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Take Our Mother's Day & Father's Day Survey!

Mother's Day is less than a month away, which means Father's Day isn't far off either. How do you plan to celebrate Mom and/or Dad?

Please take this short survey and let us know about your plans and spending habits for these holidays. Your answers will help us with a future blog post!
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I think some of the posters on this forum forgot what your site is about...buying goods and services...this survey is intended for dealnews to help us find better items to buy for our parents...if one's parents are dead may I suggest check that one just check that they will not be buying gifts.
India A. (DealNews)
I agree with the previous 2 comments. An option for those with 1 or both deceased parents would be great. Also an option for step-parents. My mom is no longer with me, but I do celebrate Mother's day. I do something for my aunts on Mother's Day we well as my step-mom. I also send messages to my friends that are mothers.
Parents are deceased. :( You should have that as an option...and maybe even Mother-in-Law or "Little Old Lady" at Church or down the street that you can help and encourage. Maybe add a few options next time like this to make survey more complete.
Your survey answer options are incomplete. Since both of our sets of parents are deceased, we are able to be with them in spirit but obviously not physically. We are blessed to have wonderful children who do remember us for which we are very grateful. I'm happy for all of you who still have your parents still with you.
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