Let's Discuss: Will You Wear Google Glass Glasses?

By , dealnews Media Editor

This week, Google released a new demo video for its futuristic wearable computer, Google Glass. Check it out:

Google Glass will be a pair of glasses that gives your everyday life a heads-up display that is interactive via voice commands. From the video, it looks like this device has the potential to record, share, and enhance all the exciting moments in our lives ... if we ever have exciting moments, that is.

In the past, we've humorously toyed with the idea of whether you actually need the new technology at all, but what we'd like to know, readers, is this: Did the video make you consider wearing computer glasses? Is wearable computing the wave of the future? Or are people just going to start walking into trees? Let us know by sharing your thoughts, below!

Video credit: Google

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. Since he wears glasses anyway, he'd love for them to be Google Glass glasses so that they'd be useful! (Besides granting him the ability to see clearly, of course.) See more of his visionary thoughts on Google+, Twitter, or his blog.

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No way. I thought Google was smart and would learn from 3D TVs.
Sure! But only if they're a decent price.
I have thought about stuff like this for a long while, if only for the photographic possibilities. The other features would just be a novelty for me... I would rather have an electronic eye implant, but this will do for now. 8D
I would give anything to look like Geordi LaForge.

Thank you google for making my dreams possible!!
It is interesting how the viewer is superimposed into another person's viewpoint. I can see some cool artistic stuff coming out of it at the least. As for practical stuff? I suspect it will be like Siri. I would not trust it to always quite work as you would like. I assume they will open source it to let people develop apps that could be used on it. That is where the real magic will probably happen. I personally would love to have something that could project my running pace, time etc. up to where I could easily see it - though I suspect it will be too expensive to use it as a unitasker ;b
We'll all wear them.
Great idea, where can I get a pair.
The video actually gets me excited about the copycat products to come. I have long wanted a HUD, but I am not comfortable with the inevitable coupling between my real life and Google's data collection practices.
The short answer is yes, I want computer glasses. With SVR (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subvocal_recognition). That would be amazing.
Okay, if it works EXACTLY like the video, I'm totally on board with getting a pair.