want very cheap pricing for a monthly service than DO go with this company (or Page Plus). DO NOT complain about customer service when you are paying 1/4 of what Verizon or ATT are charging. Our bill went from 280 per month to 90 per month and no contract. For those wanting to whine about the customer service, please just stick to one of the big carriers and you will get GREAT customer service....but you WILL pay for it. I spent over 20 years paying nearly $300 per month. That is $72,000 for phone service. Straight Talk would have only cost me $21,000. I'll save $51,000 in the next 20 years, so I'm not that worried about great customer service. Do the math people. Quit complaining about how bad your steak is at McDonald's.

Smart Phone User

I live on the east side of Cincinnati, OH.

ATT was fine in my area, but was angry that I was already paying $90+/mo to use my old iPhone, and then would get charged additional overages for minutes and data. Far too expensive - and that was the corporate discount rate.

I then tried TMobile - got the Galaxy S4. Loved the phone, hated the coverage anywhere outside of the big city.

So I bought a $99 phone at Walmart and then pay the $45/mo (about $48/mo w tax and fees). The service is awesome - even out in the hills of southern Ohio. I need to upgrade my phone in serious way, but the service I can't complain about.

Now that the iPhone 5s and 5c are available, I'm looking forward to upgrading this summer. I'd prefer the Galaxy S4 or S5, but I'll work with what's available just to avoid a contract and pay a lot less.


I am a truck driver going all 48 states so before I decided to switch I test drove straight talk on ATT I had my old ATT phone and a straight talk phone along side there was no difference in the coverage whatsoever.So I gave the straight talk sim card to my girlfriend and I ordered one for me coming form ATT I didn't need to unlock my phone just put the sim card chaged the APN settings and Voila. Well I had to call customer service to port my number because I couldn't do it online but it was painless and within 2 hours on a Saturday it was done. And for 5 months now I am happy with the service as is my girlfriend. I would advise eveyone to get a ATT rather than a T-Mobile sim card as ATT has better coverage and faster LTE.


Simply the worst service/company I've ever used. I will NEVER buy this again.


I switched to straight talk from verizon. The customer service is horible. I am having problems with my phone and it is still under the manufactures warranty. I am unable to be without a phone and they will not send a phone unless the get the other phone first. Then in 2 weeks they will send a new one. I asked to talk to a manager and they put me on hold for a half an hour. I asked if the manager could call me and they said no. I talked to walmart about the problem and they said they have the same problem and straight talk will not solve the problems. I paid alot for this phone. I would think I would get better service than what I have had. I would recommend staying away from straight talk.


I just switched to StraightTalk last week, and wanted to share my experience thus far. I began with a T-Mobile iPhone 5S for which I had a great plan, but horrible signal/service in my area. The phone was paid off and unlocked (if it's paid for, you must still call T-Mobile to unlock it if you want the AT&T sim card, which I did, and that can take up to 2 weeks). I went into the ST experience expecting the customer service to be as horrible as all of the reviews. For some reason, the website would not transfer my T-Mobile phone number (I kept that account running because if you cut off service, you can't transfer the number), so I did call ST customer service. They weren't as bad as I expected, and my TM service was transferred to ST within 1.5 hours of the call. The StraightTalk AT&T sim card works great with my unlocked T-Mobile iPhone 5S, and I couldn't be happier with the signal I get in my area (LTE outside, 3G indoors), much better than T-Mobile 2G for slightly less money.


So in December of 2011, I bought a Straight Talk phone. I had already been a Straight Talk customer and so I had a phone number I switched from AT&T. The guy in the Straight Talk store set up my new phone and he put the SIM in and the phone worked fine with no problems until Thursday when it quit receiving texts. Straight Talk this morning (Saturday) and they started telling me the SIM I had was a bring your own phone SIM and would not work in this phone. This exact same SIM installed by a Straight Talk employee has worked just fine in this phone since December, 2011. Miraculously it doesn't today. Unbelievable. They acted like they thought I did something to the phone. They said they are sending me a new SIM and cut my service off for the next five days until my SIM comes. Nice. My parents are elderly and in bad health and this is the only way to contact me in emergencies. Customer service was not helpful and frankly one of them was quite rude. Goodbye StraightTalk.


i'll be honest, I hate cell phones and not a big fan of technology. that being said, with my job it is still critical I have a phone. I've had every plan under the sun and got really sick and tired of 300-600 dollar a month phone bills. I gave up a $600 smart touchscreen smart phone to buy the simplest phone on the market with the cheapest plan. I went to straight talk about four years ago and have been happy since. I pay the $30 a month plan and it suits me fine. the coverage has been better than most any other carrier. they use Verizon towers but for some reason I get coverage in places even Verizon customers have trouble. I am an otr trucker and use it coast to coast. the customer service could use a lot of improvement but my biggest complaint is when I bought my daughter a new phone her boyfriend tried to use it as a modem and straighttalk disabled the phone to never be used again. it was only a week old. it took along time to straighten out that mess. all in all, very happy


None of the CSR's speak fluent English. There's no corporate office to contact. They have BYOP program but the only phones that you switch over are GSM= AT&T and T-Mobile (sim cards which contain the customer's info) you can't switch CDMA phones=Verizon or Sprint which some have a sim card, but the card is only used for 4G LTE.


None of the CSR's speak fluent English. There's no corporate office to contact. They have BYOP program but the only phones that you switch over are GSM= AT&T and T-Mobile (sim cards which contain the customer's info) you can't switch CDMA phones=Verizon or Sprint which some have a sim card, but the card is only used for 4G LTE.


Of I am paying for "Unlimited", thats what I expect. Not 2.5 weeks later and throttle down my Data Speed!!! I rely heavily on my phone, business etc. will be looking for another more reliable, "truthful"? Service.


What ever you do DON'T SWITCH TO STRAIGHTTALK. I left Verizon and a week later I switched back. I had dropped calls, echo's, could not open text because they were too big, had to use Wi-Fi all the time which drained my battery, it took a long time to connect to the internet, can't really see anything on you tube because it takes FOREVER to download. You get what you pay for, DON'T DO IT!


Striaght talk is scam. They advertise as unlimited international plan but actually its not unlimited. They don't tell customer that they can make only 15 unique numbers


I like my phone but the service range isn't great. I don't like the 2.5 data because when I had Verizon I paid 50 a month unlimited and no matter how much I was on line watching videos over the 30 days it was always 3G. There wasn't a data limit. The youtube was better with Verizon too. With straight talk it takes forever to load even when they say you have high speed data availability and it plays and freezes constantly. So to watch a 3 min video it takes 35 mins. I miss the non stop viewing with Verizon. It took a couple of seconds to load and the video played non stop till the end with 3G service. So I wonder if when straight talk says your getting 3G if you really are?



Phone Upgrades: One of the biggest benefits to using Straight Talk prepaid is that I can upgrade or switch phones any time I want. You can't do that with a postpaid carrier.

If there's a phone I covet I buy it, , then simply list my current phone on eBay and get most if not all my money back. For example, I originally had a Note, then went to the Note 2, the a Note III, all within about 14 months.

The cool thing about Straight Talk is that you can use any GSM phone with the service. If owning the latest and greatest phone is important to you, Straight Talk can't be beat

Bottom Line: Look up any carrier in Google with the word "complaint" also in the search field. You are going to find thousands of complaints about any carrier. All companies suffer from the declaration: "_____ is the worst cell phone carrier on the planet..."

Look at it this way: if you only do business with companies who are complaint free, you won't be doing business with anyone.



Limited Unlimited Data: Is anyone aware of a carrier or home ISP who provides truly unlimited 4G, LTE data? T-Mobile, Sprint, Comcast, and AT&T all throttle customers who exceed unlimited plan limits. So that Straight Talk also throttles my connection on exceeding 2.5 GB, so what.

Besides, I use a WiFi source to access the Net, check e-mails, or play games on the mobile. So 2.5GB of data is plenty for on the road use.

And think about it, would you rather be an AT&T customer, who imposes AUTOMATIC overage charges when you exceed plan limits. Watch one too many movies on your mobile, get ready for bill shock.

Price: For $45 monthly I get 2.5 GB 4G LTE data, plus unlimited talk and texts. I am using my AT&T Note 3 with the service. I am not stuck with a two year contract and nor have to worry about early termination fees.

Since I am using AT&T's towers my connection has always been great. I have saved so much money that I bought a Note 3 with that money.


I'll defend Straight Talk amidst all the complaints.

Firstly, I believe Straight Talk has over 30 million U.S. subscribers. So a few hundred complaints here and there is hardly representative of the company and its service.

- I am a Straight Talk "pioneer" meaning I was one of its first customers when American Movil (the parent company) made a move to the U.S. I have always been satisfied with the company.

- Customer Service: Most companies have "offshore" service centers, where "furriners" read from a script (I recently had an issue with eBay. On all calls I talked to CSRs with thick Filipino accents. And they read from scripts.

I'm not concerned about custo service because I don't call customer service that much. I'm not going to pay $900 more annually just to get someone in custo service who sounds like they are in the U.S.

Bottom line: I don't care where the CSR is located. I simply want my questions answered, which Straight Talk has always done when I have called.

Gordon Theis

Signed up for Straight Talk at Walmart with a ST approved phone. The Walmart employee couldn't get the phone activated and ST told us it was a bad SIM card and one would be sent in 4 business days.

Over an 8 week span, 11 SIM cards and were sent before it worked . Walmart would not take back my order.
My experience proved that there is no accountability in the ST system or any acceptance of blame. When they couldn't complete the activation, they simply called it a SIM card issue and thus kicked the can down the road for the next rep. Many reps could hardly speak English and I couldn't understand them. They reacted to my problem by reading from a script which often didn't make sense. Twice they hung up on me. When asking for a manager, was either told one was not available or that they were the manager. When I asked for some form of remuneration for my two months aggravation, they countered with the fact that they sent me a SIM card and that I didn't call back soon enough.


Correcting myself... I sent it to 10 (ten) of Straight Talk's corporate executives, not 6 (six).


I previously posted about a complaint I had with Straight Talk. My post began with "I'll preface this with I have e-mail communication with Straight Talk to confirm what I am about to share with you is in fact the TRUTH!!"

Well, I'm back to give you an update. I did send my e-mail complaint directly to 10 (ten) of Straight Talk's corporate executives who responded immediately. I had included documentation to confirm what I was telling them was in fact the truth. They resolved the problems to my satisfaction. It's a shame that this matter had to escalate to such a level, but I'm glad that Straight Talk stepped up to the plate. It's only fair that if a person has filed a complaint and that complaint is resolved that it too should be acknowledged. So, thank you Straight Talk for hearing my complaint and bringing satisfactory resolution.


I previously posted about a complaint I had with Straight Talk. My post began with "I'll preface this with I have e-mail communication with Straight Talk to confirm what I am about to share with you is in fact the TRUTH!!"

Well, I'm back to give you an update. I did send my e-mail complaint directly to 6 (six) of Straight Talk's corporate executives who responded immediately. I had included documentation to confirm what I was telling them was in fact the truth. They resolved the problems to my satisfaction. It's a shame that this matter had to escalate to such a level, but I'm glad that Straight Talk stepped up to the plate. It's only fair that if a person has filed a complaint and that complaint is resolved that it too should be acknowledged. So, thank you Straight Talk for hearing my complaint and bringing satisfactory resolution.


Absolutely worst experience of my life with Straight Talk. They only access 25% of large carrier towers, so when I traveled I barely had service. They kept interrupting my service saying I asked for a new SIM which I never did. When you call customer service (which I never thought I would never had to do) they hang up on you, and if you are lucky enough to have someone that cares, you cannot understand them. Bottom line they are HORRIBLE. Lost service 3 times in one week, all their error, and then they disconnected my ported number while I waited for a SIM which never came. Thus, I went back to Verizon, and had to get a new number. Thank You Verizon for the prompt, discounted winback deal.


I had a defective samsung galaxy s2 and after calling straight talk they said they would send me the exact same phone as a replacement since it was under warranty. After waiting over a week I called and they said I had to send them my phone first to get the new one. Risky. But I did it anyway. Biggest mistake ever. They sent me a replacement phone alright. A zte solar which has horrible reviews. I called to straighten it out and have been given the biggest run around ever. Apparently my old phone isn't in their warehouse so they sent me the closest current market value phone. Although I bought mine last year for $300. I said then give me a galaxy s3. After elevating my case 4 times I still have to wait another 24-48 hours for someone to call me. (They never do). They are horrible and as soon as I get this resolved I am leaving this sucky company who has no idea what customer service is. Never use them!!No one speaks clear English and keeps pushing you off to someone new. Horrible!


I recently purchased a Straight Talk wireless router. I worked for 2 days and then stopped working. I thought my internet time ran out (even though we barely got to use it), so I purchased more time. I followed all of the instructions the CSR gave me, and then said I want my money back for the device AND the internet access cards. I was told I could return the device at Walmart, but would nor be reimbursed for the internet usage cards. I WAS LIVID!!!!!! I asked for a Supervisor. I spoke with a woman named Angelica, who said she was a Manager. I admit, I did use a few expletives when she told me I would not be able to get my money back, but I apologized a few times. Angelica hung up on me, then called me back saying the phone disconnected mistakenly. She said, "Thank you for calling Straight Talk Wireless...goodbye". I said I am reporting the company to the BBB, and whoever else will listen.


Junk, junk, junk! Enough said


Straight Talk LOST MY NUMBER.I had that number for 15 YEARS! I called them to transfer my number to another phone and they gave me a new phone number instead. The customer service rep said "your new number is..." I told her repeatedly that I wasnt calling for a new number and I asked her 3 different times that my number would still be same. She said yes. As soon as I hung up, I noticed that I had a new number. I was so upset. I was on the phone with customer service for over an hour and they could not get my number back. They said once the number goes back to the Verizon Towers, then Straight Talk cant get the number back. The same thing happened to my sister when she called them a few months later. My point, DO NOT CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE , or YOU WILL LOSE YOUR NUMBER. Other than that, straight talk has been a great phone plan for me.


Quite frankly, I had the plan approx. 4 years ago... give or take. Honestly, I found coverage areas were almost identical to AT&T and Verizon. This was before my love of smart phones, "facebooking" and emailing, etc... on my phone. My current "smart phone" is now approx 4 years old... give or take & it has NEVER been right... I spent HOURS with AT&T customer service... they STILL could not get it right... At that time, I was a level 1 tech in a call center for an ISP and I knew more about what the issue was and possible fixes then both cooperate and local customer "care." While the phone lives... by some miracle, it is clearly out dated and I am SO OVER AT&T's idea of customer "care"... Lemme go back to the folks with the accents from another country... At least they ATTEMPTED to solve my issues! Sincerely, soon-to-be-EX AT&T customer


I'll preface this with I have e-mail communication with Straight Talk to confirm what I am about to share with you is in fact the TRUTH!! Within 3 months of purchasing my brand new LG Optimus Zip LG75C cell phone at Wal-Mart I escalated the unresolved problems to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) who opened a claim on my behalf.

It doesn't matter if you deal with Straight Talk's technical support department, which is in the Philippines and they have NO CLUE about product or service, or if you talk to their BBB representative in Seattle, WA, who not only IGNORES YOUR MULTIPLE REQUESTS TO RESOLVE they also have NO CLUE about product or service. FINALLY they admitted that my phone itself was defective, but will only replace it with a USED phone. THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE!! I will now e-mail the corporate executives directly. If they don't step up to the plate I'm going to the FCC and PUC.


I recently had to deal with Straight Talk's customer service (lack there of) when attempting to assist my s/o in troubleshooting her phone. It took close to an hour before we were able to speak to a human at which point we routed three different times. The third/final tech that phone call had her send several text messages to herself to help troubleshoot not receiving sms' at all. < 10 minutes into the phone call with this person she was informed that they had exceeded the maximum time for the call and she would be placed on hold until someone else could assist. 25 minutes later frustration won out and she hung up with them.

Being the computer person I am I thought I had a better plan; I would use their "Live Chat" feature. I thought I was getting somewhere when the system slowly updated me from being 20 in the queue to being 2 in the queue. 5 minutes after being 2 the "connection was interrupted". Went over to T-Mobile's site to get some quotes, took < 1 minute to get a human. js


Just ordered a phone through their website and opted for their Fed-Ex overnight delivery. Used a coupon so the shipping cost was taken off. However, it's been two business days, and when I went to track my order, it still says "In Progress". Decided to online chat with a representative to figure out what was going on, and after explaining to them the situation, the rep told me "not to worry and that the order will be delivered once processed", and then immediately discontinued the window, so I was unable to ask or confirm anything that he wrote. Not the best impression so far regarding customer service.


I want to switch to ST, but a reliable source (manager @VZ) told me vz was not going to continue to let ST use their towers. Does anyone know if this is a fact?


Unlike many people I had no problem at all. I was on ATT GoPhone service and switched. I did not keep the old number since I only had it a few months and used it sparingly because of the limited service amount. The SIM showed up, I popped it in, followed some simple instructions and was up and running in a few minutes. I did a speed test from the iPhone and was able to pull in excess of 10mb on the 3g side so the internet worked fine. I am not stupid enough to allow automatic billing or give them my CC information so I just log on and add time when needed. If you are technologically challenged and call customer service to whine about every little thing this is not for you. If on the other hand you want to save money, know what you're doing and realize that with no contract the worst you'll ever be out is $45 or less...then you'll love this.


Been 5 days without cell service. Called 5 times-same sad story about porting the phone, chat? I receive a form-letter type text about CALLING their Portability Dept (with no cell service, great), and email? What email? No response, no nothing. What an AWFUL way to get peoples credit card info (Oh, I cancelled my Visa so they won't hammer it again!


They are just like the government.. screw you hard and blame it on everyone else(walmart).. every person i have talked with had to read the notes which took for ever and didnt understand them. they dont care about their customers no matter what.. even if they know they are losing a customer. DO NOT GO WITH THEM!!! the only positive thing is that they are a month to month and i can quit whenever..haha


The absolute worst customer service possible. I got another straight talk phone request online and the phone to transfer my phone service from one straight talk phone to another straight talk phone. What happened they deactivated my current phone but failed to activate the new phone. After calling customer service numerous times 15 or more, they finally said the transfer did not go through because the old phone used Sprint towers and the new phone uses Verizon towers. They failed to fix the problem the could not reactivate the first phone or activate the second one they lost the phone number I had for ten years. I am not out of money for an unlimited service plan and two straight talk phones and I am still getting the run around. They don't have a clue as to how to fix the problem. Distraught customer. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST EVER.


Worst customer service ever! Do not go with them I have had the worst experience I have had so many phones with them and each a flipping hassle to activate. They are rude and don't understand half the tings i say when i give hem my number and etc.


straight talk has by far the WORST customer service of any company I have dealt with in my entire life.

they are completely incompetent and under-trained. they have also lied to me to get me off the phone. promising one thing, only to be disappointed.

i have called about this particular issue FOUR (4) times and just checked my account to see that, again, i have been lied to and will have to call AGAIN for the fifth time.

that means my service plan, with all the time added up, should expire 3/4/15. of course, since NO ONE at STRAIGHT TALK has any idea of what they are doing (they barely speak/understand English).

the last four times, i tell them they need to escalate the call to a real manager (they lie and say they are a manager -- dont believe them!). they assure my the dates are changed. i call them liars. again, they assure me. i usually have to submit to their incompetence cause by then i am just so frustrated.

i am done trying to get what i paid for.


Oh never mind I found it. sorry.


Where can you purchase the lte sim card for AT&? I can't find it at nor is it shown on the smarttalk site...


Do NOT order your phone online from Straight Talk. They sent me a defective phone (LG Optimus Ultimate) that would not move beyond "security error" when I tried to turn it on. I wasn't surprised because the phone seemed cheap right out of the box. I was forced to pay for the postage myself to return the phone! So they sent me a defective phone, and because I didn't want it replaced with another piece of crap phone, I got to spend $15 to send it back! Nice customer service!


I switched to straight talk 2 months ago for my wife and son's phones. I purchased new phone from Motorola and switched my wife's phone from AT&T. I purchased the sim cards ahead of time. I activated my son's sim and service was on almost instantly and when I switched my wifes number over from AT&T it took only 15 minutes to switch the number to the straight talk sim after activation. I did every thing online no problems we receive the same quality of service we did from AT&T with half the bill. I was easy and convenient. There is almost no reason to have to call any one. Help online is very clear and using the online services is easy. And when using the AT&T Straight talk sim I did not need to immediately need to unlock my wife's HTC One X it just worked no problem. I think if the only thing I need to sacrifice is doing most of the transactions online for the cheapest unlimited service going I can live with that. I have used online tech support chat and they were fast and helpful.


like most of you, verizon has the best coverage in my area. how can i find a list of verizon compatible phones that i can use on straight talk? the link does not include verizon in their compatibility info. thanks


Nightmare ... auto-refill charge is just crazy ... worst customer service ever. They just don't care about you.


With Straight Talk you have the choice between Verizon, At&t, and T-Mobile networks. Find the one that has the best service in your area, buy a compatible phone for that network, and set it up with Straight Talk. You can find a variety of compatible phones at


Do not use auto-refill - they (Straight Talk) charged my credit card for three service plans @ 45 each when I had two phones. When I quit using one of the phones, they charged me two times for the remaining one phone. I caught this two months into my service, then watched it two more months. They deny all wrongdoing. I now purchase a card at Wal-Mart every month. My bank is no help either - they say I received air time for the charges, but I did not.

Service is ok, it's cheap, the iPhone we bought from them is ok. They are just fraudulent in their business practices. Use at your own risk.


switched from verizon to straight talk a couple of months ago using two existing cell phones, a Samsung Galaxy S (original) and HTC. Both worked fine, great service, no problems, used $45 plan on each, saved $45 over Verizon. Decided to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S III from straight talk and toss the HTC. Samusung S III is a great phone, not a problem with it runs on Sprint towers instead of Verizon. The HTC and Samsung Galaxy S thru Straight Talk ran on Verizon towers. After 18, yes...18 phone calls to customer service (last one today),told me that the Samsung Galaxy S III runs on Sprint, not Verizon as my other phone. Asked if they had a S III that ran on Verizon towers, they said no. I asked if I could return the phone (had it since 12/8/13) they said no, have to buy a different phone that runs on their Verizon network but no refunds for the new phone. FRUSTRATING. Am in 27707 zip, work in 27616. Terrible service with Sprint towers and NO help from Straight Talk


So far I have not been able to port my At&t phone over to Straight Talk. I purchased two minutes cards and two sim cards to switch my phone and my husband's phone. When I attempted to port my phone, the customer service person told me my sim card was not working and they would have to send me another one. When I attempted to activate the second sim card, they told me my minutes card had expired, and now the second sim card won't work either. So far, this seems like a huge ripoff. I have spent $114 on Stright Talk products and am still stuck on expensive At&t service.


If you know who has the better network in your area, att or verizon, buy a phone that uses that network.


I have had their $45 plan for over 2 years. No problem with the plan with ATT phone. But the Nokia phone crashed and memory was full 4-5 times. I use voice, text and get my emails so it never really was full. Customer service never took that long to get to and only once was there a communication problem. Now getting added to a company ATT plan I get different answers from cs all the time. Makes st look good. Add to it the price and it is a winner. I feel I will be back if this gig ends.


All I can say is I had been getting good service and have referred many people to Straight Talk.
The operative word is "had".
Since changing to this new CHINESE phone (ZTE) my signal is non-existent. Now I either have to go back to my old phone or change carriers.
Customer service has always been terrible. Thankfully, I haven't needed to use it much.
To the knuckleheads who think negative posts are a conspiracy by the "big boys", really? All I can say is , WOW.


I have only notified the Better Business Bureau twice in my life. Both times were about StraightTalk's Customer Service. This last time, just this week, I called to change the credit card on file for my auto-refill on my phones. My credit card number was stolen over the Holidays and I had to get a new card. The first Rep I talked with could barely speak English and didn't understand what I was trying to do. After about 10 minutes of him fumbling around, I asked to speak to a Supervisor and he refused. I hung up and called back. I got a different Rep and in 5 minutes he fixed everything... I thought. Two days later, my phone is off. I called again. This time the Rep went through everything again and said it was fixed. I told her that I wanted my minutes back, since something the first rep did closed my account. She said they didn't give minutes. Asked for Supervisor, he said he fixed it. Got up the next morning and both phones are deactivated. Still trying - 4 days later.


Customer service is non-existent. They also charged me for one week of service I never received. Can't resolve the problem because there is no customer service. "Call back in two hours" Quality of voice transmission is poor. As soon as I recuperate cost to buy into this service, I will leave it. Would not recommend this to anyone.


I purchased the Iphone 5s from on 12/15. I was a Verizon contract customer for years and was going to port over the number from Verizon to Straight Talk. I was paying $118 a month with taxes and was simply looking to save money. I activated the phone on 12/18. I had to call customer service and reached a human who spoke english within a minute. He was very helpful. He did everything to get the phone ported over and within 4 hours the phone had been activated. After 3 days, the service is great, the phone, data and texting works fine as far as I could tell. It works as good at my house and my work as my old iphone did on Verizon. So far, i couldnt be more satisfied. I NEVER write reviews for anything and just want people to know of my good experience.


Btw, for the record I was a very long time T-Mobile customer. I was with them since 2003(!) on a 1yr contract(!) via Amazon. Just last year, I jumped ship to Straight Talk using the same T-Mobile network. Granted, customer service is somewhat subpar (I see no huge contrast from T-Mob when I was with them, really), network and data service is more than what I need. I get strong signals where ever I am in Los Angeles.

I was a hold-out of an unlocked Android Gingerbread Acer Liquid MT for so long (had been getting only 3-5Mbps with it). Now with a locked T-Mobile LG G2, it runs superbly and I don't need to purchase a new microSIM. Since for some reason, a new microSIM via would not work on my zip code, I resorted to trimming my old standard SIM card to a microSIM. Never been happier with my Straight Talk service.


"GSM phones have SIM cards and must be unlocked to operate on Straight Talk's compatible frequencies, 850MHz and 1900MHz...."

Not true. I am running a just purchased T-Mobile locked LG G2 D801 and had the APN configured to run on my old SIM card trimmed to microSIM Straight Talk/T-Mobile $45 plan. Everything is running perfect. I am near a T-Mobile tower and get 14-15Mbps 4G LTE easy.


I'm contemplating switching from Verizon's exorbitant fees to this service. Reading the comments, I decided to test ST's customer service response time via the Facebook chat support feature. Either I was miraculously fortunate, or the stories about taking hours to reach a person are wildly overblown - I had a human chatting with me within 5 seconds of submitting a request.

Whether or not they could actually resolve any issue I had, that remains to be seen. They typed in excellent English, comprehended my questions, and were very polite.

Take these reviews with a grain of salt, or better yet give ST a shakedown run like I did. I don't know if the service is great, but I can debunk the responsiveness complaints.


We have been using this company since 2011 with no problems. We have introduced ST to family and friends who have had the same experience. Their customer service is practically non existent. However, their business model is pretty straight forward: cheap service on the big boys' networks. If you have a problem of some sort it's generally during the setup. Once that's resolved you don't need them any more. This is certainly no different than with the major's over the years. If a person uses more data than the "average" person, they will throttle you. If you read the fine print, all the majors will do the same thing via a clause referred to as "best practices" option. In summary, it is awesome to finally have some genuine competition in the cell phone business. It behooves the wise shopper to be aware that the big boys are frightened enough to use any tactic they can to discourage us from switching from their over-priced, extortionary, price gouging schemes. For what it's worth.


Just a word of warning to those who would be hesitant to consider doing business with Straight Talk after reading all the negative "comments" on this thread. Do to the cut-throat, destroy the competition at any cost mentality of big business these days, comments made on these kind of public forums must be taken with a grain of salt. Big companies literally pay firms to monitor the internet and use paid trolls, posing as regular people, to attack the competition. We have found that person-to-person, word-of-mouth evaluations and personal experience about products/companies from people you know, is the best and most reliable source of information.


I recently switched to ST and can't tell the difference from the ATT plan that was costing me almost twice as much. The service so far is flawless. I don't do much high data activity--little video streaming and no tethering--but for average use I have great connectivity and speed.

I'm surprised customer service is the big issue. I called ST a few times when getting set up, always spoke with a live, polite, and competent human, and never experienced wait times. My dealings with them were in late November, so just before this post went up, and maybe they've made some dramatic improvements to CS since the research for this post was done? They could not address my main problem, which was the phone that ATT would not unlock, but they were correct that there was nothing they could do about that.

In my experience, ST is a good bet for the average user. I would only suggest switching when you're ready to get a new phone, because getting ATT to unlock was a joke.


ST works great for me. We have an IPhone and Samsung S3 Mini. Both were on ATT. We then switched to T-Mobile to save money and it didn't work. Then switched to ST and works great. Set up on iphone was a little complicated at first. Very happy with the ST service and the savings.


Past summer upgraded my phone and plan to a Samsung Gallaxy3.Specifically told I would connect through Verizon or AT&T. Horrible coverage, dropped calls, Unable to connect to network area.. Never more then one bar reception. Here and out of state.
Spoke with 4 levels of tech support. Top guy tells me I connect to Sprint (useless where I live)
Today called customer service..Wasted an hour and got # for supervisor.Call supervisor # and was told they could do nothing unless I call from area I have no network error. um ok I need to knock on someone's door and ask a total stranger to make a long distance phone call to customer service to tell them I have no network?This same supervisor also tells me that 2 months after they sold me SG3 they switched to have all connect through Verizon. But, they won't replace my useless $400 phone for exact same phone that connects through Verizon.
Totally lied to, ripped off and looking to file formal complaint somewhere? FCC


Fake 4g LTE on ST
I have super fast 4g LTE phone. Speed test shows 20MB download speed. However, When I go to You Tube and try to play video it take up to a minute just to load and start play the video.( the same is true with other sites with video contents) When the video is played the following happens:
- quality of the video it is poor and grainy.
- Buffering repeatedly.
On WiFi the experience is the exact opposite. It plays super fast and flawlessly.
I cleared the data ( the phone is brand new) in my YT app but no change.
I think that something new is happening here. How is it possible that with 20MB DL speed I cannot ply video.
It is possible that ST found a new way to further confuse and therefor mislead their customers.
If anyone is experiencing the same please post your experience.


Absolutely horrendous customer service. I have been with straight talk for over a year, and typically I don’t have to deal with them directly, but after trying to transfer my number to a new phone I have had nothing but problems. I'm on day five now, and 4 plus hours of customer service phone time, and not only has my number not been activated, they have cut the service to my old phone while they try to fix the problem. STAY AWAY!!! T-Mobile offers the same service for just $5 more a month. Trust me the few bucks savings is not worth it. I'm leaving them straight talk as soon as I'm able to use the phone again.


I have been with Straight Talk for 3 years. It has been a good choice for me. Never had any issues with the service. I had been wanting to upgrade to a smart phone and purchased the Windows 8 phone. I did have to call customer service to activate the phone as I couldn't do it through the website. I had no issues. The cs rep was pleasant and helpful. She said it may take up to 24 hours for the phone to activate, but that I would be able to use my old phone till then. Well, it activated in 10 minutes. The only place that I don't have phone service is at my job, which is fine by me as I am too busy to be using my phone.

Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)

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Swapped the wife's Iphone 4 from AT&T last October at $90/month including taxes, to Straight Talk at


What a crappy company! I tried to buy 4 iPhone's from them on different orders and they black listed me and cancelled the second order. I spent over four hours of my life trying to correct the situation and get my name off the black list, to no avail. They promised to fix the problem and call me back in twenty four hours. Do you think they called? Give yourself a pat on the back if you guessed no. I called to get the particular information on how to return the phones and they said that they would give me two free months of service if I activated the phones today. Are you kidding? No way, no how these phones are going back. I know I will have to eat the $90.00 for the two non refundable service cards but good riddance, a small price to pay to get straight talk out of my life. I hope they go out of business!


Horrible. After doing some research and asking questions at my local Walmart, I decided to port my Boost Mobile phone to Straightalk. What a nightmare. Last Wednesday I tried to activate my service online. I could not do it so I called customer (cough) service. They managed to charge my debit card twice and still could not activate my phone. After three days with no service I was told I could not port my phone. Now I am told that I am screwed out of the $50 plus $16 because I did not read the fine print. I spent almost two hours on the phone just to get the double charge taken care of. And it will be 15 - 30 business days for the refund. Complete and total crap.


It is a joke. A week after getting my phone, the texting stopped working. On the phone with the tech for over an hour, finally got it working again. Three weeks later the same thing happened. The Wal-Mart tech was on the phone with them over an hour but it did no good. I called them, the same thing. They basically said too bad, so sad. I persisted and finally they said they would send me a new phone. But I had to return the old one first. I am a 61-year-old woman living alone and this is my only phone, so NO! I stood firm again and they finally promised to send the new one first. It never arrived. I contacted them and they reneged on their promise. Now I am dealing only with Wal-Mart and plan to report them to the attorney general of their state.


Straight Talk customer service is an absolute nightmare of a joke! One they do not speak English... so good luck getting your point across and let me suggest you NEVER use there automated system for payment. If it's down due to IT issues it will lock the system and your debit or credit card information in the automated system and when it's brought back online.... guess what?! Your card will be charged as many times as you have attempted to pay it. Good luck on getting any refund! I am so disgusted with this company that not only has my bank faxed them information about Straight Talk charging me several times in 1 month, I have also tried their corporate office and am now going to the Better Business Service to make a formal complaint. Go with a different pre-paid service or trust me, you will have the same issues!!!! We are switching 5 phones from this carrier ASAP!!!!!


I was under the impression that a 45.00 card will buy me 30 days of active service. 30 days, what does 30
days mean?? Do you get a full 30 days, meaning 30 (24 hr. periods)?? Or do you get 30 calendar days??

Its 9:30 pm, I need to activate my phone a Samsung S2. I will probably loose 21 hrs of one day. Also there contract states that for unlimited, which I'm ($45.00 unlimited) if I 'REFILL' my card before my time is up, I
forfeit my existing time, really, how can that be?? If I DO NOT refill before my time expires I may loose my phone number. BUT if I give them ST my Visa # I'll be just right. Really read the contract.

I would have agreed to the auto pay with my credit card, I prefer automatic payments. Just don't trust this company, they don't mean what they advertise.


I have had straighttalk for over 3 years and up until this last month or so have absolutely loved my service with them! I mean you cant beat the price right?? I bought an iPhone 4 in Feb of this year and hooked it up to straighttalk with no issues until this last month. (when IOS7 came out) then out of no where i was unable to use my 3g connection anywhere and could only use my aps and internet and lets no forget iMessage unless i had wifi connection. I called straighttalk and they had me update my phone, great! Worked no problem until i went to send a picture to a friend who doesnt have an iPhone! Ive dealt with this problem for a few weeks and I finally got tired of it so i called straighttalk. They told me to read the terms of service, WHAT?? It worked before!! Why is it not working now?? They told me to resolve the issue i need to GOOGLE MY ISSUE! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I, ME, HAS TO GOOGLE THE ISSUE???????? ISNT THAT WHY THEY HAVE TECH SUPPORT????


I have had Straight Talk for over 2 years in Southeast Alabama. I have the same coverage as my friends at less than half the price with a few restrictions(no hotspot). My wife and my phone bill is now less than the single phone I had with Verizon.


I really hoped that this service (straight talk) would work. However, after spending a DAY working on this (mostly on hold and trying to decipher their online system), I gave up. I hope that someday a company like this will get AT&T and Verizon to lower their fees. However, at this point it is not worth the aggravation and poor service.


This is the worst service I've ever had. They're customer service and actual cell phone service is absolutely atrocious. They shut my service off when I tried to port my number out leaving me unable to transfer my number. If you're considering straight talk please save yourself the time and money and look into something else.


Just activated an iPhone4 from WalMart. Phone works as expected, very impressed with the cell/data connection.

HOWEVER, took 3 days to get number transfered ... it was a fiasco. They are located in Asia, but spoke very good English. Each ran me through same steps over and over, each time I was supposedly sent to a higher level of CustServ. I reset phone 6 times and re-setup w/ iTunes, etc. They simply read from a guide, have no idea what is really going on. At one point they had me drive to the cell tower ("seriously, you want me to drive to the cell tower ...") even though had 3 of 5 bars where I was. This was useless.
Bottom line after 5 hrs w/ 6 or 7 CustServ ppl over 3 days was that our number was mixed up with another number and ours (we had for 12 years) was assigned to someone else (we probably had theirs). "Ahh, your cell number is not assigned to your phone correctly ...". "No Sh_t! I've been telling you that for 3 days!" He had it fixed in 5 minutes.

Works great now.


I e got a pantec 8010 that was giving to me, nice phonegot a simms card from straight talk put it in and activated it in 5minutes the pantec went from at&t service to straight talk.service no trouble.the signal and service is outstanding every where ive went.gonna save a lot of money with this simms switch,it was way to easy.had to change the apn setting which was provided by straight talk and bam!! pic mess and everything else worked great. best 6dollars ive ever spent. gonna sell my galaxy s11 phone that has virgin mobile on it for 200.00 has 2 extra capaasity batteries that goes with it, hardly used and with box and case


I've had no problems in the Tampa Bay area using my own ATT GSM LTE phone on Straight Talk. It did NOT have to be unlocked. I use WiFi wherever possible. There are thousands of ATT Hot Spots and open wifi networks here so I've never been throttled. I use my phone for navigation, browsing, Pandora. I don't watch much TV or YouTube. When I started my service they weren't offering LTE sims but I haven't had any issues with ATT's 4G network. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket. Now that they offer LTE service I'll switch to my other phone, the Galaxy S III.

I'm about to switch my husband's Note to Straight Talk.

The only question I have is how do I get the Jelly Bean upgrade? ATT is pushing it out (I can't get it through Kies Air) but IO'm not getting it.


I purchased the activation kit yesterday for $60. I used the BYOP option. I checked beforehand that I could use this phone and it is unlocked. Guess what? I cannot make or receive calls even though I activated the phone and account 24+ hours ago. I emailed and called customer service and was told "wait another 24 hours". Are they stopping the countdown on my 30 days I purchased? Nope. I think I just learned a $60 lesson. Read and trust reviews on these types of things. I will gladly enter into a contract and pay a little more to actually be able to use my phone. Sprint....I'm coming home.


I feel dump to bought the Straight Talk simcard and refill value package almost $60 at Walmart. I asked the customer service would working to my unlock phone. They told me that would work, so I don't need to buy the phone from Straight Talk. After I activated the simcard to put on unlocked GSM phone, it is not working and no signal to show, I have a (I phone 3, Nokia Express, AT&T Samsung unlocked phones). None of phone could detect the signal and I spend an hrs for trouble shooting and still didn't working. They told me go the different area to try. This was a worst tech support in my life. I tried to return at Walmart and they won't refund to me and I contacted the Straight Talk and they won't refund to me either. I would not this company to my friend or family. Yesterday, I bought a T mobile same type and working great


I have straight talk and I am pleased with the service plan with unlimited data, texts and minutes but the customer service is straight from HELL !!!!! Anytime you need help in changing phones or get it disconnected.......they are pretty well worthless. Unbelievably incompetent.............the last 2 times I have had to call for assistance, I spent 3 hours on the So, in summary, its good for saving money but if you need help with technical or other issues.......God help you !!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you don't have to lead with costumer service, you will be happy with the Straight talk service. I just to have ATT service, after switch to straight talk, the signal STILL THE SAME AS ATT. It looks like I never changed service company. The only difference is the price. With Att I just to pay 106.00 monthly, now with Straight talk I pay only $45.00 a month, what a change. !!!


Very Disappointed...I wanted to give Straight Talk(TracFone)a fair shake, the price is reasonable and no contract. Everything was fine until my son's phone stopped working.($200.00 LG Optimus)The journey began with a few calls to a customer service phone number to nowhere.(really) After a few more calls & emails I finally talked to someone, a few transfers later they did agreed the phone was under warranty and would be replaced,(3 months old)and then hung-up twice.(really)This was day one, one week later, more calls and emails. I'm still waiting for mailing info so I can mail phone out. This customer service experience has been nothing short of laughable, a complete spin-cycle routine. Walmart, clearly has not thought out the customer service aspect of Straight Talk or frankly doesn't care. If you bring your own phone to the party you're probably okay. Again, very disappointed, (2) stars is possibly a generous rating.


@Lindsay --Hi, you may want to once again update your reported Straight Talk unlimited data usage threshold. As of somewhere around the beginning of October 2013 (not sure of the exact date), Straight Talk has clarified their data threshold description as in fact being a fixed amount reflecting a soft-cap of 2.5 GB per 30-day cycle.

From their revised clause in the Terms and Conditions:

"...and up to 2.5 GB of high speed data for each 30 day plan cycle. If the 2.5 GB threshold is reached, data speed will be reduced to 2G for the remainder of that plan cycle. High speed data is restored once a new 30 day service plan begins at the end of your last 30 day plan cycle."


@DJghr1 ...I'm thinking that your problem is phone based. I can link and unlink my e-mail notifications by adjusting a few settings. And remember, coverage and lack thereof are also based on the phone you are using as well as the network the phone uses. Straight Talk uses all four of the main carriers depending on the specific device being used. My Straight Talk phone uses the AT&T network. My neighbor down the street has Straight Talk service using Sprint and he is always complaining about a weak signal where I have a strong signal not only at home but anywhere in my town where the guy down the street has spotty coverage in a number of places . Our town does not have strong Sprint coverage but excellent AT&T and Verizon coverage. I do agree with your entertaining description of their customer service reps although the ones I have had contact with have been relatively good even though they were indeed reading from a script at times.


Their phone towers must be far apart, for I can't even get calls in my house and I have to walk outside to even answer the phone, if not the reception's bad from the get-go.
Once you link your phone to your email, you'll be forever reminded of any email you get via text.
I tried to unlink my email to my phone but the reps can't seem to understand English and the Reps can only respond from their pre-rehearsed answers from their trainee Q&A book.
I've tried multiple times via email and customer service, but they do is tell me they'll put me on the "do not call" list and then tell me via email how to change my ringtone!!! It's getting frustrating!
AGAIN: DO NOT LINK YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL TO YOUR CELL PHONE UNLESS YOU PLAN ON CHECKING IT REGULARLY VIA YOUR PHONE...and be prepared to be notified for every single email you get, day or night, with no "unlink" option available.


Here is a WARNING for all Straight Talk customers. If you are purchasing a plan online and receive any type error from the straight talk website, or you briefly loose your internet connection.. DO NOT continue the transaction. Close the browser window and start over from scratch or you WILL be double charged. The worst part is it takes 30 days to receive a refund for their mistake. Why is it "their" mistake you say? It's simple, as a full time programmer i can tell you it is a severe coding mistake that adds the same query twice to the sql database without checking for duplicate attributes. To make matters worse they are VERY aware of this issue, ad have been for several years now with no attempts to correct it. Also, calling customer service will get you no where 95% of the time, as they are unable to handle the volume of calls. The best, and Fastest way to get issues resolved is to use LIVE CHAT via Facebook.


n with straight talk for years no problem I got the android phone and I was on a app utube well the next thing I knew my internt was shut off i called they told me I broke a rule internet is not unlimited you will get speed cut down if your on it to much and if you watch a video you loose your 45 dollar plan and I hate trying to talk to customer service they suck I've had my phone shut off my number changed and when I sent my phone in for repair one time they lost my phone they have cheated me out of a 150 dollar phone to a fifty dollar phone I've loat a lot of days minutes and noneybwith straight talk


I just bought a new LG 236C Cell phone and the $30.00 1000/1000 plan. I have not opened it yet or activated it. While reading the comments I am wondering if I have to have the new phone or can I use my current LG Verizone phone with Straight Talk? I also need to know how to transfer all my phone #'s to the new phone if I am unable to use the LG I already have. Also is it true about losing the use of Verizon towers ? Any information for a first time usedr is greatly appreciated.


the worse customer service ever!!! here i sit another week without a cell phone cause they cant do there jobs right. i haven't had a phone in over a week they were suppost to send me a package to send my broken phone and then send me a replacement phone i have yet to get the package. just the other day i called them to see whats going on and they said we just sent out the package and will take 3-5 business days..remind you all thats just to ship out my piece of crap phone and have to wait longer just for a replacement phone.


I thought Straight Talk was a wonderful service & told everyone until I had to call customer service. What a nightmare! I had enrolled for auto-refill using my credit card account for my niece's straight talk phone. They would send an email to my niece but not one to me. After speaking to 2 different customer reps, a supervisor and a manager, they still refused to send me an email stating that I had elected to un-enroll from the auto refill plan using MY credit card. It's usually standard business procedure to give verification but they said they could not. It was a simple request but they said no and said I was being unreasonable. I don't understand how a business can run this way. I'm suppose to take their word for it? I wished I hadn't bought my sister a phone also (almost got one for myself) and now have to pay for their service. I extremely regret my decision.


Bought the unlimited international and national plan for $60 plus $15 for SIM card and paid for shipping. Was cheated. It doesn't work. Calls are dropped and not able to use the data plan either in unlocked iPhone. Unable to call internationally as well. Had to purchase separate global calling card from them. Took 2 weeks to arrive. Difficult to rech customer service but they did try to help. Definitely a waste of time and money.


Aside from their phones being unable to hold a charge after a short period of time, now my data service as well was suspended and without Warning".
Yes, maybe this is in the fine print, but I paid for this service that should include as stated "Unlimited talk, text, and Data";. IF your going to limit your customers, and shut off their internet completely , don't hide behind the gate like a dog with it's tail between it's legs, show that and make it loud and clear.. This just makes you look like a 'wannabe' phone carrier that will Never live up to the expectations of your competitors. I just recently received an email letting me know that I will be charged for the next month in accordance with my last form of payment; which I never authorized.
Every time I call and actually get to talk to a person, the language barrier is atrocious, and the worst customer service I have experienced in my life;I wouldnt recommend their service to anyone.
@AlleninTennessee I coudn't agree more. unlawful.


The customer service is terrible! A couple of weeks ago my phone just quit working and they wanted me to mail it back to them before sending me a new one. After almost 2 hours on the phone (I used my husband's cell because they would not deal with this via e-mail) they told me to go and purchase a cheap phone until mine could be replaced and they gave me 2 months of free service. Well, today is to be my first day of the new month and they have de-activated my phone due to non-payment. And, again, they do not want to deal with me unless I call them. Unfortunately, it will be mid evening before I have access to another phone. DO NOT GO WITH STRAIGHT TALK! by the way, my original phone was $149 and they replaced it with a refurbished $99 one.


First heard about this through Clark Howard and knew that it was 'legit' if he recommended it. My wife was on Verizon and VERY resistant to changing; was spending about $80 / month. She has been on it now for 3 years and we couldn't be happier. Agreed at the lack of decent customer service, but the only time I had much interaction was when we ported her old number over to ST. A US based person assisted and it went very well. Have been some issues with it not posting 'future credits' (ie. when adding new credits before the time was up and zeroing out the prior balance) but now buy 6 month cards. Highly recommended.


anybody using an unlocked at&t blackberry torch on the straight talk plan. i have read that straight talk doesn't support blackberry, but they are not offering a blackberry curve as one of their 'phones' on the website. would love to not have to buy a new phone right now . . . .


I have an android smartphone from straight talk and it came with very low internal memory because it has so many apps already installed it makes it impossible to send video messages. It does not play videos well because it will stop and load alot while trying to play them . It gets good service with wifi but its not always availible. It also has a tendency to shut down when your on the internet. They're really needs to be a better way to get all the pre installed apps off your phone. Right now you can't even get rid of them


Do any of you have information regarding AT&T and Verizon dropping Straight Talk. I was told today that AT&T and Verizon stopped letting Straight Talk use their towers and that Straight Talk is now using the Boost towers. Please respond with any information or facts. Thank you.


My new Straight Talk Galaxy Centura smartphone was just activated last night. I have no experience with smartphones. I was told today that Straight Talk lost the ability to use the AT&T and Verizon cell towers, and is now connected with Boost mobile. Therefore, if true, their advertising coverage across America is false. Does anyone have any information on this?

Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)

@jarob99 To be fair, that's the day this article was first published.


Isn't it interesting that all the positive comments are posted on March 11th?


Beware! Customer service is terrible. The attendants are polite, but very limited on the help they can offer in a problem situation. Twice I have had a problem they can not help resolve. One attendant even said they have a script to follow and that there were no supervisors or management I could be forwarded to. Yes their price is good compared to the big guys, but that's only good if you don't have a problem. I would caution everyone to think twice.


I m getting pretty frustrated with StraightTalk. I was marketed and sold a plan that claims to be Unlimited. For $45/Month + taxes and fees I was lead to believe that I was purchasing unlimited voice, text and data.

On June 21, 2013 I received an automated call from StraightTalk informing me that I had been categorized as an "excessive user" (I averaged 1.5 gigabytes a month this year) and that my data speeds were being reduced (they meant to say discontinued).
I have reviewed StraightTalk's Terms of Use and although there are statements in section 6 of that document stating that users can be terminated for misuse (it defines misuse) it states no monthly data limit.
And, I have NEVER engaged in any of their prohibited uses described in section 6 of the Terms of Use statement.

I think that this type of misleading advertising should be unlawful.


I now have 9 months of HALF of the service I paid for with a company I no longer wish anything to do with, and cannot afford to purchase a new phone (because ST doesnt allow you to use their phones on another service) along with a subscription with a more reputable company. I have not violated the terms of the agreement, nor used an abnormally high amount of internet on my phone (just over 1GB according to a program I use which monitors that sort of thing). I recieved no warning, and have not once gotten a CS rep to speak to me regarding it. I am joining thousands of others in a class action lawsuit vs. this awful company, and I suggest anyone else ripped off do the same. DO NOT JOIN STRAIGHT TALK! THEY WILL ROB YOU.


ST is lying to you. I live in florida, where the electricity (and inter-webs) goes out VERY frequently, due to inclement weather. I own a Galaxy S2, sold by ST, and was 3 months into a YEAR pre-paid subscription. 3 days into the month, my data was turned off. Not throttled, not slowed down. Turned completely off. When I called to try to fix it, the CS rep (Mark, he said his name was, though in my imagination, 'Mark' MUST have rhymed with Gupta, or an equally Indian name) told me he was transferring me to a higher level of care, at which point I was treated to a 5 minute recording about the trials of high internet usage, and then given the digital equivalent of a middle finger, as there were no options to do anything other than hear the message again.


I use straight talk. Its great ..I can talk to my family all month for $45 and will continue to save money using their service ..Everyone should use it :) lol


I use Straight Talk. Have been a customer since 2009. It works great and I save a ton of money.

The customer service gets bad reviews, but I have actually had good experiences both times I had to call (when I got a new phone).

My big complaint is the no-frills account summaries. You cannot look online to see who you've called (because it is unlimited I guess).


I'm looking forward to trying Straight Talk this fall when I can unlock my iPhone from AT&T and give it to my daughter for college.
It still bothers me though, that phone companies take this kind of attitude: "Two examples of the most common unauthorized uses are tethering the phone to other devices to access the internet or continuous, uninterrupted live video streaming (such as live webcams)."
Considering there's no hard limit on data, I understand the tethering aspect (to a point, but come on, data is data) because they want to limit the amount of data you actually use.
But this idea that live video streaming like live webcams? So I'm not supposed to use facetime, skype, oovoo or any similar way to video chat?
I'd like to get to the point where we could just encrypt all traffic to get as close as possible to the "data is data" model.


I've been using Straight Talk since about 2010. The first I heard of it was from the podcast here. Originally, I had a cheap gophone for service. I have since bought a couple of phones off ebay to use, and now using a Nexus 4. Same ATT network as anyone else. When I test my speeds, it's 3-7 mbs inside, and 5-7 outside. Thank you dealnews for helping me find this.


After I bought a Nexus 4, I recently switched from Verizon to ST with an ATT SIM card. For the first 2 months, everything was fine and dandy, but the past month has been extremely frustrating. About a month ago, ST stopped offering AT&T sim cards, and for the past couple weeks, I have experienced a severe decrease in data speeds. I don't tether, I use


Definitely worth the switch to Straight Talk MVNO $45 Unlim Min/Txt/Data (coming out from 9yrs on T-Mob), though I still use the TMobile network. I get 6-8Mbps regularly where I'm at in Los Angeles. The nearest competition comparable to ST $45 is the $30 T-Mob/Walmart collab Unlim Data/100min prepaid. 100 min usage will be gone in no time for the average user. Go beyond the 100min allotted, you pay 0.40 cents/min additional.If you use only up to 37.5 minutes ($15, difference vs ST) tops, you break even with the ST $45 plan. Go over, well too bad. With the ST plan, no worries, no hassles for me at all. My best $45 well spent!!


Good experience for me in about 3 months of use. Switched from Virgin Mobile. Biggest issue is that sometimes I lose my data connection about once or twice a month. But if I turn off my data connection in the Settings and turn it back on again, then data is fine again. I'm not a heavy data user. Mostly email and occasional web surfing. I'm satisfied with the speed. Streaming seems to be discouraged by Straight Talk. I've got a iPhone 4 running OS 6.1. Some dropped calls, but nothing outrageous. I think it's using the AT&T network here in DC, as the phone was an AT&T iPhone that I unlocked.


Switched from AT&T to ST almost a year ago, once I was out of contract with AT&T, and AT&T unlocked my iPhone 4 with a very courteous phone call. Transferred my phone number with less than half hour delay time. Followed some online procedures to point the phone at ST MVNO, and a long and involved one (editing a lengthy config file via iTunes on the desktop) to set up MMS without having to jailbreak the phone. Problem for me was that once an iOS update from Apple was applied, the MMS went south, and all I could do was SMS texting. Not a huge problem for me, and I have been too lazy to reedit the config file. Quality of service identical to when I was an AT&T customer. Like many users, I use my phone mainly on WiFi, and I don't make huge demands of the MVNO network when I'm away from WiFi. But, whatever the minor issues (like no MMS), its worth it to pay $45 monthly to ST rather than over $80 monthly to AT&T.


I unlocked two iPhone 4's last September, before they offered iPhones with StraightTalk. While the voice service worked fine, it was a nightmare getting the data to work with the unlocked iPhones due to the AT&T phones not having the Cellular Data screen that allowed editing the cellular data settings. ST said the iPhones were not "completely unlocked". AT&T confirmed that they were. We had to go through a service out of New Zealand to get the data settings changed, after which the data only worked intermittently. Data is critical for both my wife and me, so we switched back after a couple of months. I expect the data service works much better with the iPhones bought specifically for ST, but dealing with ST's customer service during that time has kept me from trying them again.


I switched my wife and I over to Straight Talk in November. I got 2 AT&T iphone 4s off of craigslist and had AT&T factory unlock the phones through a simple form on their site. I then purchased a couple of Straight Talk AT&T micro sim cards. I also picked up one of the free T-mobile micro sim cards so that I could do a card swap and manually input the mms settings without having to worry about jailbreaking. We are currently running the latest version of ios have traveled extensively in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan and have had consistently great 4g hspa+ everywhere we have been. We absolutely love Straight Talk.


Two of us switched from Sprint to Straight Talk about nine months ago and are using an iPhone 4s and 3GS purchased used from eBay. Setup was not automatic but not a big deal. Our existing numbers were ported over within an hour. Phone reception is the same as with Sprint, data has not been throttled as far as I know. We're saving about $70 a month for unlimited phone, data & text.
One thing to watch out for -- if your service lapses you lose can your phone number permanently. So we buy refills (from Walmart online which delivers the number by email) in 3 month increments and make sure we renew ahead of time.


I've got an iPhone 3GS on straightalk AT&T sim (t mobile won't service in my area is worthless). I transferred my # from my old straightalk phone with no problems. You have to jailbreak the phone to get MMS and the best you can do for data is a 3G connection but since I don't even have that in my area I don't mind. I haven't upgrade the OS to 6 due to other comments I've read. Everything works great on 5. As said by others, customer service is horrendous due to the language barrier but at least they always respond in a timely manner. For the price, you really can't beat the service.


The set up is pretty painful between customer service and just trying to change the MMS settings, picking the right SIM card, knowing you can and can't buy at walmart. However, once it is set up it has been seamless. The coverage and SIM card was an ATT ST card. I am using a google nexus 4. I realized that I am wifi most of the time so I can't speak to the choking of data, yet. If you are signing up for the first time, you get decent cash back at FW in your buy direct from ST. Overall, better than a 2 year contract plan.


Part II,

I switched from T Mobile to ST, using their T Mobile sim card. From my experience, I can't tell any difference at all with the service compared to when I was with Tmobile on contract. Except my bill is 50% less!!! I've not used customer service so can't comment about that aspect though many complain at ST less than stellar customer service. The bigger issue is finding useful information before you switch, the ST website does not provide useful info in regards to what sim you get, deciding on which to use such as TM or ATT. I finally found a local Walmart that actually sells the sim cards, which is supposedly the only store in the state of GA that actually carries the sim kit. FYI, the retail sim kit contains 3 sim cars. A normal sized T Mobile and ATT sim, plus a Micro Sim ATT card for iPhones. The kit is $59, $15 for the cards and 1 month of $45 service. Activating was simple and painless btw.


It would help if the author provided a bit more information about Straight Talk which in turn would help some users to better understand and comment on the service.

ST (Straight Talk) just simply resells service on all of the big carriers. It is important to understand which carrier you will be using when switching to ST. If you are like me and changed to the service but using your own phone, then it must be a GSM phone and you select which carrier by which SIM card you use, either T Mobile or AT&T. That can make a huge difference depending on where you live. Another important note, if you have a phone such as the Nexus 4 which is a HSPA+ phone, the ST service on Tmobile is faster than the ATT service. To get CDMA service such as Verizon or Sprint, you must buy a ST phone which is on that network. ST offers various plans/sim cards/phones based on region so one might not get the same pricing/options at different locations. Sold by walmart so that comes with issues too


They police 300mb per day limit like nazis and choke your connection to 2g, then you will reach out and quickly discover auto attendant only staff, then you will send and email for help and wait days for a response, then you will have to reply and wait days for resolution. Thats my experience going over 300meg in 24hr period on last day of prepaid plan, well under the 2gig plan ceiling when they advertise unlimited data. However ST is an incredible bargain for 4g services. Beware: if you need your hand held, if you enjoy yelling at cs reps, if you need tech suppport or any general service look elsewhere. Att side mvno has excellent coverage


I switched over a few months ago from T-Mobile. I'm currently using an iPhone 4 and I don't have any complaints. I must say that I mostly use wi-fi and hardly evey actually make phone calls, but no problems with the service yet and internet speeds are just fine for me. I think it's a great plan for my wife and myself.


I have a Samsung 720 smart phone that I purchased at Walmart and use the $45/month plan. I have been more than happy with this arrangement. We live in the North Ga mountains where the Verizon network is the most reliable. My understanding is that Straight Talk also uses this network in this area. My old service here was Verizon, and I cannot tell any difference with the Straight Talk phone. I would recommend it to anyone.


@Beechbum, TracFone might run on Verizon where you live, but TracFone != Verizon everywhere.


More comments! I am looking at changing two lines over to this plan when my contract is up at the end of this month. I am Apple technician now, so I pretty much HAVE to get an iPhone, but I'm not willing to double my monthly from TMO to ATT/Sprint/Verizon. The Straight Talk plan seems like a good deal, and their coverage map seems too good to be true.




Worst customer service in the world (and that is saying a lot in this day and age). The network runs off Verizon and works pretty well. We switched to PagePlus after 6 months and are much happier.