Video Review: Does Cheap Ghost Hunting Equipment Really Work?


Who says you need to spend a lot to get the same kind of results as "real" ghost hunters? In this video, we tested out some inexpensive equipment that's purported to find lurking, ghostly spirits. Here's what you need in your ghost hunting kit:

Ambient Thermometer
The only requirements for this item is that it must be instant-read and it should re-sample the temperature at short intervals. We tested the Extech 44550 Pocket Humidity / Temperature Pen ($27.47 with free shipping, a low by $3), and it seemed to work just fine, retaking the room's temperature every five seconds. So unless ghosts are running by you, it should catch their temperature fluxuations.

Honestly, any flashlight will do — as long as it gives off light. (What does one call a flashlight that doesn't give off light? "Broken," probably.)

Voice Recorder
There are all kinds of pocket recorders that use tiny tapes and digital storage, but the best way to try and catch an EVP (Electonic Voice Phenomenon) on the cheap is to use your smartphone. Both iTunes and Android marketplaces have several free apps that let you record voice; just do a quick search and dozens will turn up. For this video, we used the PCM Recorder app for Android. It worked quite well, actually. Maybe too well, since now we're recording everything like we were Nixon in '71.

In fact, during our investigation we caught an EVP with it:

EMF Meter
The cheapest Electromagnetic Field Meter we could find was the E.L.F. Zone Gaussmeter ($14.75 with free shipping via Prime, a low by $7). With only three lights, it's a simpler version of a Gaussmeter, but it'll still let you know when you're near a "ghost" (or an unshielded electromagnetic source pretending to be a ghost).

With this equipment, we can almost guarantee you'll catch as many real ghosts as those guys on TV do! And if you really want to hone your paranormal detection skills, you can get certified as a professional exorciser via the Oklahoma-based American Association of Exorcists. For more tips on how to get in to the ghost-hunting game, check out Bundle's article on the The Economics of Ghost Hunting.

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He'll be stubbornly skeptical until the day he becomes a ghost ... and haunts YOU! Read his spirit-writings on Google+, Twitter or on his blog.

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What?!? You missed the most obvious, and possibly the best--the "Ghost Radar Legacy" app for Android!  I'm *pretty* sure that everything it picks up is real, and even if not, it's pretty creepy late and night in a dark basement.  Of course, it will also sense ghosts in bright daylight at the busiest intersection in town, but who's to say they're not really there?  Best part?  Free!