Rumor Roundup: Nic Cage Immortal? iPod touch in White?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews Media Editor

It's rainin' rumors ... grab your gutter bumbershoots!

  • Is Nicolas Cage an immortal vampire? (see right)
    A photo from the 1870s that is being auctioned on eBay (listing removed) looks suspiciously like the actor. Though, hearing stories about Mr. Cage's rampant spending, I feel it's more likely that he owns a time machine.
  • T-Mobile NOT getting the iPhone this year?
    Wait. Was that seriously even a rumor going around? Huh! I must have missed it because I was paying attention to the more interesting rumor of Sprint getting the iPhone. Well, chin-up, T-Mobile! When the AT&T merger goes through, you'll technically be getting it, right? [WebProNews]
  • In-OS calling in Windows 8?
    iStartedSomething found a tile in the new operating system that makes reference to "missed calls." Well, you don't pay a couple of billion dollars to buy Skype so your OS can't make calls! Heck, if I paid that much for something, I'd sure find a way to get as much use out of it as often as I could! (Also the reason I gave my wife when she asked why I was using her engagement ring as a fishing lure.)
  • iPod touch update coming soon?
    DigitalTrends says that, alongside the iPhone 5 announcement, Apple will also announce that the iPod touch will now feature ... your choice of a Black or White body. And that's it for the updates to that device. Now there's some different thinking from the most revolutionary gadget company of the last 20 years!
  • Microsoft to buy Yahoo! rumor back again?
    Psst! Yahoo!? You know when someone at a party offers you a TicTac, how they're not just being nice, but dropping a subtle hint that your breath stinks? Yeah, these rumors are like that. [dvice]

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. For exactly that common belief, he loves offering people TicTacs, just to make them self-conscious. Read more of his pesky ways on Twitter or his blog.
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