10 Mondo Cool Gift Ideas for '90s Kids

From iconic comics to Mighty Morphin collectibles, these nostalgia-filled goodies are all that and a bag of chips.

If you're having trouble finding the right gift for the '90s kid on your shopping list, take a chill pill! Here are 10 gift ideas for people who grew up mourning Superman and watching Seinfeld.

Pokemon Cookie Cutter Set

Pokemon Cookie Cutter Set

Price: $12.99

2016 was the year of the Pokemon Go app, and if you still can't understand why people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s would obsess over collecting virtual creatures on their phones, nostalgia played a big part!

See, a big draw of the app is its focus on "first generation" Pokemon, which debuted with the first games back in the late '90s. With nostalgia for those elder statescreatures at an all-time high, we can think of a few people who'd love these first-gen Pokemon cookie cutters. Joining Pikachu are the starter Pokemon from the original games: Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. Gotta bake 'em all!

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Seinfeld Complete Series

Seinfeld: The Complete Series

Price: $69.09

For "a show about nothing," Seinfeld sure had a lot of episodes: Over 170 by our count, spread across 33 discs in this massive set. If we're talking about decade-defining sitcoms, Seinfeld was right up there with Friends in the '90s.

The jokes have aged like a fine wine, and the only thing that feels dated is the cereal in Jerry's kitchen. Sure, Seinfeld is still easy to find on TV, but the idea of having every episode from all nine seasons at your giftee's fingertips makes this an easy sell. Now all they need is the flu and a week off!

Sonic Hat

Sonic the Hedgehog Fleece Hat

Price: $12.99

Sonic the Hedgehog is still popular today, but let's not forget that his first game was released in early 1990s. The hip hedgehog who ran like a roller coaster was almost wholly responsible for that decade's lean on loud, Xtreme, IN YOUR FACE marketing.

A fleece hat is practical enough for the chillier months, but make no mistake, you want this cap because it'll make your gift recipient look like everyone's favorite chili dog-eating speed machine.


"The 1990s" Puzzle

Price: $17.99

We know that a '90s-themed jigsaw puzzle may sound a little too on-the-nose, but this one looks really good. Collecting the most memorable people, characters, and moments from the decade, the puzzle is a berserk montage where ex-presidents mingle alongside Teletubbies, and where Kurt Cobain is introduced to a Tamagotchi. Come on, that's great.

The 1000-piece puzzle measures 24x30", and is presumably suitable for framing.

Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack 3-Pack

Price: $7.99

Hacky Sacks were introduced in the 1970s, sure, but they found a second life in the 1990s, when grade school kids from every clique kicked the footbags on a daily basis.

(That was the game, if you'll recall. Keep kicking a Hacky Sack back and forth, until one of the players either "kicks air" or "shoots the ball" too far. It was like playing a miniature version of tennis, but with your feet.)

If the person on your shopping list was in school (particularly high school) during the mid-to-late '90s, we can all but guarantee that he or she will recognize these Hacky Sacks immediately, and then force you to play exactly two seconds later.

Green Ranger Figure

Funko POP! Green Ranger Figure

Price: $7.44

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series debuted in 1993 and was at least as popular as anything else from the '90s, owing to its bold mix of teenage superheroes, giant monsters and Rita Repulsa.

The franchise has been reinvented umpteen times and is still a major commodity today, but we can't look at the Green Ranger without remembering the golden years. (The Green Ranger was introduced in that historic five-parter where he was a bad guy with glowing eyes. Back in the mid '90s, that miniseries was the tween's version of Dallas or Dynasty.)

Superman Omnibus

The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

Price: $78.02

Even if you didn't collect comic books at the time, The Death of Superman — a DC Comics storyline that began in 1992 — was too much of a pop culture event to go unnoticed. (Remember how we all bought doubles and triples of that one issue that came in the black bag, thinking that it'd someday be worth a fortune? We're still waiting!)

This was the era of the comic book dabbler, where people became fast fans but didn't always peek under the surface. That's why this collection is so terrific. Hardcover and with over a thousand pages, The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus doesn't only collect the key issues that everyone read back in the 1990s, but also many surrounding issues that "lightweight" fans originally missed!

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Ren & Stimpy

The Ren & Stimpy Show: First & Second Seasons

Price: $14.96

The Ren & Stimpy Show debuted on Nickelodeon in 1991, and its tense, crude, stupid-but-smart sense of humor made it a cult sensation. Edgy in its time, the series would arguably seem even more off-color today, and probably wouldn't fly unless explicitly targeted at adults.

This 3-disc set collects all of the episodes from the show's first and second seasons in their uncut form... which we can only assume means grosser and weirder. It's enough to make your giftee sing that "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song.

Infinity Gauntlet Bank

Infinity Gauntlet Bank

Price: $19.99

You may have noticed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be borrowing quite a bit from The Infinity Gauntlet, a 1991 Marvel Comics miniseries about a big purple space dude who used a gem-encrusted glove to wreak havoc on the universe.

It was among the biggest comic events of the '90s, existing as a huge Marvel crossover where the stakes couldn't have been higher. Despite its increasing status in today's Marvel movies, we're taking this awesome bank to be a tribute to the original comic series. (Mostly because that gives us an excuse to include it on this list!)

Yoshi Lounger

Yoshi Lounger

Price: $39.99

Yoshi debuted in Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo, which came out in the States in 1991. The happy dinosaur acted as Mario's pet, friend, and mount — he could even eat Koopa Troopas!

This lounger will remind your giftee of a time when the very idea of a rideable dinosaur in a Super Mario game made us weep with joy. The fact that they get to actually dress up as Yoshi is just a sweet bonus!

Readers, what '90s memorabilia are you shopping for this holiday season? Did any of these items spark memories for you? Share it all in the comments below.

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