Rumor Roundup: iPhone 4S for Sprint is a Gamble? Xbox in the Cloud?

By , dealnews Media Editor

Right after an iPhone announcement, there tends to be a "rumor vacuum." So this week, please enjoy a lighter version of our roundup. It's the same great taste, with fewer calories:

  • Sprint goes "all in" on the iPhone?
    Sprint CEO Dan Hesse somehow convinced the board to risk the future of the company on the iPhone. I imagine him, rumpled and disheveled, smoking a cigarette, begging the board, "I just need $20 billion, guys — just $20 billion! Don't worry! I have a system! It's not a gamble, because I have a SYSTEM!" Evidence that, once again, a CEO can do things that would have a regular guy locked up for reason of insanity. [AfterDawn]

  • Microsoft to bring Xbox gaming to the "cloud"?
    Microsoft saw the kind of lag that OnLive was delivering to its customers and said, "We can do that!" [GameRevolution]

  • Kindle Fire pre-sold 250,000 units in first five days?
    Man, Kindle pre-sales are on ... a ROLL! (See, you thought I was going to say "fire," but I didn't.) At this rate, they'll have contributed tons and tons of non-biodegrabable computer parts to our landfills in no time! [DigitalTrends]

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. One day, he hopes to be personally responsible for a couple tons of landfill, himself ... though he's unsure of where he'll put it all. Read more of his garbage on his Twitter or his blog.
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