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Hoka (formerly known as "Hoka One One") makes a range of women's shoes for running, trail running, and lifestyle, with plenty of options for foot sizes, shapes, and running styles. They offer massive cushioning but remain lightweight due to the compound used in the midsole. The Meta-Rocker shape makes for a quick and smooth heel-to-toe transition. Racers will enjoy the carbon plate technology, which gives a bit of an extra push forward. Cross-country styles are particularly well cushioned. Trail running styles include extra grip and traction. Running styles are minimalistic and light, while other models offer compression-molded midsoles and inner heel support for comfort. Stability is enhanced by the Active Foot Frame, which places the foot deep into the midsole, and with the J-Frame, which offers high density foam for support without plastic or posts. 

If you're looking for the most cushioned sole, check out the Bondi 8. The Clifton 9 is the most lightweight and breathable style, which makes it ideal for long distances. The Hoka Zinal 2 is lightweight and has good grip for trails. The Hoka Transport is a lifestyle shoe that features a quick-toggle lace. 

Read on to find the top deals in Hoka One sales offering women's styles and sizes.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods offers a large selection of Hoka Women's running and hiking shoes. Here are three standouts:

Hoka Women's Bondi 8 Running Shoes

Hoka Womens Bondi 8 Running Shoes

Looking for a Hoka Bondi sale style in women's sizes? The Bondi 8 has maximum cushioning and is great for everyday running, walking, and comfort. It has a neutral support profile with its symmetrical cushion bed and no additional prescriptive technologies. It has a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. It's typically available in regular and wide sizes 5 to 12. Several colors are available.

Hoka Women's Mach 5 Running Shoes

Hoka Womens Mach 5 Running Shoes

The Mach 5 is an excellent choice among Hoka on sale women's styles. It features low cushioning, which keeps the foot closer to the ground, allowing for efficient push-off. It offers neutral stability — low cushioning with no additional support. It has a 5mm offset. Typical sizes in regular and wide range from 5 to 11. It's available in several colors, and is best for everyday running and racing.

HOKA Women's Rincon 3 Running Shoes

HOKA Womens Rincon 3 Running Shoes

The Rincon 3 is a Hoka woman's running shoe that provides protective cushioning while maintaining a responsive toe-off. Its support is neutral — symmetrical cushion bed and no extras. It has a 5mm heel-to-toe drop. Typically available in regular width, sizes 5 to 12, sale colors are limited to Camellia / Radiant Yellow. This style is best for everyday running and racing.

Hoka Women's Clifton 8 Running Shoes

Hoka Womens Clifton 8 Running Shoes

Hoka Clifton women's sale styles are currently available at The Clifton 8 is an everyday run / walking shoe that comes in regular sizes 5 to 12, in several colors. It features balanced cushioning that is protective and responsive, neutral support, and a 5mm offset.

Hoka Women's Mach 5 Running Shoes (Wide)

Hoka Womens Mach 5 Running Shoes Wide

This is the wide version of the Mach 5 summarized above.

Hoka Women's Carbon X 3 Road-Running Shoes

Hoka Womens Carbon X 3 Road-Running Shoes

The Carbon X 3 is an everyday run and racing shoe, which has seen some of the lowest prices around on Hoka sale women's styles. It comes in four colors and in regular sizes 5 to 11. Featuring a low-profile cushion bed and neutral stability for efficient push-off with no extras, it has a 5mm offset.

Nordstrom Rack

Hoka Women's Anacapa Breeze Aero Low Breathable Trail Running Shoes

Hoka Womens Anacapa Breeze Aero Low Breathable Trail Running Shoes

The Anacapa Breeze is for hiking. It comes in four colors and regular sizes 5 to 11. Features include balanced cushioning that is both protective and responsive, plus neutral stability with symmetrical cushioning and no extra support. The heel-to-toe ratio is 6mm.

Hoka Women's Tecton X Running Shoes

Hoka Womens Tecton X Running Shoes

The Tecton X is another previous-generation style still available at Nordstrom Rack in their Hoka women's shoe sale. At time of writing, it's available in select regular sizes and in Deep Teal / Water Garden. It's best for trail running and racing, with a 5mm offset, neutral stability, and responsive cushioning.


Hoka Women's HOKA Kaha 2 Low GTX Hiking Shoes

Hoka Womens HOKA Kaha 2 Low GTX Hiking Shoes

The Kaha 2 Low GTX is a hiking shoe. It's available in several colors, including Black / Black at Hoka direct, which is probably the most atypical for Hoka, a brand associated with bright color combinations. (You'll still find reds, blues, and purples, at REI so don't worry if that's your thing.) It comes in regular sizes 5 to 11. This style is all about the cushioning, which is maximum plush. It has neutral support and a 6mm heel-to-toe drop.

Hoka Women's Arahi 6 Road-Running Shoes

Hoka Womens Arahi 6 Road-Running Shoes

The Arahi 6 is an older style for everyday running and walking. Hoka direct now lists the Women's Arahi 7, but there a few Arahi 6 left at REI in select colors and sizes. If you're looking for more support than the other styles we've listed, this one includes the J-Frame technology designed to prevent excessive inward roll, or overpronation. This makes for maximum stability without overcorrecting your gait. The cushioning is balanced, so you get a good amount of softness while maintaining response. It has a 5mm offset.

Hoka Women's Stinson ATR 6 Trail-Running Shoes

Hoka Womens Stinson ATR 6 Trail-Running Shoes

The Stinson ATR 6 is another older style with limited availability at REI. (Hoka now lists the Stinson 7.) This all-terrain running shoe features both maximum cushioning and stability, plus a 5mm heel-to-toe ratio. At time of writing it's available in select sizes at REI, in Castlerock/Cantaloupe or Moroccan Blue/Saffron.

Why Hoka Woman's Shoes?

Hoka's unmatched cushioning makes their shoes a fantastic choice for women who engage in high-impact activities, or who are on their feet all day. They offer a range of sizes and widths for a perfect fit. The range of Hoka shoes cover road and trail running, hiking, or everyday use for work and leisure. 

Hoka's Meta-Rocker technology mimics the natural walking and running gait for efficient movement. The Active Foot Frame makes for a stable and ergonomic design. Breathable materials make for a more comfortable experience. Hoka shoes are made with high-quality materials and robust construction methods, making them able to meet the demands of training, running, and hiking.

How to choose running shoes?

First, you'll want to assess where you will be running, whether on roads, trails, or gravel. Then, consider how much cushioning you need. More cushioning may be comfortable, but it also sacrifices response. Next, determine whether your gait is like that of most runners, which is compatible with neutral support, or if your foot tends to roll and thus requires additional support on the sides. After these steps, all that is left is to determine which size fits best. The shoe should feel comfortable without a break-in period. With these criteria in mind, you can narrow down your choices as you search for Hoka shoes on sale.

How to lace running shoes?

There are three primary ways to lace a running shoe: Runner's Loop, Window Lacing, and Reef Knot. REI gives excellent instructions on how to perform each of those methods.

When to replace running shoes?

Generally speaking, experts agree that running shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles. That's when the midsole cushioning loses resiliency on most shoes. If you start with minimalist shoes, with little cushioning, expect to have to replace them at around 300 miles. Maximum cushioning will get you closer to 500. Remember that wearing shoes casually counts toward the mile total.

How to clean running shoes?

Shoes that are used frequently for running on dirty trails don't necessarily need to be pristine, but dirt and sweat can compromise function. Use a brush with soft bristles, mild soap, or specialized footwear cleaner for Gore-Tex or other waterproof/breathable materials. For the inside, use mild soap, baking soda/water, or 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water solution.

Use a brush on dry, caked-on dirt on the outsoles, then rinse and scrub. Remove the laces to clean uppers, remove the insoles to clean with the solution, then rinse and dry everything in a low-humidity environment. You may want to use a fan and/or use newspaper stuffed inside to absorb moisture.

How often do Hoka Women's Shoes go on sale? 

At Dealnews, we've seen deals on Hoka shoes every month of the year, especially on older styles at major retailers that have newer counterparts available at Hoka direct. The most drastic percent-off discounts have been from October through December.

What did Hoka Women's Shoes 2023 deals look like?

In December 2023, we saw up to 65% of Hoka shoes at Zappos, up to 62% off at Dick's Sporting Goods, and up to 50% off at REI. REI offered the Hoka Women's Carbon X 3 Road-Running Shoes for as low as $60 in October and November 2023. We saw more modest reductions on Hoka women's shoes in Spring of 2023, including 30% at REI in April. Otherwise, we saw reductions of around $30 on styles like the Clifton 8 at various retailers throughout the year. Hoka Clifton women's sale prices seemed to hover around 20% off.

What are the Hoka Women's Shoes 2024 predictions?

At time of writing, we're seeing discounts of around 20% on Hoka Women's shoes at Dick's Sporting Goods, and select styles are up to 50% off at Woot. REI ran discounts of 30% on Hoka shoes in January of 2024. If the 2023 trend continues, expect to see about 20% off at various retailers until late October or early November when the discounts increase to around 50% or more at major retailers for the holiday shopping season.

How do Hoka Women's Shoe deals compare in-store vs online?

Actual sale prices usually don't vary between online and in-store shopping at retailers that offer both. However, online shopping for Hoka women's shoes gives you the advantage of multiple stores, with their various current sales, at your fingertips and in the comfort of your own home or mobile device. Furthermore, you'll have access to online-exclusive sellers like Zappos. You can't beat the wide selection of colors and sizes that appear online, and if you're looking for discontinued styles, you're much more likely to find the one that's right for you online, rather than searching in store for the few options they may or may not have in stock.

What else should I consider when purchasing Hoka women's shoes?

Customers have found that HOKA Clifton and Bondi styles run small, so you may want to purchase a half size up, especially if your foot lands between sizes, or if you wear wide sizes. All other HOKA styles fit true to size, so choose your usual shoe size. (Still consider a half size up if you have wide feet or are between sizes.) Online retailers tend to post this information on product pages, so look out for that as you shop.

Hoka women's shoes offer comfortable and supportive options that perform well for running, walking, and hiking. Their lightweight designs with advanced cushioning and stability technology create superb choices for athletes and casual wearers. Check our Women's Shoes page to stay up-to-date on the latest women's Hoka sale styles.

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