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Hoka has running shoes and we've got deals on them.

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Fellow shoe lovers, please gather round the storytelling flames not only to hear tales of legendary footwear but also for some warming heat. More specifically, we'll be diving into the world of men's shoes from the revered and often praised Hoka brand. Do men's Hoka shoes ever go on sale? The answer is of course yes but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet. The deals will come, just below, momentarily. For now, you should know that Hoka men's shoes are celebrated largely for their supreme cushioning and impact absorption. They be stylish pieces of fashionable footwear too though so be not afraid in that regard. Enough preamble though, let us delve into the men's Hoka sales with boundless enthusiasm in an effort to firmly ascertain just what are the best Hoka men's running shoes on sale. To the answers!

What are the best men's Hoka shoes on sale right now?

Hoka Men's Bondi 8 Running Shoes for $131.99 (20% off) at Dick's Sporting Goods

The Hoka Men's Bondi 8 Running Shoes in blue and white.

The Hoka Men's Bondi 8 Running Shoes are available discounted in either Bellwether Blue / Bluing or Orange colors. They have the absolute most maximum of cushioning that Hoka offers as well as a neutral style of support. Sizes 7.5 to 16 are available. In terms of widths, you'll be able to pick from medium/D or wide/2E. The heel to toe drop is 4mm, while the hell offset is 33mm, and the forefoot offset is 29mm. It's worth noting these shoes are a part of the Bondi sub brand, one of Hoka's most popular offerings so if you're looking for Hoka men's Bondi sale options, consider these a great pick.

Hoka Men's Clifton 8 Running Shoes for $111.99 (21% off) at Hoka

Hoka Men's Clifton 8 Running Shoes in a lime green white color.

Rumor has it that folks are often searching for "hoka clifton mens sale" and were they to do just that, they might very well end up on Hoka's very own web page for the Hoka Men's Clifton 8 Running Shoes. The color options are many and numerous, including the likes of Butterfly / Summer Song, Radiant Yellow / Maize, Nimbus Cloud / Blanc De Blanc, and Superfluous Salmon / Terrific Teal. That last color grouping isn't real but I couldn't resist. As a way of apology, I can provide the following factually accurate information. Available sizes range from 7 to 16 in regular and wide widths. It has neutral stability and a balanced cushion profile. The heel to toe drop is a standard 5mm.

Hoka Men's Tecton X Running Shoes for $139.97 (31% off) at Nordstrom Rack

Hoka Men's Tecton X Running Shoes.

Any name featuring the letter X is objectively cool and so, let me present the Hoka Men's Tecton X Running Shoes. Thyme / Fiesta is your only color option here. A regular width is your only option here. But! There are multiple sizes to choose from spanning 7.5 to 11. The stability is neutral, the cushioning is responsive, and the heel-to-toe drop is 5mm.

Hoka Men's Anacapa Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots for $93.97 (50% off) at Dick's Sporting Goods

Hoka Men's Anacapa Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

The Hoka Men's Anacapa Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots represent a different side of Hoka. Most Hoka shoes are in the more traditional sneaker form however these are boots, designed specifically for hiking activities. This might be obvious given the name but as a wise man once said, "fear not, for to state the obvious is to state the essential." Let us also state that these boots come in Real Teel in a limited set of sizes between 8.5 and 14. They have a low-profile cushion bed to keep your foot closer to ground and a natural style of support. The width options are minimal (there are none) but they appear to come in a narrow width that most buyers expect so prepare yourself for that. The midsole drop is 6mm.

Hoka Men's Challenger ATR 6 Trail Running Shoes for $84.97 (40% off) at Nordstrom Rack

Hoka Men's Challenger ATR 6 Trail Running Shoes

Limited sizes abound for the Hoka Men's Challenger ATR 6 Trail Running Shoes. Alas, they are a popular pair but for good cause no doubt. Blue Coral / Evening Primrose is the fabulous style of coloring on offer in a regular width. They appear to run small compared to regular sizing so order 1/2 size up if possible. A removable insole allows for custom orthotics, which is handy.

Hoka Men's Carbon X 3 Performance Running Shoes for $119.99 (40% off) at Hoka

Hoka Men's Carbon X 3 Performance Running Shoes

Not only are these Hoka men's running shoes but they're also performance running shoes. Unlike all those running shoes that don't perform well, these ones will. (Editorial note: a mere jest! The absence of the word "performance" does not suggest a lack of performance.) The Hoka Men's Carbon X 3 Performance Running Shoes have a responsive cushion profile that helps keep your feet closer to the ground for maximal push-off efficiency. The heel-to-toe offset? 5mm. Meanwhile, neutral stability is the stability of choice. 7 to 14 are the size choices while width choice is unchoosable so it's one width for all. Blue Coral / Black, Mountain Spring / Puffin's Bill, Radiant Yellow / Camellia, and Billowing Sail / Evening Primrose are your color options.

Hoka Men's Mach 5 Running Shoes for $111.99 (20% off) at Dick's Sporting Goods

Hoka Men's Mach 5 Running Shoes

"Colorful!" might be the most apt way to describe the visuals of the Hoka Men's Mach 5 Running Shoes. They come in far too many colors to realistically list them all but highlights include Rose / Blue, Amber, Black / Castlerock, Bluegrass, and Ceramic. Sizes between 7 and 14 are present, in widths of medium/D or wide/2E. They have a neutral support with a moderate amount of cushioning. The heel to toe drop measures 5mm, heel stack height 29mm, and forefoot stack height 24mm.

Hoka Men's Rincon 3 Lightweight Running Shoes for $99.99 (20% off) at Hoka

Hoka Men's Rincon 3 Lightweight Running Shoes

Next up in the ongoing adventures of men's Hoka shoes on sale, we the Hoka Men's Rincon 3 Lightweight Running Shoes. Away with pesky heavyweight shoes! Instead, give me a light as a feather running shoe in colors such as Black / Dazzling Blue, Deep Lagoon / Ocean Mist, Illuminating / Radiant Yellow, and many more. Give me a balanced cushion, give me neutral stability, and a 5mm heel-to-toe drop. Finally, give me regular and wide widths in sizes 7 to 16. Give me!

Hoka Men's Arahi 6 Road Running Shoes for $97.83 (30% off) at REI

Hoka Men's Arahi 6 Road Running Shoes

The word "arahi" derives from the Polynesian dictionary meaning to lead. Thus, the Hoka Men's Arahi 6 Road Running Shoes will either be a vessel for you to lead whilst wearing them or perhaps the shoes themselves will lead you. In this instance, they will lead you to savings and the opportunity to wear a pair of road running shoes in either Summer Song / Mountain Spring or Bluesteel / Sunlit Ocean in standard width in sizes between 10 and 14. Maximum cushioning and stability support are also present, as is a 5mm heel-to-toe drop.

Hoka Men's Mafate Speed 2 Sneakers for $99.97 (42% off) at Nordstrom Rack

Hoka Men's Mafate Speed 2 Sneakers

Look, it's another pair of Hoka men's running shoes! This time the Hoka Men's Mafate Speed 2 Sneakers take center stage with limited sizes available in standard (D) width, in the color that shall be known henceforth as Baked Clay / Radiant Yellow. A balanced cushioning profile and neutral stability accompany a 4mm heel-to-toe drop.

Hoka Men's Anacapa 2 Mid GTX Hiking Boots for $135.93 (30% off) at REI

Hoka Men's Anacapa 2 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

Sizes of 8 to 13. Cabernet / Oxford Tan color. Regular width. A big 7mm heel-to-toe drop. Neutral stability. Balance cushioning. These are the crucial pieces of information to know about the Hoka Men's Anacapa 2 Mid GTX Hiking Boots and now, you know.

Hoka Men's Kawana Road Running Shoes for $97.83 (30% off) at REI

Hoka Men's Kawana Road Running Shoes

Black / Lunar Rock, Black / White, Coastal Sky / Bellwether Blue, and Short Bread / Bluing. How dare shoes invoke the name of bread and get me hungry as a result. The sheer audacity of it. In more relevant information however, 8.5 to 13 are the available sizes in regular width with neutral stability along with a moderate cushion. The all important heel-to-toe drop? A standard 5mm.

Hoka Men's Shoes On Sale FAQs

Why Hoka men's shoes?

Perhaps the question should be "why not Hoka men's shoes?" Ok but seriously, they're known far and wide for their excellent cushioning leading to top tier comfort and very importantly, great impact absorption. Take that, troublesome impacts! This is of course great for men engaging in sporting activities or those who are on their feet for long periods of time. You would do well to look out for sales on men's Hoka Bondi shoes in particular thanks to their thick, soft soles.

Hoka cares about getting that perfect fit and thus offers a variety of sizes and widths to ensure this dream becomes a tactile reality. A better fit means a more comfortable fit which in turns minimizes the chances of both discomfort and injury that may occur in the midst of vigorous activity.

Hoka offers shoes designed for specific activities. This approach covers road running, hiking, and the kind of general activities that your all purpose all encompassing sneakers need to be able to cater to. The likes of the Hoka Speedgoat are ideal for trails, while the Hoka Clifton is better suited for road running. All of this is facilitated by fancy schmancy foot tech like Active Foot Frame and Meta-Rocker, which may sound like things I just made up but I assure you that they are not. Rather, they are real, important, and good.

All told, Hoka men's shoes are an ideal choice for a powerful combination of all of the above reasons. Comfort, durability, and a commitment to ideally mold each shoe to its suited purpose make Hoka a distinguished brand choice for the active man who wants a shoe that can rise to the occasion. And! Conveniently in addition, a Hoka men's running shoes sale is a fairly frequent occurrence as we shall discuss shorty.

How to choose running shoes?

Picking the right pair of running shoes involves a few important factors. You'll need to consider where you'll be running and as a result, how much underfoot cushioning is needed. How's your gait? Based on that, consider what type of stability you need because this being accurately aligned with your bodily requirements can make a difference. Lastly, and most blindingly obvious, pick the right size. All is lost if the size is wrong.

How to lace running shoes?

The Runner's Loop and Window Lacing methods are two of the more popular lacing techniques for running shoes. However, since DealNews is not in the business of giving detailed lacing instructions, we would suggest you use your search engine of choice to learn more about them. If, however, you're looking for men's Hoka shoes on sale, you've come to the right place. Or option number three, you click this useful link to learn about lacing running shoes in video form, with zero search engine usage. Neat!

When to replace running shoes?

If your shoes are falling apart, you should replace them. Less obviously, your midsole cushioning may start to really lose its resilience after about 300 to 500 miles of hard hitting hard pavement pounding action. Casual use counts too, so only using your dedicated running shoes for the act of running is advisable to prolong lifespan. You can also rotate between two active pairs of running shoes to make both last longer. Apparently actually removing your shoes properly, that is, untying them and taking each shoe off with hands, helps too. The more you know!

How to clean running shoes?

You'll need a small brush with soft bristles. For the insoles, a mild soap or vinegar/water solution can do the trick. For the outside, a mild soap can also be effective. However, if your shoes have a waterproof membrane do take care to use specialized footwear cleaner. For more information, REI helpfully has a fairly detailed overview of the entire process.

How often do Hoka men's shoes go on sale?

"Men's hoka shoe sale ahoy!" is a regular refrain because men's Hoka running shoes sales happen all the time. Everyday! They are more likely to be on sale around the likes of Black Friday or Prime Day featuring even greater discounts than normal like pretty much anything but you'll still be in luck all year round. It should be noted that Hoka men's trail running shoes and hiking boots are similarly on sale too on a regular basis too.

What did Hoka men's shoes 2023 deals look like?

They looked absolutely marvelous. We saw some shoes for as low as $60 when other stores were changing in the realm of $200. Other deals didn't reach such heights however big prices of lows in the $50 range were still a relatively frequent occurrence. All of which is to say, if you searched for "men's hoka sale" in the year of 2023, chances are you would have ended up with a juicy deal indeed.

What are the Hoka men's shoes 2024 deal predictions?

We here at Castle DealNews have no reason to believe that 2024 won't be another great year for Hoka men's running shoes or indeed Hoka men's walking shoes on sale. Thus, we may rejoice at all the wonderful Hoka men's walking shoes on sale the year will bring. Those who aren't seen to be earnestly rejoicing will be forcibly ejected. Just kidding! Unless…

How do Hoka men's shoes deals compare in-store vs online?

There's really no difference between in-store Hoka men's shoes on sale versus online options in terms of pricing. Online overall is the superior option due to convenience, ease of comparison, and the ability to much more quickly get a bird eye's view of the offerings. However! If you need your shoes stat, in-store might be preferable and of course, if you're unsure about sizing, trying on shoes in person is a must. If these are not concerns, online is king.

What else should I consider when purchasing Hoka men's shoes?

Check out the most popular models and what their unique strengths are. Consider how they fit into your needs. For example, the Hoka Speedgoat is for trail runners. The Hoka Bondi has ample cushioning, while the Hoka Mach 5 is known for being excellently lightweight. They're all good shoes in their own regard but you must align the shoe with the intended use case for the best results. The great news is that all are on sale at various points, whether that be in more commonly seen 20% to 40% off discounts or in stock diminishing clearances offering even greater discounts and perhaps all-time lows.

Make sure to read reviews from other shoesters to get a feel for overall sentiment and fit. It's also helpful to filter by available size so you don't end up stumbling upon an appealing Hoka shoe that isn't actually available in your size. It perhaps goes without saying but ensuring where you purchase has a stress-free return policy is crucial, especially if you buy online and can't sample wearing the shoes beforehand.

Keeping in mind the above tips and tricks as well as acting as a cunning savvy consumer will net you the best deals possible when it comes to men's sales on Hoka shoes. We've listed some highlights above but you can check our continuously updated Hoka section of the site as well our general shoes section for deals on other brands.

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