5 Deals You Need to Know Today: Leap into an Extra 50% off at Converse


We live in the year of the leap and Converse has marked this by offering us all an extra 50% off. Check out this offer and more in our roundup of the five best deals we found over the last 24 hours.

Top Shoe Deal
Converse Leap Day SaleConverse Leap Day Sale
Store: Converse
Discount: Extra 50% off via "LEAPDAY"
Shipping: Free shipping
Expiration: February 29

In the spirit of this being a daily roundup, Converse has arrived with a daily deal. Never mind the fact that it actually started yesterday, thus immediately ruining the premise. Such dissenting opinions will not be tolerated here. Rather, let us focus on the fact that the extra 50% off Converse is offering for the February 29th leap day ends when the day does and so you are now subject to resisting FOMO, ticking timers, and worrying that such a sale might never return again. It's the video game battle pass of sales and just like the most insidious of battle passes, you must buy heaps of stuff you don't actually want before getting to the good stuff. Those pictured Converse Men's / Women's Chuck High Top Shoes for $45 after code "LEAPDAY"? Gotta buy 16 other pairs of shoes first. Of course this isn't actually the case but after this imagined diabolical scenario, I worry I've given a gaggle of terrible suits their next worst idea. I'm sorry.

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Top Clothing & Accessories Deal
Under Armour Clothing Bundle DealUnder Armour Clothing Bundle Deal
Store: Under Armour
Price: $3 for $30
Shipping: Free shipping via "FS24"
Expiration: March 4

The Great Trio deal at Under Armor states that adding three eligible items to your cart drops the price of each one to $10. This is in addition to coupon code "FS24" yielding free shipping so it's safe to say that there's much to celebrate here. Speaking of trios, I'd like to highlight this scene from 1993's Heroic Trio, starring Michelle Yeoh, among others. It features bikes, trains, and dynamite acting in ways that could be charitably described as "somewhat unrealistic." The rest of the movie doesn't quite live up to this scene but I don't regret watching it so this is not another Ambulance situation. Damn you Michael Bay. Damn you on this day.

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Top Toys & Hobbies Deal
FAO Schwarz Marble Speedway Gravity Race Build SetFAO Schwarz Marble Speedway Gravity Race Build Set
Store: eBay
Price: $23.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $16

Remember that time during the pandemic when everyone fell deep into watching marble racing on YouTube? That was just me? Oh. I see. Well, the kids pictured along with the FAO Schwarz Marble Speedway Gravity Race Build Set are having a great time so it must be fun. Arguably buying this for $24 when Target is charging $40 is funner while being able to buy two for $36 as a result of eBay BOGO madness is the funnest. Funner and funnest really sound like words we think exist but don't actually in an official capacity but no - they're as real as you and I. Quick, onwards before someone starts quoting Descartes and the fundaments of reality are questioned. We can't be having that kind of radical free thought here.

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Top Home Furniture Deal
Amazon Basics 4-Shelf Adjustable Storage Shelving UnitAmazon Basics 4-Shelf Adjustable Storage Shelving Unit
Store: Amazon
Price: $37.20
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $12

Before you scoff and turn your nose up at what is admittedly a fairly basic shelving unit, firstly how dare you. And secondly, shelving units are the backbone of any good household. You try going without a good solid shelving set in your abode and see how long you make it. No no, there's no rush. I'll wait. While you experience hell, the rest of us shelf believers can enjoy this Amazon Basics 4-Shelf Adjustable Storage Shelving Unit for $37, which is $12 off and easily the best price we've seen it for so far. It measures 23.2"L x 13.2"W x 48"H, has shelves that adjust in 1" increments, and a 200-lb. per shelf weight capacity.

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Top Computers Deal
Dell Refurb Store 38-Hour Leap Year Flash SaleDell Refurb Store 38-Hour Leap Year Flash Sale
Store: Dell Refurbished Store
Discount: Extra 38% off via "DELL38FLASH"
Shipping: Free shipping
Expiration: February 29

At Dell Refurbished, a sale is on for the year of the leap
At Dell Refurbished, code "DELL38FLASH" for an extra 38% off you shall reap
At Dell Refurbished, desktops, laptops, and monitors savings I do peep
At Dell Refurbished, in Jeff Minter's Space Giraffe can be heard the "baaing" of sheep

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Sheep may have also infiltrated the below survey.

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