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The Color Mixture in an M&Ms Bag Is a Precise Science, and Other Candy Facts

Here are dealnews, we of course like good prices, but we also love everyday data that sheds light on what Americans like to indulge in. As we come closer to the spookiest of holidays, here's a look at the real sweetness behind Halloween candy. So, double bag those pillowcases for the customary Halloween candy binge and take a moment to review the facts and figures behind the hidden world of candy.

Rumor Roundup: Non-Stop iPad mini!

On October 23rd, it's expected that Apple will finally announce an iPad mini. We thought we would take this occasion to share with you all the rumors - past and present - that we could find and remember that relate to this long-time-coming device. So, c'mon in to this week's Rumor Roundup! It's Apple-tastic!

Analyzing the 2012 Black Friday Ads: Harbor Freight Tools Offers Decent Deals

As the Black Friday season ramps up, dealnews will be analyzing every Black Friday ad we come across, separating the bad deals from the good, and in the process letting you know which sales are worth your time. Today, we cross-examine the 2012 Harbor Freight Tools Black Friday ad. And as it turns out, there are many notable items, including a slew of products that are less than last Black Friday.

Mexico's Riviera Maya: Fly South for Sun in Cancun and Playa del Carmen

The undeniable nip in the air this morning triggered a warning in our minds: Winter is coming. So we took refuge in researching sunny vacations, and up popped Mexico. Besides the pictures of pristine white beaches and palm trees, our interest was piqued when we learned that Mexico's climate stays above 75°F year-round. And thanks to the price tag provided by these deals, we won't have to sell any more of our children to get there.

Toys "R" Us Announces the Must-Have Toys of the 2012 Holiday Season

If our Black Friday Predictions toy piece didn't already get your heart racing about the upcoming shopping season, then this should: Toys "R" Us just released its list of the most anticipated toys for the holidays. (And yes, it is only October.) If you have a kid in your life, you better familiarize yourself with this selection of playthings. To make it a tad easier, we've cherry-picked our favorite five toys.

Aloha, Deals! Your Hawaiian Dream Vacation Awaits

Home to storybook waterfalls, sputtering active volcanoes, vibrant vegetation, and some of the most coveted surf spots in the world, Hawaii has 'ideal destination' written on every islands' sands – or at least it does in our minds. With our latest deals to this most northern set of Polynesian islands, the worn-out budget vacay-hunter in you can find peace. After checking out our Hawaii vacation deals, you may find yourself saying aloha to warmer temperatures sooner than you expected.

dealnews Black Friday Predictions 2012: Blu-ray Players, Movies, and Roku

Every year, Blu-ray players become more and more affordable. This year, we predict that a model with streaming capabilities will drop to a mere $39. But what about all the entertainment you'll want to play on this new device? Blu-ray disc movies will drop to just $4 a piece, while summer blockbuster titles could see discounts of up to 72% off.

dealnews Black Friday Predictions 2012: Apparel, Flash Sale Sites, and more

While many apparel retailers will likely offer their best coupon of the year, the news might not be as good for luxury retailers and flash sale sites. Last year, both Groupon and Living Social disappointed us with their Black Friday-branded sales, and we predict that it will be more of the same this year. And although both Saks and Neiman Marcus joined in on the Black Friday fun last year, it looks like they might pull back from sales once again in 2012.

dealnews Black Friday Predictions 2012: Gaming and Toys

Black Friday doesn't have to be as serious as its name implies. After all, we typically see some very good toy deals during the shopping holiday. While we're predicting that the two major video game consoles won't see new all-time low prices this year, shoppers can still score a solid deal on a special holiday video game bundle marked 30% to 40% off. Popular, recently-released video game titles for as low as $15, too, should make any weary deal seeker feel like a giddy kid again.

dealnews Back Friday Predictions 2012: Travel Deals

While traveling on Black Friday (or any time during the holidays) will likely require paying top dollar, you can at least book future plans — perhaps a vacation for 2013, to relax after the shopping frenzy — around Black Friday weekend. There are plenty of ways to use the holiday sales to your advantage, and we've listed tips and advice about what you can expect from travel sales during Black Friday 2012.

dealnews Black Friday Predictions 2012: Tablets and eBook Readers

The tablet landscape has certainly changed in 2012, as more brands and models have entered the sub-$200 price range. That said, this Black Friday, we predict that the new iPad and iPad 2 will see better price cuts than the slates from Amazon, Google, and Barnes & Noble. But what about Samsung models, or eBook readers? Check out our entire Black Friday tablet predictions for more details.

dealnews Black Friday Predictions 2012: Apple Store Sale, iPad & iPhone Deals

While Apple's Black Friday sale always generates lots of buzz, speculation, and media interest, we are anticipating this year's holiday sale to be a lot like years' past. We are, however, wagering some bets on discounts on a variety of Apple products from resellers — some offering sales of up to 25% off. And for those with the new iPad or an iPhone 5 on their wishlist, we expect to see some of the lowest prices on these Apple products this Black Friday, too.

dealnews Black Friday Predictions 2012: Laptop Deals

In order for shoppers to know exactly what prices to expect for laptops this Black Friday, we poured over our archive of deals to understand past trends. As it turns out, Black Friday 2012 may push prices on even the most expensive of laptop models to about $500. As for budget laptops, prices could drop to around $180 — but not much lower. For all the details on laptops, from desktop replacements to ultra-popular ultraportables, be sure to read through and bookmark our entire Black Friday 2012 Predictions feature.

dealnews Black Friday Predictions 2012: HDTVs Deals

No device embodies Black Friday quite like the HDTV. From the leaked ads to the doorbuster sales, HDTV deals can be found everywhere during Black Friday week — making it truly a prime time to purchase a new set.

And this Black Friday we anticipate HDTV prices to drop even lower than last year, with some smaller sized-sets sinking to a mere $159. But on the whole, we predict a sizing-up trend for entry-level HDTVs from 42" to 46" and 47" HDTVs. Want to know what's up with 55" HDTVs, 3D technology, and plasma models? Be sure to read through and bookmark our entire Black Friday 2012 Predictions feature.

DealNews Black Friday Predictions for 2012

The best way to make the most of Black Friday savings is to be prepared. So we're kicking off the holidays early at dealnews with our fifth annual Black Friday deal predictions, compiled by our expert staff. If you're wondering how low big-screen HDTVs can go, how much you'll have to spend on a decent laptop, or whether you'll actually see a discount on an iPad, then you've come to the right place. We also have predictions for smartphones, eBook readers, toys, game systems, apparel, and even travel.

What to Expect from 4G LTE Coverage

As more and more 4G LTE smartphones hit the market, we have begun to see marked improvements in coverage for the fourth generation (aka 4G) of mobile technology and data networks. But the quality of a 4G connection depends on the smartphone, carrier, and location — making it important to look at exactly what 4G can do for you.