What to Expect From Presidents' Day Sales in 2021

Shop for deeply discounted clothing, electronics, and mattresses during the long holiday weekend.
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Presidents' Day is a great excuse for a long and relaxing weekend, but it's also an excellent time to take advantage of terrific holiday sales — many of which are now underway! These events boast deals on everything from electronics to mattresses.

This year Presidents' Day is even better, as it falls on the day after Valentine's Day. Thanks to Presidents' Day weekend sales, we could see extra savings on lingering Valentine's items.

Ready to shop? Check out our guide below to Presidents' Day sales in 2021, including when they started and the kinds of savings to watch for.

When Is Presidents' Day 2021?

This year, Presidents' Day falls on Monday, February 15. The holiday happens annually on the third Monday of February. With any luck, you'll be able to combine Presidents' Day deals with day-after discounts to get even cheaper Valentine's Day candy.

When Do Presidents' Day Sales Start?

In 2020, Presidents' Day was on February 17, but we saw sales as early as February 3. The first 2021 Presidents' Day sales we saw also started a couple of weeks before the holiday, on February 1. However, the bulk of the sales we see should occur around this long holiday weekend.

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Also remember that these sales can go by any number of names that don't include the word "president." Watch for some of them to be called "end of season" or "winter clearance" sales. Really, though, does it matter? A rose by any other name and all that. It's the savings that we're hunting.

Can You Shop Valentine's Day Sales at the Same Time?

Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day are always pretty close to each other, but in 2021 they're on consecutive days. There's bound to be some overlap in sales, but we expect most Valentine's Day deals to end by February 14, while Presidents' Day sales will stretch through the next day, if not longer.

What to Expect From Presidents' Day Sales


There's no doubt that November and December reign supreme when it comes to finding the best deals on electronics. But Presidents' Day sales are a good opportunity to save on select items, as well, even if the discounts won't be as deep as what we see at the end of the year.

Look for laptops and desktops to be discounted by up to 70% during Presidents' Day sales.

Look for laptops and desktops to be discounted by up to 70% at retailers like Dell Home, Lenovo, and HP. However, these events aren't all about computers. Expect retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Newegg to have bigger sales that encompass even more items. Those sales will probably include TVs, tablets, major appliances, and smartphones, as well as other types of electronic gear.


We expect more than a third of all Presidents' Day sales to feature clothing. Most retailers will be trying to clear out any remaining winter stock, so don't count on new spring apparel being deeply discounted. Watch for savings to range from 20% to 50% off, but some stores will likely knock up to 70% off, and maybe even 75%.

Last year, major stores like Macy's, PUMA, and J.Crew Factory cut up to 75% off during their Presidents' Day sales. Keep an eye out for Eddie Bauer, Cole Haan, and Perry Ellis to boast their own sales taking at least 40% off. Wherever you choose to shop, it should be a good time to stock up on basics, plus cold-weather items for next winter.


If staying home for the majority of 2020 showed you how badly you need a new mattress, the good news is that Presidents' Day is an ideal time to upgrade your bed. While mattress stores have their own holiday events to celebrate, even stores like Walmart get in on the action, with mattress deals sprinkled in among the other discounts.

For instance, last year Walmart cut up to 37% off a variety of mattresses, while Macy's offered 20% to 60% off, and BuyDig had mattresses for as little as $189 during its Presidents' Day sale. Need more options? Be sure to watch for any sales boasting deals on furniture — this is how retailers often categorize mattresses, so there's a good chance if furniture is on sale, beds will be part of it. Home Depot cut up to 40% off furniture and home decor last year, which included select mattresses, as well.

Watch for online mattress stores to offer their own Presidents' Day savings, too. Just know the discount amounts will probably be much smaller.

Home Goods and Furniture

As mentioned above, Presidents' Day sales often include home goods, furniture, and even decor. Expect these events to encompass everything else you'll need for a new bed, from frames to cozy bedding.

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Look for home discounts to reach at least 20% off at stores like Walmart and Target, but there's a chance we'll see deeper discounts, as well. Home Depot took up to 40% off, and Macy's had a wide range of savings — from 20% to 60% off — around Presidents' Day 2020.

Large Appliances

If it's time to upgrade your major appliances, you should be on the lookout for sales on refrigerators, washing machines, and more around Presidents' Day. Historically, we've seen retailers cut up to 40% off select large appliances during the holiday weekend, and we expect this year to be similar.

What Not to Buy on Presidents' Day

Not everything on sale will be worth shopping for Presidents' Day, and you definitely shouldn't buy something just because it's discounted. Check out what to skip below.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Next Year

Yes, it's pretty much guaranteed that Valentine's candy and romantic-themed stuffed animals will be on sale on Presidents' Day. Should you stock up for next year? It depends. We don't recommend buying a discounted box of chocolates to hold onto until 2022, but other specially themed Valentine's Day gifts could be fair game. Flowers are another item to avoid, for obvious reasons.

Don't buy a discounted box of chocolates to keep until 2022, but other Valentine's Day-themed gifts could be fair game.

Just keep your purchases to nonedible, inanimate gifts, and be sure you have a safe place to tuck away the items until next year.

Outdoor Furniture

We'll definitely see furniture on sale during Presidents' Day sales, but odds are it'll mostly be of the indoor variety. Even if some wicker and glass pieces make their way into the sales, the discounts will likely be modest at best. If you can, hold off until late summer, when you'll find much better prices in end-of-season sales.

Readers, what will you be shopping for during Presidents' Day sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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