Rumor Roundup: New NOOKcolor? Facebook Fees? Curved iPhone?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews Media Editor

These rumors contain more than 100% of your USDA amount of lies:

  • Barnes & Noble to launch a new NOOKcolor by the end of the year?
    PC Mag says it'll be priced at a reasonable $349 — you know, around the price that all those other Android tablets are not selling for? And also, since this rumor hit the Internets before Amazon announced their $199 color Android tablet, I'd think that the atmosphere in the B&N offices might be best described as "uh-oh," don't you?
  • Facebook to implement membership fees?
    Seems like all the Internet (and NewsFactor) can talk about these days is this wild rumor that Facebook wants to start charging you for the privilege of using it's service. C'mon! Zuckerburg already makes enough money selling your privacy and contact information to advertisers and online gaming companies that he'll never need to charge his users a fee!
  • Facebook to announce its iPad app during the Apple iPhone keynote?
    Finally, I'll be able to overshare my thoughts on a platform that doesn't respect my privacy and overpay for the tablet that allows me to do it! [Mashable]
  • iPhone 6 will have a curved glass screen?
    If there weren't all this hype about curved glass being the next "big thing" that Apple will be bestowing upon us, the unworthy users, wouldn't we all have thought it was an error during production?
    "Hey! Anyone else's new iPhone have a warped screen? DEFECT? Is there going to be a RECALL?!" [WebProNews]
  • Amazon to buy HP's Palm division?
    Remember when that "scurvy spider," Mr. Potter told George Baily, "You're worth more dead than alive," and then the entire movie went on to prove that no man's life is worthless? Well, turns out that does not apply to mobile OSes. Now that it's essentially dead, everyone is rumored to want a piece of its corpse including — as Apple Insider points out — Amazon. (For their new Kindles, nonetheless!)

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