Best Buy Cancels Orders Before Christmas, Issues Apology Credits (Updated)

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In the aftermath of Black Friday, we cheered Best Buy for it's excellent prices. The deals were so aggressive that many of them seemed too good to be true. According to reports that have been circulating today, however, that might actually be the case.

FOX 9 News reports that Best Buy has had to cancel numerous orders recently, including some that were placed as far back as Black Friday. Many customers have taken to the store's comment section to complain, and Best Buy released the following statement to FOX 9:

Due to overwhelming demand of hot product offerings on during the November and December time period, we have encountered a situation that has affected redemption of some of our customers' online orders.

Best Buy claims that all affected customers have been notified of their canceled orders. Several members of the dealnews staff had orders canceled after Black Friday, but none have reported problems this week. And the Black Friday orders that did go through for our staffers sometimes took several weeks to be delivered.

Gizmodo however reports that some customers didn't receive notification until recently. As we get closer to Christmas, it's obviously a terrible time to be canceling orders. So we want to know: How many of you have encountered issues with your purchases from Best Buy? Was anything canceled this week that has caused an upset in your gift plan?

Update: Readers and dealnews staffers have reported that last night Best Buy emailed an apology to customers for their canceled orders with a note that they would be receiving a store credit for their original order amount. So, according to Best Buy, customers will not only receive a refund, but they will also be given a credit for the same amount to use later. And although some reports indicate that the credit won't "arrive" to customers' inboxes until after Christmas, one of our Senior Content Editors received his credit this morning for a Black Friday weekend purchase.

Readers, have you all received an apology credit from Best Buy? Are you appeased by this resolution? Does it make you more likely to shop at Best Buy in the future, despite the company's last-minute order cancelation?

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I too had my order canceled and was on hold for over 45 minutes due to a problem with my credit card. When I ordered I even gave them my cell number in case there was any issue. They did not call just canceled the order. What was the point in leaving my number! Of course like everyone else they did not make it right. Shame on you Best Buy. My family and I will no longer purchase from Best Buy. There are plenty of other places out there.
Placed my order at 6:03am black Friday. Immediately received an order confirmation. Then within 3 hours received a back order e-mail. Don't hear anything until 12/19 when I get an e-mail saying that my order would be canceled in 5 days if I didn't respond. I Immediately clicked on the EXTEND button which brought up another window stating my order was extended. Now today (12/24) I get an e-mail stating my order is cancelled. I've now been on the phone for over 2 hours trying to get through the front line CSR to get to someone that can actually help. I do not believe BestBuy would to this to their customers. Their CSRs should be empowered to immediately offer solutions or alternatives. If anyone can post a solution I could try, I (and my kids) would be grateful.

Merry Christmas!!!
I sent a complaint in November - never heard back and definitely no credit - they lost this customer.  I could have at least received an automated reply but nothing.  So sad for them - they wanted press they are getting it lol.
In Sept I ordered iSymphony-22" Class / 720p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV-LC22iH90 and received as promised a week later.  This month ordered a Android Keyboard online and picked up in store with no hassles.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
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Latest update:
Yes, I got an apology email from them yesterday with the indication of the e-gift card. Three hours later, I got the e-gift card email. I am satisfied with their solution, and I WILL still buy from them in the future!
Merry Christmas to Everyone!
Update: I too received my cancellation and gift credit emails last night.  It certainly helps the situation but the $15 credit doesn't cover the $26.50 difference I mentioned above so I'm still out $11.50.  I do like that they are at least trying to make things right although how well they are doing seems to be a matter of opinion.  I think what has most people still annoyed is the timing of it all.  They waited a month to cancel orders leaving shoppers little or no time to finish Christmas shopping.  At least if they had cancelled weeks ago people would have had time.  Giving out gift credit is a nice try but it still doens't change the fact that I will be leary of shopping with BB for a long time, especially during next holiday season when the sales hit and demand goes up.  I'm sure the people that had big ticket items cancelled are a little happier since they're getting more free credit.  $15 credit... yeah OK.  $100+ free credit is decent.
I had my order cancelled and received a credit for twice the value of my cancelled product. I believe it only took 10 days after black Friday before this issued the credit.
I  ordered several things from Best Buy since Black Friday and received evrything I ordered in a timely manner.
I was also very unhappy with the fact that they cancelled my order weeks after I placed it.  They did send me a gift certificate for the amount of my order; however, they charged me for the order that I didn't receive so basically I have a gift certificate for a store that I no longer wish to do business with.
I agree with the person who said this calls for a class action suit. The amount of cash and interest Best Buy must have collected between Black Friday and today on all those cancelled and late shipments must be in the millions. We deserve it back. Your guarantee was worthless. You're still advertising in-store pickup by Christmas for today and tomorrow on online orders. You know, the ones you've been cancelling. You're a fraud. Forget about Wall Street. Let's Occupy Best Buy.
Nice business model, Best Buy. Treating one's customers like garbage worked well for Circuit City, too. I think the stockholders should consider replacing your CEO before it's too late.
Dealing with has been a bit of a nightmare for store pickup. The store staff is faster than ever before, BUT they won't lift a hand to help with any .com questions or problems. Call 'em yourself is their response! The .com staff -- when you can reach them -- are almost useless. What You See Is What You Get; that's it, and we don't know anything else. e.g., Why isn't this item available for pickup  at the store I am standing in, since I am staring at a rack full of the item? "Sorry, we can't change the system or the pickup options. Wish we could help, but you'll have to drive 30 minutes to a different store where you can do the pickup."  HUH??? Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. They could hardly do more damage to their customer relations than if you let Ford run GM's parts department!
Yep - I placed an order December 11th, promised delivery before Christmas -- said it shipped on the 12th - no updates to the shipping screen since Dec 14th - checked again this morning - and it says shipped this morning - regular USPS, not priority or higher - I called yesterday and was on hold for 20 minutes, they didn't have any updates either - the CSR was nice, seems like he has had quite a few calls that sounded just like mine.  
Even worse I picked up an order and BB charged my account the balance of the item as if was not on sale. I have been charged twice basically for the same item,once the sale price and again the difference of original price. Told by BB rep it would get fixed in 24 hrs, 3 days ago. The biggest computer retailer just do not compute!!
Where's my gift card. I wasn't even offered one when they changed my guaranteed delivery date to AFTER Christmas. Because by my calculations they owe me for the time I spent online purchasing the item. The time I spent tracking the item. The time I spent calling customer service 5x to find out when it would arrive. The interest I lost when they took the money out of my account on the day they claimed to have shipped it. The time it will take me to find replacements for the five items that I now have to run out to stores to buy today or purchase upwards of $15 a piece for expedited delivery. The travel day I miss waiting for those items to arrive tomorrow in time for Christmas. The time and money it will take for me to return all the late items back to Best Buy. The cash and interest I'm out until those items are credited back to my account. And can you put a value on the frustration of being lied to by a company you've spent $1000s of dollars with? Take all this into account and send me a gift card Best Buy that covers all that and maybe we can talk.
You're kidding right. The issue isn't that they ran out of product on a popular sale item. At least not for me. If the product is out of stock I move on to another item or store. The issue is they advertised guaranteed delivery on confirmed Christmas orders with delivery dates and tracking numbers then YESTERDAY cancelled, backordered or changed the dates leaving thousands of customers scrambling. I did all my shopping online this year from eight different retailers and only had serious issues with Best Buy. 
Got my call at 4:30pm ET yesterday afternoon. My 12/14 and 12/17 orders will not arrive by Christmas. Their guarantee is not worth the ink it's printed with. I bet they've been collecting interest on my order payment since they claim to have already shipped it. These are the biggest scrooges I've ever seen. 
I normally avoid best buy on Black Friday because they only have 4-5 items that are advertised and a mass of people waiting in line for days.  To me, this is what causes problems on Black Friday.

This being said, I have purchased more from best buy this year than ever before.  I bought a 19', 23" and 37" tv.  The 19" I ordered online (on thanksgiving day) and picked up the next day in the store.  I was in and out in 10 minutes.  The employees couldn't have been nicer.  The other tvs arrived quickly by delivery.  I ordered 3 just dance 3 wii games at $10 less each than Walmart and scored $30 in gift cards as well.  Great deal!  I also purchased 2 other items online that arrived quickly (all with free shipping mind you).  One i returned in the store and again employees were extremely quick and pleasant.  Please don't stop the best buy deals.  I wouldn't have know about the wii games and $10 gift cards with each if it hadn't been posted on this site.
I just  got this in my email:

Dear ____,
I can only imagine how disappointed you were when you learned that Best Buy was unable to fill your recent online order. The holiday season is supposed to be a time for happy news, not for notices that may mean that someone special in your life is not going to receive the gift that you had planned for them. The experience you had ordering from Best Buy was unacceptable. You deserve better.
We know that we cannot fill the order you placed in time for the holidays, and for that we are so very sorry. However, we do want to make it up to you in one small way. Within the next few days, you will receive a Best Buy e-gift card for $5 the purchase price of the item that was ordered and subsequently cancelled by us. (You will receive this e-gift card in a separate email to this address.) The e-gift card is yours to use as you wish ...on whatever you a Best Buy store or on ttp://[.
On behalf of all of us at Best Buy, best wishes for a 2012 filled with much happiness and good health.
Sincerely,Lisa SmithVice President, Customer Care
I just got an email saying I'm going to receive a $5 e-gift card, and apologizing profusely.  I guess they are feeling the PR hit.
I had two items canceled... an XBox game and a Dell Streak. I just received (10:05pm EDT, Dec 22) two emails from Best Buy -- one for each item -- saying I would get an e-gift card for the value of what I tried to purchase! That's a $15 and a $160 gift card. Kudos to Best Buy!  As far as I'm concerned, that MORE than makes up for the hassle!
First it was a Christmas present. Second it was 300 plus bucks!! Third, DON'T keep me on hold for over an hour and hang up on me! Should I go on????
Yes, I did experience this. I purchased a DVD on Black Friday to give as a gag gift during our office holiday gift swap. Granted, the DVD cost $1.08 including shipping, so I didn't expect red carpet service. But I was really disappointed when it took until yesterday, December 21, for the DVD to arrive. Unfortunately, it arrived two days after I needed it to, so I was unable to use it for the swap. It took almost four weeks for shipping -- that's way too much. I purchased items from, and several other retailers on Black Friday, all of which arrived weeks earlier. (I guess I'm spoiled by being a regular Amazon customer because I'm used to my items arriving within a week.) Now, if Best Buy had been up front about how long it would take -- I probably wouldn't have complained, given the super low pricetag, but I also wouldn't have made the purchase since I wasn't actually able to give it as a gift. And now Best Buy has tainted my opinion of them, which is too bad because I'm a frequent online shopper who won't be purchasing from them again.
Dont sell what you dont have...I have had problems in the past with BB customer service..When I pay for something I expect to get it..I only got burned this time, on a Blu Ray movie..But it was important at the time.  Could not find it til this week..AT BEST BUY!!!!!!!! But they had no more to sell me at the dirt cheap price..So I bought it at Amazon..Anything thats important...AMAZON...They have so far (knock on wood) backed up their word...They have done very good by me...I will stll continue to buy from BB, because I live close...But will not get into a situation where i need something, and have to rely on them to produce...Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me...
1. So business never sell items for a loss to free up inventory, increase their cash flow,etc.? Everything has to sold for a profit? So everything sold at rock bottom prices on Black Friday was for a profit?
2. The only promise Best Buy ever made is that you will get your delivery by Christmas if you ordered by a certain date. If not they'll give you a gift card. No retailer would ever promise that they'll always have an item in stock.
3-5 I agree.
I placed an order on 11/27 for a "Sharp-Clock Radio with Apple iPod and iPhone Dock". The next day, an email saying it was on backorder. Then on 12/15, another email saying they were not going to get it, and my order was cacelled.
I know a lot of people got burned really bad by Best Buy this year.  I stayed up almost the whole night waiting for the deals to go live, went to sleep at 5 am, and luckily woke up at the right time to get everything I wanted online.  I ordered 5 items, most of them video games, and they all arrived in a timely fashion.  I imagine had I woken up even 15 minutes later I would have been really angry.  Reading all these posts makes me want to stop shopping at Best Buy even though I had a fairly good experience.  No one wants to get that email saying their item was cancelled.  They need a better system to keep track of their inventory. 

With that being said I have to admit that I was impressed with the deals that Best Buy had.  It has been a long time since I even considered buying anything there since their prices were usually $10 or more than their competitors.  Last BF I shopped at amazon and this year I just was not very impressed with amazon's deals.  Hopefully BB can clean up their act as I feel amazon needs the competition.
1. Don't sell what you can"t afford to lose
2. Don't promise what you can't deliver.
3. Unhappy customers means no customers.
4. No customers means no more BB
"I ordered 10 items from Best Buy, I recieved 8, backordered on 2.
Delivery all made it on time. I cannot stand people who cry that their
sale item was sold out espcially if its a game that was 5 bucks. Best
Buy is losing money on every sale, esp with free shipping. Yet some
people will cry and moan that Best Buy is decieving people. WTF?"

Er, it's not complicated in the computer age. If they have it in stock, sell it. If they don't, don't take an order for it.

There should be no case of "backordered" items nor canceling orders unless a tornado rips through a warehouse,
I build a lot of computers, both for myself and friends, so I buy and return a lot of parts in spurts when testing and such.

I was just notified last week that Best Buy was suspending my "return rights" for 90 days, which a CS rep told me was due to "returning too many things" (ignoring the thousands of dollars of items I kept, apparently).

Yeah, I think Best Buy is on the downswing with policies and behaviors like this. I for one am sorry to see it.
I placed an online order for some Skullcandy headphones. I received the confirmation email later that night telling me my order was ready so I decided to pick it up the following afternoon. I get there, and they have my order in the system but can't find the headphones. After 15 minutes, the customer service rep tells me someone is looking to see if they have any more in stock. I don't see anyone doing anything.  I wait 10 more minutes and decide to go look myself. I see a sign stating the headphones I want are out of stock. I saw the same headphones in a different color and decided to get those instead. By that time, the rep had came over and he asked the girl working in the section if there are any more headphones in the color I want. She says no they are out of stock. I tell the rep that I'll take the other ones instead. We get back to the counter, and he doesn't know what to do. He asks the rep working the next counter what to do. She says call inventory to see if there are any in stock. I tell him again hey I will take these other ones instead. He calls inventory, who tells him there should be one in stock. They can't find it so inventory suggests the same headphones in a different color. Ding! Ding! Ding! 45 minutes has gone by. Finally, I see a manager walking by and tell him what's going. He comes over and gives the headphones at the same price as online and told me to cancel my online order. Sometimes the service can be ridiculous. I took a chance again this past Wednesday and purchased Call of Duty Black Ops XBox 360. This time no issues until I get ready to leave the store and show my receipt to the rep working by the doors. He notices I have the Black Ops for PS3. What makes it so ridiculous is on the printout that Best Buy had with the game clearly showed XBOX 360 on it! After the rep gets the right game, he pulls out FEAR 3 from under the register counter and says "Oh, I was looking for this earlier. I told the customer we didn't have it in stock." Honestly, I don't think the problem is Best Buy online. I think it's the stores not updating their inventory. I think it the in-store customer service is horrible. I haven't had anything shipped from Best Buy so I can only imagine what would happen if I did.
I ordered a Sound Bar for my new TV on line.  Over a month later, I was notified it was on back order.  Then, last week I was told the order was cancelled.  Boo!!  But I got one from Ama...  This is not the first time I have been burned by Best Buy.
I am so glad to see that you have written an article about BB.  Best Buy has let me down once again.    Two years ago BF I went to BB to buy a Macbook they had for sale.  Of course they did not have it in the store but they ordered it for me and said it would be shipped to the store and I would be notified when it arrived.  I paid for it that day and I was notified when it was at the store.  I go to pick it up and they ask to see my card and swipe it again.  I did not think about it at the time but when I got home I thought I need to make sure they did not charge me again.  A few days later I check my credit card activity online and I notice where I have been charged twice so I call BB customer service and went round and round with the reps about refunding my money.  They said it might take up to 4weeks.  Finally after alot of run arounds with store mangers and corporate my money was refunded 2 weeks later.  I should have learned my lesson then.  This Cyber Monday I was on Deal News and noticed a great deal on Gateway laptops for $309  plus a $10 Best Buy giftcard.  I purchased two of them for my mother for Christmas presents.  I received notification they would be ready for store pick-up on 12/14.  I received and email around 12/10 that one of my laptops was ready for store pick-up but the other was not and I needed to call Customer Care center.  I called them and spoke with a lady about my order and she said she would just ship the computer to my house.  She said it would arrive 3-5 business days.  Well this Monday Dec. 20th I receive an email that my order has been cancelled.  I called Customer Care center to address the issue and the guy I spoke with acted like it was my problem not his.  I was so furious I hung the phone up and said I would call back the next day.  Well Last night I was on the phone with BB for a total of 1HOUR and 50 MIn.  THEY HUNG UP ON ME ONCE AND I CALLED BACK TO HOLD FOR 30 MIN BEFORE I SPOKE WITH ANOTHER CUSTOMER SERVICE REP.  I WAS TOLD MY PRODUCT I ORDERED WAS ON BACKORDER.  I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING ABOUT BACKORDER.  I ASKED THE LADY IF SHE COULD SEND ME SOMETHING THAT WAS COMPARABLE FOR THE SAME PRICE.  SHE TOLD ME SHE COULD NOT.  I ASKED TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE WHO COULD AND SHE SAID SHE WAS THE ONE I NEEDED TO SPEAK WITH.  I ALSO ASKED FOR CORPORATES ADDRESS AND SHE TOLD ME SHE DID NOT KNOW IT.  BEST BUY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS.  I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY LIFE.  BEST BUY ACTS LIKE ITS OUR PROBLEM NOT THERES.  I will Never shop at BEST Buy again!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont think Best Buy is at fault. If they are selling something dirt cheap, is it not assumed that it will quickly sell out. Just like anything, it is first come first serve. Its called consumerism. I ordered 10 items from Best Buy, I recieved 8, backordered on 2. Delivery all made it on time. I cannot stand people who cry that their sale item was sold out espcially if its a game that was 5 bucks. Best Buy is losing money on every sale, esp with free shipping. Yet some people will cry and moan that Best Buy is decieving people. WTF?
I just now got a notice that the DukeNukem game I ordered was cancelled.  This was a deal that was listed right here on ttp:// [/u You may recall that they were advertising it for around $5.  Is this a form of online bait-and-switch?  Get them to the website and they might order something else too at full price?
They just cancelled my order too because the item has been on back order (since I ordered it on Deal News on 11/25/11) and they don't "expect" anymore in.  It was a xbox360 game for crying out loud!!!!!  Thanks alot BB. 
Bought a Polk Audio sub woofer last year and received an item that had been opened.  It took a long time to get it too.  Called customer service and returned it to a local (30 miles away) store and exchanged it for another.  I did this because the warranty goes by serial number and is only good to for original purchaser once it is registered.  They caused me a lot of grief and I bought nothing from them this year.
I buy from ://[/ur when I can.  I have had good luck with them.
They canceled quite a few of my orders.  Unfortunately, they waited so long that I missed the chance to purchase the same things on sale from other stores.  I'm stuck trying to do last minute shopping to replace the gifts.
I have been super frustrated with Best Buy this year!  I purchased 4 items from them black friday and to date have recieved one, and I had to call customer support to resolve issues to recieve it.  Yesterday I noticed several charges to my credit card from Best Buy that I didn't recognize, after logging into my account it appeared that they had canceled my black friday purchases and then placed a re-order of the items at the regular price and then billed my card and shipped the items!  Are you kidding me???  Customer service says that the funds will be replaced with 5 days....we'll see!  This was my first and last time using /[/url]!!
BF Busted, got the notifications (2) called CSR who spoke like he had a mouthful of marbles , sad real sad, who  provided no intrest and zero suppport...Best thing he could ever possibly accomplish was to cancel the order.
 Best Buy hasn't let me down at all this holiday season. From the $179 laptop and other deals scored on Black Friday, to the last minute gifts ordered for store pickup today. I have not had any issues with their Customer Service; returns, price matching, etc... I'm sorry for the issues others seem to have had, but I for one hope you keep listing Best Buy deals. I think Best Buy is a pretty darn good store.
  My bad holiday shopping experiences this year have all involved everybody's favorite online retailer...Amazon. Amazon has been the one to drop the ball for me this time around, with their 2-day Prime shipping taking a week or more, orders never leaving their warehouse, inability to answer question about their own product, the Kindle Fire. (Interestingly was a Best Buy Associate who was finally able to answer the questions I had about the Fire.)
 But do I want dealnews to stop listing Amazon deals just because they have inconvenienced me this holiday season, or cause me to go spend more money somewhere else (Best Buy, by the way) at the last minute? No, I don't. Please, dealnews, keep all the great deals coming from all the great retailers and keep saving me money!! :)
 Happy Holidays everyone!
Ordered xbox 360 carnival games for 14.95. Order cancelled with no notification.
Today I received a 15 dollar gift card from Best Buy wonder if it is because of the above or because I spent so much money there this season. Thank you best buy.
Yup, I'm one of those unfortunate customers who had an order cancelled, and my follow-up customer service experience was JUST AWFUL.  And I'm a Premier Silver member, too.  I can only imagine how others are being treated over their cancellations right now.  So sad.

Thank goodness for p://[/u and Newegg.
steve pham
By Thanks Giving day, I made an on-line order and received a confirmation email from Best Buy that the product was ready for pickup. I ran to the Best Buy store and waited in-line for 3 hours and when it was my turn, the Best Buy staff informded me that none of the Best Buy store actually had that product ??? That was a lesson to learn.
I wouldn't ban Best Buy, but they certainly need a public bashing. Bought a netbook online on Black Friday and paid for it. Got an e-mail the following morning that said the netbook (I had already paid for) was out of stock. When I called customer service, they tried to upsell me to another netbook. And the most infuriating part: Best Buy kept sending me e-mails everyday to come pick up my out of stock netbook. These things happen, but to offer the customer ZERO compensation or alternatives? The customer service rep I spoke to said she had been hearing the same complaint for the previous six hours of her shift. Unless you have merchandise in hand, I say avoid Best Buy (and I also can't stand how long it takes to check out at their stores!). Just to spite them, when I decided to buy new kitchen appliances Black Friday weekend, I spent my $2,500 at hhgregg. 

UPDATE: 12/23/11: No e-mail from Best Buy. No credit.
Dan de Grandpre (DealNews)
I placed four orders from Best Buy this holiday season. The shipping was slower than Christmas on three of the four, but I got everything eventually.

I don't think it makes sense for dealnews to BAN Best Buy — it's too popular a store, with too many good deals that most people get without hassle — so much as WARN people that Best Buy's service is shoddy, not just now but in the future. Repeatedly.
They canceled my order a month after I ordered the item!!!  I am very angry and will be very hesitant to purchase anything from them again.  There are many other retailers to choose from. 
Went through this last year with them. I haven't been to a Best Buy since. Had an order cancelled and it took several weeks to get 2 other orders. That really screwed up my Christmas last year. Maybe it's time you booted them from the site Dealnews. You guys rock but Best Buy has ruined to many people's Christmas's.  
I had two separate orders cancelled by them. I do not see how this can be possible. They should have a system that knows how much stock is in inventory and limit sales to that number. I agree that it might be time to take them off the update lists. This isn't the first time I've had problems with them. Good riddance.
i did 90% of all my black friday and cyber monday at i didnt have any problems with is. Shipping was slower than amazon but the customer service was good. One kinect game i ordered for store pick up wasnt at the store when i got there so they decided to shipp it to me and gave me an extra discount off the already redicukulassly low price for the game.
It's literally been a few years since I bought anything from BB either in store or online.  I used to spend thousands a year there but I just don't need/want what they have anymore or I can find it online for less.  I decided to buy two games back on 11/29 when they were on sale for a good price.  One game took about two weeks to arrive.  The other switched to backordered a few days after placing the order and still sits like that almost a month later.  I saw it briefly switch to in process a couple weeks ago but it switched back to backordered again the next day.  It got to the point that I went to target and paid full price for it just to have it in time hoping that the backordered one would ship so I could return the full price one.  No such luck.  I'm losing $26.50 because of BB.  I told you I hadn't bought anything from them in years before this and I can tell you that it will be a long time before I do again.  I actually find myself completely breezing past BB deals on Dealnews now.  And how could they have saved me as a customer?  Very simple: do not allow an order to be placed for an item that is out of stock.  I've had half a mind to go into a BB and see if they have it in stock then demand they allow me to use that to fulfill my order but I rarely have time to do that.
+1 for toddcovelli, Best Buy coverage should be dropped. I didn't have any cancelled orders because I have been burned by them in the past and no longer shop there.
I also never received a cncellation notification for an online order I placed on Thanksgving day for a 3TB Seagate external hard drive.
I ordered the $250 Gateway laptop 
NV57H50U on Nov 22 and had it on Nov 30. No problems here.
I never received any notification from Best Buy that my order was being cancelled. I had to log in to the site yesterday after reading about the cancels online to find out. I called 1-888-Best-Buy, they said they no longer carried the product (the XBOX 360 game "Brutal Legend" which was only $3, thanks DealNews!). However, after speaking to someone who works at the local Best Buy, they still had copies in stock. The website no longer lists the item though, and I'm really only missing out on a $3 game, but it's the entire principal of the whole situation and the fact that they never contacted me that makes frustrated and dissatisfied as a customer.
Dealnews, we love you, but it is time to drop Best Buy (and Golden Gadgets while you're at it) from your coverage. Here in California, the Attorney General had to strong arm Best Buy into refunding peoples money and honoring these "extended protection plans". Look, bottom line is they are a real scummy bunch, I mean I am pro growth conservative, but this is the reason regulation is so aggressive against big business. Seriously, don't soil the Dealnews name and DROP them, I know it will cost you guys probably 3 or 4 hundred grand a year, but you can make it up in growth :)
I had a great experience. I went for the 24" $79.99 Dynex. They showed one in inventory at a local store, but I later that day received an email saying they didn't really have it. Long story short, Best Buy price matched and shipped me a comparable item. Outstanding customer service.

Also got an iPad 2 16 GB on BF, and it shipped no problem.
Several slow... One game purchase just cancelled this week from Black Friday, One will not arrive until 12/28. Very Very dull...
An order I placed for an Acer Iconia Tablet 7 inch for $189 was initially placed on Back-Order status and eventually the order got cancelled.  I contacted Best Buy and they awarded me a voucher to be used within a month for online purchases only.  The voucher was the difference of the sale price vs. the actual price of the product.
Yes, it took me several weeks to receive orders. Appallingly bad processing compared to say Amazon or other websites including individual sellers on Ebay. They need to shape up or they will go under.