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Head to Head: Lenovo ThinkPad X300 vs. Apple MacBook Air

Apple may have stolen some thunder with today's MacBook and MacBook Pro upgrades, but Lenovo isn't about to let Mac fanboys have all the fun. Today it unleashed the new ThinkPad X300, a 13.3" ultraportable hoping to pull the carpet right from under Apple's smug feet. We compare the two notebooks to see which system offers the best bang for your buck.

Tech Buyer's Guide to Return Policies

No matter how good a deal is, sometimes you've got to return it. However, returning an opened gadget isn't always easy. We've listed return polices for 14 of the top tech stores so you know what to expect when your dream deal goes sour. Who doesn't charge a restocking fee? Who pays for return shipping? Who has the best return policy on the planet? Find out now.

Get the Look: Natalie Portman

Anyone who can make a shaved head look glamorous and chic like Natalie Portman deserves some props. Our selection of clothes and accessories let you emulate her classic, Hepburn-like style.

How to Survive the WGA Strike: dealnews Staff TV DVD Picks

The writer's strike may be ending soon, or it may go on for ages more. Either way, TV kind of ... well, it kind of sucks right now, and won't get better for the next several months. After exhaustive hours of "research" on the couch, we've built a list of our favorite TV shows available on DVD that will sooth your cravings for non-reality programming, including a few we bet you haven't seen. Plus, once the strike ends, these shows will stand above the rest, so they're a good investment regardless of the strike.

Cutting the Chord: Virtual Surround Sound Systems

Want surround sound, but don't have the room for a stack of speakers? These stylish soundbars can pump your living room with the next best thing — virtual surround sound. By bouncing sound beams off your living room walls, these one-box components trick your ears into thinking you have a full 5.1-channel set up. In addition to eliminating the clutter of cables behind your entertainment center, some of them also offer iPod connectivity, integrated DVD players, and satellite radio. Granted, they're more expensive than conventinal low- to mid-range home theater systems, but their clean lines and wide sound spectrum are worth the investment if you don't want to box yourself in a forest of cables and satellites. Click here to see the offerings from Polk, Philips, Samsung, and more.