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10 Things You Won't Be Able to Get This Christmas

You're running out of time if you want to give the gift of Fenty makeup or an Xbox One X this year!
Online Christmas shopping

If you haven't already started your holiday shopping, you may soon find the hottest holiday gifts out of reach. Every year, last-minute shoppers find empty shelves when hunting for the season's top toys and gadgets — and they either end up paying outrageous prices or buying less exciting alternatives.

Check out our list of products you probably won't find on store shelves come December. If these are your must-have gifts in 2017, be sure to grab them now!

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Rihanna's makeup line made waves for its impressive range of skin tones, including darker shades usually not included in other cosmetics lines. The brand's cachet makes it a great gift (as long as you have a talent for guessing the right shades), but this also means it's already hard to find. Popular shades are already sold out, to say nothing of the limited edition Galaxy holiday line.

If you're not shopping for a specific shade, you can probably wait for a Black Friday sale at Sephora.

If you're not shopping for a specific shade, you can probably wait for a Black Friday sale at Sephora. Otherwise, you should scoop up your preferred shade ASAP. In-demand products (like the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in "Trophy Wife") are better bought now at list price than at a massive eBay markup later.

iPhone X

The iPhone X has been plagued by production problems. The OLED displays for the phones reportedly had a massive 40% defect rate, and manufacturing difficulties held up production of the phone's facial recognition hardware. The Apple rumor mill suggests Apple may only be able to ship 20 million of the top-of-the-line iPhone this year.

That may sound like a lot of iPhones, but it's significantly less than the estimated 78 million iPhone 7 models that Apple sold in the last three months of 2016. Apple planned to have 40 million iPhone X units available this year, and the phone's limited stock means it could be hard to find if you didn't preorder.

Google Pixel 2

Assuming issues like slow charging and display problems don't scare you off from Google's new flagship phone, you should be aware that certain models are already hard to come by. Depending on whether you want a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, how much storage you need, and what color you'd like, your only option to get one may be to join a waiting list. (Hint: models in black are the most widely available.)

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And even if your phone of choice isn't sold out completely, it may take six weeks to ship — which means you don't have much time to order if you want it before the holidays.

Xbox One X

The latest Xbox has only just started shipping, but preorders sold out at Amazon, Target and Walmart long before the console launched. The exclusive Project Scorpio edition — which features a subtle cosmetic nod to the console's original "Project Scorpio" codename — is already long gone (though you can probably still find it on eBay at a vastly inflated price). In fact, Xbox One X preorders sold faster than any Xbox console to date, so it's likely to be in short supply around the holidays.

Xbox One X preorders sold faster than any Xbox console to date, so it's likely to be in short supply around the holidays.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's newest console has been outselling the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. As a result, the Switch has been hard to find all year, going in and out of stock at retailers nationwide.

Though Nintendo has been ramping up production in anticipation of holiday sales, the company won't promise that customers will be able to get one for the holidays. You can find the Nintendo Switch on store shelves now — though you may have to check a few different stores — but we don't know how long that supply will last.

SNES Classic

The SNES Classic is the perfect gift for any 90s kid. For anyone who owned the original, this remake — loaded with 21 games — is something they've been looking forward to for years (or decades). And that makes it hard to find.

As with the Switch, Nintendo is making efforts to ramp up availability for the holidays, with the company claiming production has been "dramatically increased." But considering the availability problems the console has had thus far, we'll believe that when we see it.

Hatchimals Surprise

Hatchimals — adorable, interactive robotic playmates that hatch out of an egg — were the hottest toy of the 2016 holiday season. That popularity led to nationwide Hatchimal shortages, with the toy going for two or three times its retail price on auction sites like eBay.

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This year's Hatchimals Surprise, which have two of the furry creatures in a single egg, may follow a similar pattern. It's possible that any Hatchimal may be scarce this holiday season, but both Target and Walmart have exclusive Hatchimal species, and Walmart's has already gone out of stock once. If Hatchimals are a must-have for your kids this season, act fast — before they're gone completely.


Amazon, Toys"R"Us and Walmart all agree: Fingerlings are going to be one of the hottest toys of the year. These palm-sized robotic monkeys, unicorns, and sloths cling to your fingers and come to life. They have more than 40 different animations that make them very expressive. And with a scant $15 price tag, it's affordable to pick up one in every color... if you can find them.

Fingerlings already selling out at some retailers, and limited edition colors — like the three Glitter Fingerlings that will be available exclusively from Amazon starting November 20 — will be even harder to come by.

LOL Surprise

Like Hatchimals, LOL Surprise's dolls are all about the mystery. Inside each package, you'll find a random doll as well as clothes and accessories. The standard LOL Surprise doll includes "seven layers of surprise" — meaning seven different items — for kids to unwrap, but the holiday hit is sure to be the limited edition Big Surprise.

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This super-sized version of the original has a full 50 layers of surprise... and it's already out of stock at some retailers. Expect supplies of the dolls to sell out fast as the holidays approach.

FurReal Friends

Hasbro offers a number of FurReal Friends robotic pets, but the most impressive is certainly Roarin' Tyler. This $130 plush tiger responds to touch and sound, roaring in response to sounds and playing with his toy when it's offered to him.

With over 100 sound and motion combinations, Tyler is the most lively toy in the FurReal lineup, which also includes cheaper pets with fewer features. Tyler and his companions are still available in stores now, but they're widely predicted to be one of the season's top toys.

Readers, which of these popular gifts are you looking for this holiday season? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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