Best After Christmas Video Games: Assassin's Creed Black Flag for $10, SimCity for Free


This year, one brave gamer attempted to bring Christmas to Skyrim through the magic of mods, with predictably hilarious results. In honor of him, and all creative gamers with a lot of time on their hands this holiday season, we're rounding up the best After Christmas video game deals. Get ready to spend the rest of your vacation with Editors' Choice games on (almost) every platform.

  1. Injustice: Gods Among UsInjustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 4
    Store: Walmart
    Price: $13.75 with in-store pickup
    Lowest By: $6

    Is It Worth It?: With family in town, there's bound to be a few tense conversations. Settle things the gamer way with a head-to-head brawl, acted out with your favorite DC heroes and villains. An Editors' Choice pick, this game is a current low by $6. (Amazon offers it for the same price via Prime.)

  2. Assassin's Creed Black FlagAssassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Downloads for Xbox One
    Store: Newegg
    Price: $9.99
    Lowest By: $15

    Is It Worth It?: This next-gen title's price has dropped $15 in less than a week, which sums up pretty much everything we love about After Christmas sales. This Editors' Choice all-time price low has everything you need to swashbuckle away the days of your winter vacation, so don't forget to memorize your sea shanties!

  3. Darksiders IIDarksiders II Downloads for Nintendo Wii U
    Store: Nintendo
    Price: $7.99
    Lowest By: $14

    Is It Worth It?: Spend your holiday break reaping over-the-top destruction with this title. No worries if you missed the first Darksiders game; according to GameSpot, Darksiders II "isn't so much about plot as it is about place and tone." You'll shell out a measly $8 to hang out with Death on your Wii U, an Editors' Choice savings of $14.

  4. SimCity 2000SimCity 2000: Special Edition Downloads for Windows
    Store: Origin
    Price: Free
    Lowest By: $6

    Is It Worth It?: For those who prefer to spend their vacation hours on creation rather than destruction, there's no beating this deal on SimCity 2000. Will you be a benevolent god, crafting an intricate city that serves all the needs of its citizens? Or will you dash their hopes and dreams at every turn, laughing all the way? Hours of painstaking (yet oddly soothing) tasks await you in this Editors' Choice freebie.

  5. Battlefield 3Battlefield 3 Downloads for Windows
    Store: Origin
    Price: $1
    Lowest By: $15
    Expires: December 27

    Is It Worth It?: War. War never changes. Oops, wrong series! Still, there's something weirdly comforting about playing a shooter. Since the holidays are all about reliving traditions, settle into the familiar embrace of Battlefield 3 for just $1. This Editors' Choice download offers the same good guys vs. bad guys soldier dynamic we've come to expect from all FPS's, but sometimes you just want to spend a few hours making spectacular headshots.

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