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Seven Summer Must-Haves

Not sure what the hottest trends for summer 2008 are? We've picked the top seven items that you've got to have in your wardrobe rotation this season.

Finding the best deals on Carbon Credits for your tech gear

By now, with Green Week almost over, you probably know how much power an incandescent saps over a CFL, and how that affects CO2 emissions. But how much CO2 is released to power your laptop? Or your flat-panel TV? Even when it's "turned off"? In our last segment of a week of Green features, we take a look at the CO2 impact of common tech gear and tell you were to find the best deals on Carbon Credits to offset your CO2 burn.

How dealnews Does Green

With Earth Day upon us, we thought we'd share with you a few of the things that we dealnews-ers do to be "green" throughout the year. Come on in and be inspired by our awesomeness! (Well, our greensomeness, at least.)

Hands-on with Hulu

Back in August, NBC pulled their videos from Apple's iTunes Store. This morning, they're finally showing us why: Hulu, a new video service with free episodes of shows like The Simpsons and Heroes. Is this a great leap forward that may topple YouTube and hurt iTunes? Or is Hulu full of hassles? We jump through the Hulu hoops to find out. Read more ...