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Military service members may be surprised to find out they can take advantage of military discounts at lululemon — and that they're reusable with every trip.
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Showing appreciation for those in the military is something that many are used to seeing and may even expect in select cases. Plenty of retailers show this appreciation by offering those serving a discount, and in some cases extend the benefits to family members as well. lululemon is one of those companies, and even has one of the best military discounts as far as retailers go. Unlike other stores, lululemon offers a military discount that can be used multiple times, rather than just once. Additionally, it also allows the discount to be used on some sale items.

For more information on military discounts at lululemon and how to use one, keep reading our full guide below. And for more ideas on how to save at lululemon and more, check out the rest of the DealNews blog.

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Does lululemon Offer a Military Discount?

Yes, military discounts at lululemon are available for select shoppers. Once your eligible status is verified, you can enjoy 15% off qualifying purchases.

Who is Eligible For the lululemon Military Discount?

Active military members, as well as spouses and dependents from the same household are eligible to use the lululemon military discount in 2024. Additionally, reservist military members and veterans can also use military discounts at lululemon.

What Products Can the Military Discount Be Used On?

You can use military discounts at lululemon on select products, including:

However, not all products will be eligible for the lululemon military discount in 2024. For instance, the discount isn't applicable on items from the Like New site, nor can it be used on purchases of gift cards (whether physical or egift cards). You also can't use the discount in combination with other promotions, or for gifting or resale. The discount also won't apply to purchases made in combination with gift cards, or with buy now, pay later programs such as Klarna, Afterpay, or PayPal for online purchases.

What Are the Steps to Becoming Eligible for the lululemon Military Discount?

It should be a relatively simple process to be approved for using military discounts at lululemon, but you should know that the process can take some time. Give yourself a little padding before you need to make your purchase to ensure your verification goes through.

How Do I Get Verified?

To begin the process for receiving your lululemon military discount, head to this page and click "Get Verified". You'll be prompted to sign into your lululemon account and then from there you'll be able to follow prompts to submit your information to SheerID in order to be verified. It can go quickly, and if it does, you should receive an email from SheerID in just a few minutes acknowledging that you've been successfully verified as a military member. However, if you aren't verified right away, you may need to offer additional information to help the process along.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Service branch
  • Current military affiliation
  • Discharge date if you're no longer active duty

Are lululemon Military Discounts Available Both Online and In-Store?

Once you're verified to use military discounts at lululemon, you can indeed shop both online and in-store to receive 15% off your eligible purchases. If you're shopping online, you just need to sign into the lululemon site with the same account you used with SheerID. Then, once you're ready to check out, just make sure the box for 15% off is toggled at checkout. The discount should apply automatically.

If you're shopping in-store, you'll need to be verified online first. After that, you can shop in-person at your favorite lululemon location, and you'll just need to politely ask a lululemon educator to apply your 15% off discount when checking out. Note that you'll need a valid ID as proof for your military discount to be applied in person, as well.

Are Military Discounts Stackable?

No, military discounts are not stackable. It can't be combined with other discounts and if you're shopping online, you also can't use it with gift cards or buy now, pay later options. However, if you're shopping in-store, you can apply your lululemon military discount even if you're using gift cards to pay for your purchase as long as the items qualify for the savings.

What Are My Payment Options?

If you're shopping online, the payment options you can use with the lululemon military discount in 2024 are somewhat limited. Credit cards and Apple Pay are both accepted methods of payment if you want to take advantage of military discounts at lululemon online. And if you want to use a gift card, those can only be used to pay for purchases using the military discount when shopping in-store.

Does My Discount Ever Expire?

Since you can use your discount for eligible purchases every time you shop, you don't have to worry about your lululemon military discount ever expiring. The only thing to be mindful of is ensuring that your verification through SheerID remains up-to-date so that you can shop when you're ready and don't have to be concerned with prolonging the process. As of this writing though, once you're verified, you can use the lululemon military discount in 2024 as much as you want. Do beware that this is subject to change, though, and lululemon can adjust the policy at any time.

As the use of the military discount is dependent on verification with SheerID, it's important to note that once verified, you should remain so for four years. After that, lululemon requests that you renew your verification.

Can This Be Used in an Outlet Store?

Given that the lululemon military discount in 2024 can't be combined with other promotions and discounts, there's a good chance that you won't be able to take advantage of the extra savings if you're shopping at a lululemon Outlet. That said, some describe the We Made Too Much section of the lululemon website as basically being their online outlet and in that case, the military discount does apply. It can't hurt to double check, though, so don't be afraid to ask — just be polite about it.

What Is the Return Policy for Military Discount Purchases?

The good news is that almost anything purchased with military discounts at lululemon can be returned like any other item you buy from the brand. The one exception is for the We Made Too Much section; in that case, those sales are all final.

If you have a lululemon purchase you'd like to return, though, you have 30 days from delivery to return it. And if you purchased it in-person, you still have 30 days to return it (or exchange it, if you prefer).

lululemon product display.

What Else Should I Consider When Shopping lululemon Military Discounts?

A woman's military discounts at lululemon is going to be the exact same as the men's military discounts at lululemon. That said, if you're a family member and not the military service member, you'll want to be verified separately. It's also important to note that only spouses and dependents within the same household are eligible for military discounts at lululemon, and the retailer may limit the number of dependents that can be verified with your status.

Tips for Using Military Discounts at lululemon

Have your spouse make the purchase. If you're a spouse of a veteran, you won't receive the same perks and can't verify your own status the way spouses of active duty military can. However, if you're in the same household and sharing finances anyway, it's worth seeing if your spouse feels comfortable placing the order themselves, or even sharing their login information with you so that you can shop under their name.

Shop the We Made Too Much sales regularly. This part of lululemon's site is always available to shop and is updated at least once a week on every Thursday. Since the lululemon military discount can be applied to these items, it's worth prioritizing shopping from this section in an effort to maximize your savings.

Consider applying for the Sweat Collective. This is a membership program that offers perks like up to 25% off (or even more) on select items, special invites, and the chance to offer input to "help shape future gear." The caveat is that you only select people are eligible for this program, including:

  • Group fitness instructors/personal trainers
  • Self-employed personal trainers
  • Studio/gym owners or managers
  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Team staff

In order to apply for this program, you can go to this page to get the process started. Be prepared to submit information like your role and the company you work for, as well as uploading specific documents as proof of your eligibility. Once you're approved, you can shop in-store, online, or via the app. Unlike the military discount, these savings aren't eligible on other discounts, so you won't be able to save extra on things like We Made Too Much. Additionally, it can't be stacked with promotional events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, or Warehouse Sales. This program is also eligible only for purchases you make for yourself and#8212; it can't be used on items for gifting or for reselling.

If you're shopping online, you can redeem your discount by toggling the appropriate box during the checkout process. And if you're shopping in-store, you'll need to let an educator know you're a member of the Sweat Collective. They'll be able to apply your 25% off discount for you, but be prepared to show valid ID in order to redeem it.

Check into repairs. lululemon will often provide free hemming and repairs in certain cases, so before you opt to buy another of something because your product is well-worn, ask about having it repaired or hemmed to extend its use.

What Other Discounts Does lululemon Offer?

lululemon First Responder Discount

The retailer also offers a lululemon first responder discount in the amount of 15% off. This group includes firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue, and EMTs, as well as nurses and doctors. You'll need to get your verification in the same way by going through SheerID, and once your status is confirmed, you'll be able to redeem your lululemon first responder discount either online or in-store. If you want to use the lululemon first responder discounts online in 2024, you'll need to follow the same steps as those using a military discount. That means you'll need to sign into your lululemon account that uses the same information you used to get verified with SheerID; from there, you should see a box for 15% off during checkout that you can toggle for the savings. If you're shopping in-store, you'll need to ask an educator to apply the discount for you and have a valid ID on you to prove your status as well.

When getting verified through SheerID, you'll need to provide your:

  • Full name
  • Current place of employment
  • Relevant position that qualifies you for the discount

Once you provide those details (and further proof if necessary) you should be verified relatively quickly. And then you'll be ready to shop whichever way you choose.

lululemon Student Discount

Shoppers searching for a lululemon student discount may or may not have some luck. Officially, they don't seem to offer extra savings to students, but UNiDAYS notes a 10% off discount online and in-store. You'll have to verify your status through the program, and it likely won't be a constant fixture, so if you want to try to take advantage, it's best to do so sooner rather than later.

lululemon Senior Citizen Discount

If you're hoping for a lululemon senior citizen discount, unfortunately you're out of luck. The brand doesn't offer any kind of senior discount on its goods. However, that doesn't mean it'll always be the case. Be sure to check regularly and don't be afraid to (politely) ask if they've started offering a discount or plan to for senior customers.

lululemon Employee Discount

Of course lululemon employees qualify for an employee discount. Reports vary as to what the amount is, but some have said full-time employees get 60% off while part-time employees receive 40% off. And if an item is on sale, such as part of the We Made Too Much line, employee discounts can reportedly be as high as 75% off.

lululemon gear doesn't come cheap, but its quality speaks for itself. With proper care, these items can last for years and thanks to its Quality Promise, replacements for items that are defective can be easy to obtain. If you enjoy wearing lululemon clothing, utilizing things like these discounts ensure you can enjoy those higher quality garments while spending less overall.

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