Why Buy the iPod touch When You Can Have an iPad for $30 More?

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In case you missed it, Apple just announced an iPad mini. This new, 0.68-lb. device features a 7.9" 1024x768 display, Apple A5 dual-core processor, FaceTime 720p HD front-side camera, 5-megapixel iSight camera, Lightning connector, and 10-hour battery life, and both WiFi and 4G LTE models are available. From an iPad standpoint, the mini marks an evolution for the product line, being both cheaper and smaller than any other iPad.

But let's not forget that the tablet-like iPod touch, which is even cheaper and smaller, underwent its own transformation just last month. The entire fleet of iPods received a facelift and a refresh, and the iPod touch's storage was bumped to a minimum of 32GB; its starting price, too, rose to $299. Compare these numbers to the smallest iPad — the 16GB iPad mini for $329 — and now we wonder, why would anyone buy an iPod touch at all?

The two main arguments for the touch is that it has more storage and is more portable. And that's about it. But once you consider the availability of the iCloud (a place where all your music, movies, and files are stored), on-board storage begins to lose its necessity as a media-player feature.

As for portability, sure, the iPad mini is bigger, but that only means it won't fit into as many pockets as the iPod touch does. But if you'd just stop wearing such tight jeans, you should be fine! OK, maybe not. But it should fit comfortably wherever you might store a paperback book at least. Another note on its size: you might look a little awkward trying to take pictures with the 8" tablet, but we've seen people shamelessly use a full-size iPad to take photos at many a concert. An iPad mini will be a tad clunkier than an iPod touch, but acceptable.

When all is said and done, the biggest difference we can think of between the iPad mini and the iPod touch that might sway consumers one way or another: the iPod touch is available in multiple colors, whereas the iPad mini comes in just Black or White. And some people simply must match their device to their shoes.

What do you guys think? Go for the bigger screen, or save yourself $30? Or are you just going to buy both, so you don't have to think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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The ipod touch still has it's place. I use it as a internet radio.  It also fits in your shirt pocket. You can't really do that with an ipad mini.  Sure you could get a jacket that has a big enough pocket for the ipad mini  but it still does not fit in your shirt pocket.  Apple will have a tough time selling the mini if Google comes out with a 99 dollar nexus 7. 
What about playback time per charge?  Retina vs non-?  Of course, that's only for now.  Who knows?  In another 6 months, Apple may as with the new iPad "refresh" the iPad mini with such an upgrade.  And yes, I was another of those who were disappointed that the pricing wasn't a bit more aggressive.  Even though only $30 less, $299 for the base mini would have been a large psychological difference.  And possibly required the iPod price to dip, if only slightly.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
I can confirm that it was indeed meant to be a joke. 
Brian Moon (DealNews)
 You clearly don't listen to the dealnews Podcast. If anything, Jeff is eagerly awaiting the comeback of the Zune. As for the last comment, I think that was a joke.
For that matter, why have an iPhone when you can just use Skype to make calls on your iPad Mini?

With wifi-only devices such as the iPod Touch and comparably priced iPads,
the cloud is pretty much useless when you're on the move. If I was forced to choose between my iPad and Touch, I probably would give up the iPad. My 4th gen Touch has been a faithful companion on many 14-hour flights to Korea, week long stays in the hinterlands of Asia, and on walks and bike rides in my Virginia neighborhood. I'd imagine that those who would opt for a Touch over a Mini would be doing so not to save $30 but because the Touch meets their specific needs for portability and convenience.
Well I won't be concerned with either  I refuse to buy Apple products because of their built in commitment to them.  Nice products but they remind me of Sony in their heyday.  If you had a Sony you had to use Sony related equipment.  A friend of mine gave me his Classic iPod and I have been blocked from using it on my computer because it is not the original down-loader so I have been forced to use freeware to delete files.  Adding files is next to impossible. 

The mini and the touch will find and keep their own niche.  Like I said, "nice products" but darn ease up a bit on second party users.  .
 Jeff, your article is so biased toward the mini, as a journalist you should be more objective.  You fail to mention how awkward it would be to carry around the mini while working out or jogging.  The mini being "a tad clunkier" is not acceptable in this case.  We already know which one you're going for, so try not to let your article influence the readers.  And lastly "And some people simply must match their device to their shoes."  Really?
The iPad mini is still too pricey for me, but my wife wanted it as soon as she saw it on the news. I'm still debating between the Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire for myself, and waiting to see if the $99 Nexus is for real. But I can play with both anyway.