When Is the Next Virginia Tax Free Weekend?

Virginia residents can shop the state's tax holiday in early August and pay no sales tax on clothing, footwear, and even Energy Star items. Check out our guide to Virginia's tax free weekend for everything you need to know.

When Is the Next South Carolina Tax Free Weekend?

The Palmetto State's sales tax holiday is a great time to stock up on apparel, school supplies, and bath linens. Read our guide to South Carolina's tax free weekend to find out more details.

When Is the Next Oklahoma Tax Free Weekend?

Oklahoma will have a tax holiday in early August, giving locals the opportunity to buy clothes and footwear without paying sales tax. You can prep for this tax free weekend with our helpful tips.

When Is the Next New Mexico Tax Free Weekend?

Parents, rejoice! New Mexico's tax holiday offers exemptions on lots of back-to-school gear, including laptops, school supplies, and apparel. Learn more about New Mexico's tax free weekend with our handy guide.

When Is the Next Missouri Tax Free Weekend?

Missouri actually has two tax holidays, with one in April and one in August. Check out the details on both in our Missouri tax free weekend guide.

When Is the Next Iowa Tax Free Weekend?

If you're an Iowa resident looking to save money on clothes and footwear, be sure to take advantage of the state's tax holiday in early August. Check out our Iowa tax free weekend guide to know what to expect.

When Is the Next Florida Tax Free Weekend?

Florida has two proposed tax holidays, with one in June and another in August. If made law, they'll be the time to buy disaster prep and back-to-school gear. Read our Florida tax free weekend guide to get the details.

When Is the Next Arkansas Tax Free Weekend?

During Arkansas' tax holiday, you can save on school supplies, art supplies, and instructional materials just in time for the new school year. Check out our Arkansas tax free weekend guide to get the details.

When Is the Next Texas Tax Free Weekend?

Texas has a sales tax holiday in early August, and you can save if you pay attention to the restrictions. See our Texas tax free weekend guide to learn more.

When Is the Next Maryland Tax Free Weekend?

Maryland's sales tax holiday goes beyond a weekend, giving the state's residents a full week of tax free shopping. Find out more about this summer event from our helpful guide.

When Is the Next Connecticut Tax Free Weekend?

Connecticut's sales tax holiday lasts longer than a weekend — it actually goes for a full week! You can make the most of it by checking out our Connecticut tax free shopping guide.

When Is the Next Alabama Tax Free Weekend?

Alabama actually has two tax holidays — one in July and one in February. Check out the details on both in our Alabama tax free weekend guide.

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