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Blog Archives for 2011

How to Select a Great Home Theater for Any Budget, Big or Small

With the right TV, Blu-ray player, and speakers, your living room can rival any movie theater. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to cost you a small fortune. Below we've put together a quick and dirty primer to help you pick the right components for your in-home cineplex.

Next-Gen Android Battle: Motorola DROID RAZR vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

It's been a busy week for Android. Not only did Motorola inject Google's operating system into its now-resurrected RAZR line, but Samsung also unveiled it's long-awaited Galaxy Nexus — the first phone to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich. But which of these two giants is the real über Android phone? We compared them to find out.

The Pitfalls to Online Shopping

Ever taken an order all the way through checkout, only to discover that the coupon code you have has expired? Ever wondered why the site doesn't just allow you to check the code at the beginning, before you spend precious time entering credit card and shipping information? Ever made the face to the left while shopping online?

We feel your pain. dealnews editors shop a lot, so we've made this list of the most common pitfalls we see on retail sites today.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 181: I'm Not Allowed To Love You

The dealnews Podcast announces that the pallindromic Episode 181 is ready to be heard by YOU! This week, our panel gets an iPhone 4S hands on, asks, "What up?" with the Blackberry outages, worries about Hulu's future, and more.

Are We in Store for the Best Black Friday Since 2008?

At dealnews, every day is like Black Friday — but the Black Friday only happens once a year. And luckily for our deal-savvy readers, this year's sales are going to be sweet! (See: the cookie to the left.) The economic and retail signs in 2011 are indicating that this could be one of the strongest Black Fridays in several years.

How to Turn Your Plain Pumpkin into a Spooky Jack O'Lantern

The harvest moon is nigh, and the day when our streets will be taken over by zombies, vampires, and ghouls rapidly approaches. Get in the spirit of spooky with a quintessential Halloween decoration: the hand-carved pumpkin. Here are some not-to-miss tips and tools to help bring your orange creature to life.

From Laptop Desks to Computer Chairs, Home Office Savings Are Everywhere

Think about it: Most of us spend more time at our jobs than with our families or friends. But that doesn't mean work should equal drudgery, or that our office spaces should reflect a no-frills utility. dealnews found these five home office furniture bargains that will show your team how deal hunting is done.

Last Year's Toys "R" Us Fab 15 List Demonstrates the Best Time to Buy Toys

Toys "R" Us recently released its Fabulous 15 list of the hottest toys for the holiday season, and as we approach Black Friday — the biggest shopping event of the year — you may think it's the ideal time to score the best deal possible on these items (while also getting your shopping done early). But slow down! We tracked the deals on last year's Fabulous 15 to see when the toys hit their lowest prices of the season, and you may do well to sit tight for awhile.

Rumor Roundup: Jordan Back on the Air? Smaller iPad? DROID Razr?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing about the iPhone "5"? The future of Apple, Facebook, and Amazon? No? Well neither are we! That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

Lace Up for the Hunt: Deals and Buying Advice for Hunting Boots

When pumpkins appear on front stoops and the trees turn into a blaze of color, the season is near for a tradition hearkening back to the dawn of man: the hunt. The whole experience, however, can be ruined by making a poor choice on footwear. Who wants to stalk game on sore feet? We've got tips for selecting the proper hunting boots as well as coupons and deals to fit your budget.

Why Buy $1,000 Laptops? Details on Premium Specs & Black Friday Price Info

With so many inexpensive laptop deals published everyday on dealnews, a reader may be flummoxed as to why anyone should spend $1,000 or more on a notebook. We've created a guide to the premium features that make up that price tag, with reasons for why they might be right for you. And what's more, with Black Friday fast approaching, that high-end laptop might be more affordable than you think.

Study Shows that Groupon and Living Social Deals Feature Inflated Discounts

Sometimes, the daily deals offered by Groupon and Living Social seem like a regular feast of too-good-to-be-true discounts. And according to a recent study regarding service deals, in many cases they might be. If the value of a daily deal is not as great as what's advertised, would you still be interested in buying it?

How to Polish a Pair of Men's Dress Shoes

Polishing a pair of leather shoes isn't just for cowboys and military men. Anyone with a decent pair of dress shoes should add the practice to his repertoire, and we've got the tips and product deals you need to become a regular shiner. With some proper TLC, the dress shoes you get via dealnews will not only be a bargain, but they'll last you for years to come.

iPad, uPad ... We All Save Like iMad: 5 iPad Accessory Deals

Fire up those touchscreens, dealnews readers, and get ready to snag some accessories for your iPad. We've got five great deals for your tablet that range from cases to charging docks. (You get imaginary bonus points if you actually buy these iPad accessories on your iPad.)

Will the BlackBerry Service Outages Further Spoil RIM for Customers?

BlackBerry outages spread to U.S. shores yesterday, and experts have expressed concern that the interrupted service may be the final straw for wavering customers. We revisit our dealnews data that proves waning interest in the device, and we ask: would you, at this point, buy a BlackBerry?

The 13 Top-Rated HDTVs of 2011 Have Dropped 37% in Price Since Their Debut

If you're the type of person who refuses to settle for less than the best when shopping for electronics, then off-brand HDTVs just won't cut it. But that doesn't mean you can't get a deal! Fortunately, we compiled information on the best HDTV models of the past year, with data on what discounted prices you can expect to see.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 180: Too Soon

The dealnews Podcast announces that Episode 180 is ready to be heard by YOU! This week, our panelists eulogize Steve Jobs, offer tips on (finally) buying a smartphone, advise your Kindle purchase, discuss the short-lived Qwikster, get angry at debit card fees, and more.

Yes, We Camcorder: 5 Bargains for Making Video Magic

Happily, camcorders today are light years ahead of those bulky devices from decades past. And instead of heavy machines that require advanced weight training classes to carry, we've rounded up a handful of sleek, lightweight camcorder models to capture your everyday moments at the drop of a hat. (Just remember, the little red light is on for savings.)

Netflix Puts the Kibosh on Qwikster, Goes Back to Original Plan No One Liked

Netflix announced today that it no longer plans to split its DVD and streaming services into two separate sites. The company hopes the decision will please its numerous jilted users, but does the news fill you with joy? Take our poll!

Save $500 on Heating Costs This Winter with These 8 Green Tips

There's no stopping the cold of winter, but there are many things we can do to ready our homes for the brutal weather. Green Dad gives us eight eco-friendly tips and nifty products to save you as much as $500 in heating costs this year — which means they're well worth their weight in energy savings.

How to Survive the Pumpkin-O'Calypse of 2011

Pumpkin prices have skyrocketed this year, as crops have been destroyed by bad weather. What is the Halloween hopeful to do if he or she needs a Jack O'Lantern and can't find a gourd for a reasonable price? Our latest feature gives you several creative solutions to this pumpkin-y problem.

Cancun Vacations for All Budgets: Visit Coral Reefs & Shop Till You Drop

Known for its white sand beaches, bright blue waters, and near-perfect weather, the Cancun and Riviera Maya region is the choice for thousands of vacationers year-round. If you're a first-timer or even a seasoned traveler looking for that once-a-year visit, we've found several budget-friendly travel packages and hotels to get you to this hot spot.

The Joy of Receiving: 5 Deals on Home Theater Receivers and Media Players

Pump up your living room entertainment experience with a deal on a home theater receiver or media player from the likes of Yamaha, Sony, Boxee Box, and more.

Rumor Roundup: iPhone 4S for Sprint is a Gamble? Xbox in the Cloud?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing about the iPhone 5? The future of Apple, Facebook, and Amazon? Well neither are we! That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

Battle Between iPhone 4S Service Providers: Which Offers the Best Data Plan?

For the first time ever, three mobile carriers will offer Apple's newest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, when it debuts on October 14. But while the phone may be the same across all carriers, the plans are not. We stacked them side-by-side to find out which carrier offers the best iPhone data plan.

Back to the Future: 5 Convenient Auto Upgrades

Got a new set of wheels and want to add on some bells and whistles to make it a tech nerd's dream? We've got deals on convenience gadgets — like GPS tracking setups and remote start systems — that will help turn your ride into a car of the future, today!

dealnews Podcast - Episode 179: iPhone 4S

The dealnews Podcast announces that Episode 179 is ready to be heard by all! This week, our panelists talk all about the recent Apple announcement of the iPhone 4S.

Channel Your Inner Child with these 5 Tech Toys

This week, we've got gizmos that will boost your electronic embrace of fun. From bomb clocks to spy pens, these contraptions will bring out the kid in even the most mature of our readers.

Smartphone Battle: Apple iPhone 4 vs. Apple iPhone 4S

Apple's next-generation iPhone is officially here. Sporting an upgraded dual-core processor and a suite of fancy new features, the new wonder phone is due to hit shelves October 14. But with no mention of an iPhone 5, is the iPhone 4S worth the upgrade? Let's take a look and find out.

Autumn Auto Time: Deals to Prepare Your Car for Winter

The weather may be pleasant today, but looming all too soon are snow, sleet, ice, and the general deep freeze of winter. A little bit of advance planning will help you avoid massive inconveniences down the line. So, check out these car winterizing deals, and don't get left out in the cold.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in October

October is here, and in between sipping pumpkin-flavored drinks and carefully planning the perfect costume for an upcoming Halloween party, you'll be doing a bit of shopping. So we've mined our extensive deal archives to guide your purchases. This month we've got the scoop on Halloween items, denim and lingerie, HDTVs, laptops, and more!

Rumor Roundup: New NOOKcolor? Facebook Fees? Curved iPhone?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing about the iPhone 5? The future of Apple, Facebook, and Amazon? Well neither are we! That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

Refurbished FAQ: Sound Strategies for Buying Refurbished Goods

Every day, the dealnews editors uncover myriad refurbished deals that offer great savings when compared to buying new. But perhaps you're one of the numerous shoppers who is fearful of the word "refurb." Our Green Dad columnist, a big supporter of reconditioned goods, gives us the low-down on what consumers should look for when shopping for refurbs.

Savings in a Flash: 5 Digital Camera Deals That'll Make You Smile

Step into the frame, give us your best bargain-snagging smile, and check out these camera deals we've lined up for you. Because if you think about it, getting a fabulous price on camera equipment should be as simple as point and shoot.

Tablet Face-Off: Amazon Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad 2

Following months of speculation, Amazon finally launched its Kindle Fire this morning. While it offers intriguing features and access to aggressively-priced content via Amazon stores, it also boasts modest specifications. So how does it compare to the king of all tablets, Apple's iPad?

Wheeling and Dealing: Brake for Bicycle Deals

The weather's changing. Leaves are falling. And so are the prices on bikes. As we get set to say goodbye to September, let's say hello to five bike bargains from this week that should put your deal-hunting skills into high gear.

The Top 10 Most Deal-Friendly Online Retailers of 2011

In terms of sales over the past year, Walmart ranks supreme. But does that mean it also offers the most enticing deals for online shoppers? We dug into the dealnews archives to see which online stores offered the highest number of deals for the discount-seeking consumer.

DIY RAM Upgrades: Cheaper Than BTO, Less Expensive Than 6 Months Ago

For many tech savvy people, it may seem like a somewhat obvious statement that buying your own RAM and installing it into your desktop or laptop, DIY-style, is cheaper than configuring a new Built-To-Order (BTO) system with the upgraded RAM option. But is it always? To be sure, dealnews did a bit of investigating to see if this hypothesis was correct — and if so, just how much better it might be to go DIY.

Rumor Roundup: Nic Cage Immortal? iPod touch in White?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing about the iPhone 5? The future of Apple, Microsoft, and Nicolas Cage? Well neither are we! That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

Toys "R" Us Announces the Must-Have Toys of the Holiday Season

If our Black Friday Predictions piece didn't already give you heart palpitations about the upcoming shopping season, then this should at least! Toys "R" Us just released its list of the most anticipated toys for the holidays. (And yes, it is still September.) If you have a kid in your life, you better familiarize yourself with this selection of playthings. To make it a tad easier, we've cherry-picked our favorite five.

8 Ways to Cut Paper Use and Save More Than $600 Each Year

Want to keep the forests lush and your wallet plump? Try trading in paper towels for a dishtowel, switching to paperless billing, or investing in a grab-n-go coffee mug. This week Green Dad Lou Carlozo details the best ways to cut paper use in your home and save more than $600 a year.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 178: Jump Shipster

The dealnews Podcast proudly presents Episode 178. This week, our panel rips into discusses Netflix and their latest consumer-hating tactics corporate strategies. Also: Is Blockbuster poised for a comeback? (The answer might surprise you!)

Nab it for the Tablet: Get a Refurb iPad and Bargains on Accessories

Are you an iPad-toting, cash-conscious, and stylish techie? Then these bargain iPad cases, stands, and more will appeal to your sensibilities. Plus, if you don't already have that enviable Apple device, we've got a roundup of discounted refurbished iPads to get you started.

The DealNews Black Friday Predictions for 2011

Although it's still only September, it's already time to start thinking about Black Friday and the holiday season, and the best way to make the most of upcoming deals is to be prepared. So dealnews is kicking off the shopping season early with our fourth annual Black Friday deal predictions. Read on to find what prices you can expect for HDTVs, laptops, Apple products, and more.

Netflix Separates Its Sites for DVDs & Streaming, But Will It Improve Anything?

Last night, Netflix announced it will be splitting its DVD and streaming services even further by creating two separate brands: Netflix and Qwikster. This will supposedly improve both services, but does it change your opinion regarding this summer's controversial price hike? Take our poll to weigh in!

The Kids Are Back at School... Now Green Their Supplies With These 6 Tips

The kids have already started school, and the next major shopping holiday on your radar is, probably, Black Friday. But there's still time to focus on other worthy shopping goals — like rethinking your child's knapsack. Everything a kid touches has a short life span, so it makes sense here, more so than in any other area of your life, to focus on being eco-friendly. Green Dad Lou Carlozo has six tips to bring savings and the environment together under one schoolhouse roof.

Rumor Roundup: iPhone 5 Cases? Facebook Music? Free Amazon eBooks?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing about the iPhone 5? The iPad 3? The future of Google, Hulu, and AOL?! Well neither are we! That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

Travel to the Dominican Republic for Less: From Punta Cana to Santo Domingo

If you like the sound of a Caribbean-style party with historic flare, consider taking a trip to the Dominican Republic. We've rounded up deals for various hotels and activities that will bring the tropical destination within financial reach.

Navigating the Stumbling Blocks to Rebate Redemption

Ever found an item on a merchant website that requires a rebate, then found that same item sold by the same merchant through eBay or Amazon? Sometimes, the latter listing won't include mention of the rebate; does that mean it won't apply? Laura Heller has the skinny on this and other rebate redemption issues.

Give New Life to Old Tech Items

Turning an old muffin tin into an organizer for your button collection is OK, we guess ... but we're geeks. The kind of things we have cluttering up our house are tech gadgets: Monitors, tapes, hard drives, etc. So we started thinking, "How could we put old tech gadgets to new uses?" Then we thought, "Why bother making any of it practical?" The result is our very creative guide to giving new life to old tech items.
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