Rumor Roundup: iPhone 5 Cases? Facebook Music? Free Amazon eBooks?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews Media Editor

When life gives you rumors, make rumorade:

  • Is this what iPhone 5 cases will look like? (see right)
    According to Teens Talk Tech, Apple has once again designed a stunning example of tasteful design and form ... that you'll be able to cover in any 'ole garbage-looking case you want.
  • iPhone 5 will come in White?
    International Business Times says the issues Apple had with this color are a thing of the past, and you won't have to wait up to a year to get one; you can hand your money over on day-dot of the new phone's release. Marvelous.
  • Facebook Music will include "scrobbling"?
    ZDNet has it that the service will be unveiled on September 22 and will include something called "scrobbling" (which just means that every track you listen to will be posted to your Facebook page as an update). "Jeff Somogyi is listening to 'The Power Rangers Theme.'"
  • Facebook IPO will not be delayed, still planned for early 2012?
    Fwew! I think we can all rest easier knowing that those Facebook people are going to become multi-multi-billionaires sooner, rather than later! [ZDNet]
  • Answering the call from certain cell phone numbers will kill you?
    In Nigeria, the rumor is that if you answer a call from caller ID 09141, you will die. Though it sounds far-fetched, it could be 100% true ... if you, say, answer that call when in the middle of a particularly tricky lion-taming session. Best to overreact and throw your cell phone off a cliff right now. [Cellular-News]
  • LinkedIn inking a deal with Facebook?
    As these are the only two places I ever get copious amounts of spam emails from, this will either cause my inbox to explode ... or they'll somehow cancel each other out like a phase-shifted sine wave. (Though I always forget the "Law Of Spam Messages" and if you multiply the factorials, or divide.) [ZDNet]
  • iPhone 5 getting a bigger Home Button?
    Web Pro News thinks so. But why? Well, because it's been such a pain to accurately hit the button as it's currently designed. You know, a single, lone button on the front of the entire phone!
  • Amazon to offer an eBook subscription service?
    Laptop Mag says you'll pay a flat fee (possibly bundled into an Amazon Prime subscription) and have all-you-can-read access to a library of eBooks. As someone who reads up to six books a month, I say ... stop calling me a bookworm.
  • Netflix will lose 1 million subscribers by the end of the month?
    The Chicago Tribune says that Netflix did not anticipate this loss as subscribers flee from the rising costs. And, I mean, how could that have known this was going to happen? It's not like they raised every subscriber's fee by 60% overnight or anything.

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He's raised the cost of reading his thoughts on Twitter or his blog by 60%. Thankfully, he's bad at math (see sin wave joke, above) and didn't realize that free plus 60% still equals free.
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