10 Online Printing Services That Frequently Offer Discounts

Not only is on-demand printing for photos, business cards, and more now a common service, but these sites regularly offer coupons and discounts.
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If you're looking for an online service to handle your printing needs, like business cards, photos, customized photo books, and other gifts, there are options at a variety of price levels that are just a click away.

Still, even the best bargain can be a bit better when you combine it with a sale, coupon, or other deal. We've taken a look at some of our favorite online printing services and the deals they typically offer.

So if you're in the market for printing services, take a look at what's available, and consider whether it's worth your while to wait until the next printing deal or photo deal comes along.


What It Offers: Business cards, posters, stationery, marketing material, clothing, and more.

While Vistaprint may be best known for its excellent deals on business cards, it's a one-stop shop for small businesses in need of custom printing. However, don't let its business focus deter you from using it for your own projects, where low prices (especially if you need items in quantity) can make Vistaprint a particularly appealing option.

Deals: Discounts are most common on business cards, where you'll almost always find the offer of 100 business cards for free (aside from the cost of shipping and handling). The service also has sales about once a month with discounts ranging from 30% to 50% on all or select items. Click here to see the latest Vistaprint coupons.

Overnight Prints

What It Offers: Business cards, posters, marketing material, and more.

Another business-focused service, Overnight Prints has a wide array of offerings and shouldn't be ignored, even if business cards aren't exactly what you're shopping for. And, as the name implies, Overnight Prints offers quick delivery (if you're willing to pay for it).

Deals: Deal-hunters will also be pleased to find that the service has excellent coupons and sales for those willing to wait, offering up to 75% off select products. Click here to see the latest Overnight Prints coupons.


What It Offers: Photo books, cards, stationery, prints, calendars, mugs, and more.

Shutterfly makes it simple for you to turn your digital photos into prints, photo books, calendars, or other personalized keepsakes.

Deals: The company often offers discounts or freebies for creating an account (currently 50 free 4x6 prints), but if you keep your eyes open you'll frequently find more deals. The most common offerings are freebies on specific products, from photo mugs to calendars (you'll only have to pay shipping and handling). Small coupons, offering between $10 and $25 off, pop up about once a month. Larger sales, with up to 40% off, come around a couple of times a year. Check out our Shutterfly coupons page for current offers.


What It Offers: Photo books, cards, prints, mugs, and more.

Much like Shutterfly, this HP-owned printing service is an easy way to turn your digital photos into a wide range of customized keepsakes.

Deals: The site's most common deals are on 4x6 prints, where you can often get 100 photos at a price ranging from free to $1 (plus shipping). Small coupons (in the $15 range) and sitewide discounts (from 35% to 65%) can be found less frequently, but look for them to pop up several times a year. Check out our Snapfish coupons page for current offers.


What It Offers: Photo books, cards, prints, calendars, and more.

Though perhaps better known as a camera store, AdoramaPix also offers high-quality prints and photo books.

Deals: Discounts available vary, but you'll regularly find offers up to 25% off, either on specific items or sitewide.


What It Offers: Photo books, cards, prints, calendars, and more.

A digital version of old-school photo processing company Miller's Professional Imaging, Mpix has a wide range of high quality offerings.

Deals: Small discounts are common on the site, with deals that offer a flat percentage (up to 10%) off certain products or deals that offer a fixed amount off when you spend a certain amount ($5 off a $50 purchase, $15 off a $100 purchase, etc).


What It Offers: Photo books, cards, prints, mugs, and more.

Though you might not think of Walmart when you're looking for online printing services, its offerings are in line with others in this category. Plus many products can be picked up at your local Walmart store on the same day (or even within an hour), making it an ideal choice for last minute printing.

Deals: Printing-specific deals aren't common, but you'll find free print offers several times a year, with 25 4x6 photo prints available for just the cost of shipping. Check Walmart's special offers for current deals.


What It Offers: Photo books, cards, prints, calendars, and more.

Again, you're likely to think of Walgreens as a more traditional photo shop, the company also offers online printing services — and like Walmart, you can pick up certain items in-store on the same day (or within an hour).

Deals: Walgreens' deals can vary, with free products like digital prints, photo books, or calendars being the most common. However, for those looking for more discounts, larger sales come around a couple of times a year with discounts ranging from 40% to 75% off select items (with photo books being both the most common and most highly discounted). Check Walgreens' deals page for the latest offers.

Costco Photo Center

What It Offers: Prints, cards, calendars, and more.

Costco members may prefer Costco's offerings in this field over Walmart or Walgreens. Like the competition, the advantage is that you can order online and pick up your prints in-store on the same day.

Deals: Discounts here are less common, but keep an eye on Costco's monthly coupons (and online only coupons) for deals.


What It Offers: Deals on a wide range of products.

Though you can't know what you'll find on Groupon day to day, it's worth checking out if you're looking for printing bargains because there are plenty on offer.

Deals: While this may not be the best place to go if you have a specific company in mind that you'd like to order from, it's worth checking because of the variety of offers available, one of which might be exactly what you're looking for. These are some of the best deals you're likely to find, with up to 85% off.

For anyone who doesn't need their printing projects finished immediately (it's not too early to start shopping for Christmas cards or photo books), keeping an eye on these sites and waiting for the right sale to come along can net big savings. Patience is a virtue — especially in deal hunting.

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I agree with luvsdeals. Great article and great information. I have used Vistaprint and have been OK with their service most of the time. However I feel their customer service is less than acceptable now (overseas call center) and their quality has degraded. Now that I'm aware of other choices I will try their competitors. Thanks DealNews for another great article!!
Thanks! Great round-up and information!