Rumor Roundup: Non-Stop iPad mini!

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Since Apple has cordially invited everyone out to a little get together October 23 that we're all sure is going to be the iPad mini announcement, we decided to mix things up here in the Rumor Roundup. This week's cavalcade of Internet rumors is an artisanal blend of new and historic "news" stories about the iPad mini. They've each been lovingly hand-cut-and-pasted for your enjoyment:

The New Rumors
  • Will the iPad mini Be Available in a Rainbow of Colors?
    Apple is so sensitive to color and design, that it wants to ensure that future eWaste dumps have a splash of color in them. Beige is boring! [PadGadget]

  • Apple to Unveil New Mac minis at the iPad Event?
    This stems from the fact that the invites said, "We've got a little more to show you." Get it? Little? Mini?! Mac mini?! No rumors, yet, about a special guest appearance by Hervé Villechaize (though that might be because he is dead). [CNET]

  • Apple to Unveil a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display at the iPad Event?
    This stems from the fact that the invites said, "We've got a little more to show you." Get it? Little? A 13" laptop is little! No rumors, yet, about a special guest appearance by Verne Troyer (though that might be because his career is dead). [Ars Technica]

  • iPad mini Will Have a 4:3 Aspect Ratio, Not Offer Retina Displays?
    This is Apple's way of ensuring that there will, immediately following the iPad mini's announcement, be rumors about the iPad mini 2 having both of those things. Clever. [ubergizmo]

The "Vintage" Rumors

  • Apple to Sell the iPad Mini with 8GB of Storage for $200?
    With the size and price the same, how is this different from an entry-level iPod? Well, it has a larger screen with a better resolution, of course! And we all know that Apple is totally in the business of their products not filling a specialized, non-competing niche with one another. Unless they drop the iPod line all together, this makes no sense. [CNET]

  • iPad Mini Will Be Built in Brazil?
    This rumor is nuts! (Brazil? Nuts? Brazil Nuts? Sam Lowry? ... ?) [MacRumors]

  • The iPad Mini Will Have a Thinner Bezel?
    You know that someone out there is already making an appointment to have their thumb bones shaved down, so that they can hold the new device without their big ole digits getting in the way of the screen. [Apple Insider]

  • The iPad mini Will Be WiFi Only?
    That's ok though, right? Because you have a full-size iPad and an iPhone for on-the-go internetting. The iPad mini is a niche product, aimed at stay-at-home tablet-users. Like blogger-moms. Not targeted: Moses (the first mobile tablet user, amiright?!) [L.A. Times]

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1 comment
If Apple is smart, the mini will have the capability of syncing with another iPad.  If someone could slip their iPad mini in their pocket and pick up where they left off with their full size iPad, then there would be a reason for someone to own both.  Imagine, a new product the iPutzes would have to buy, but without releasing their old ones onto the secondary market.