This Week's Rumor Roundup: WoW, Xbox Live, BioShock, and more

I've had it up to here (Jeff makes an "above-his-head" gesture with his hand) with the many Apple movie rental rumors. So I'm not even going to mention them this week. Oh ...
  • Xbox Live Arcade getting Goldeneye?
    But will they be able to recreate it so exactly that I'll want to play it, for hours on end, and miss my Psych final exam? Yes. Sadly, that is a true story. (And my fondest memory of this game ...)
  • World Of Warcraft coming to consoles?
    WoWers now allowed to "level up" their laziness by being able to recline on a cushy sofa, rather than hunch over a computer desk.
  • BioShock movie?
    Cuz movies based on video games are ALWAYS so good, right? (I'm looking at YOU, Doom.)
    Well, I guess, if they MUST make it, might I suggest Dakota Fanning as a Little Sister (she always creeped me out, anyway, so the movie's job is already 1/2 done if she's hired.)
  • Darth Timberlake (Hayden Christensen) to play Neuromancer?
    In a typical movie-industry math equation: Sub par book + sub par actor = box office gold. Right?
  • Xbox Live patch fixes stability, erases achievements? Crap! Now gamers will have to play their games, again! What kind of cruel trick is THIS, gaming industry?!?!
  • Super Smash Brothers delayed?
    Apparently, the code was stolen by a giant turtle, and the programmers had to follow it through a magical world to save it. And we all know that that takes some time to do ... Then, once the coders got the game back, it turns out they haven't really gotten it all back, and they have to go for 100% completion. (I'm looking at YOU, Mario Galaxy!)
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