Staff Picks: Mother's Day Gifts (updated)

Years ago, your mom went through excruciating pain to give birth to you. It's only fair that you re-pay her kindness by buying her a $20 bouquet of flowers, once a year. But, is there anything more creative we can do?

Well, since I'll be jumping on the "flowers" band-wagon, once again, this year, I'll rephrase that: Is there anything more creative that YOU can do?

I asked around at the office to see what the dealnews' staff is doing for their mom / the mother of their children. Here's what we're up to:

Sam Kohn
My dad is taking my mom out on a walk and shopping trip while my sister and I prepare dinner for her. When the two of them get home, we're gonna have a family game night. I also got her a Roomba (she asked for it).

Louis Ramirez
My mom is a big Iron Chef fan so I'm taking her to one of the "Iron Chef" restaurants in New York City. Not quite sure which one yet (leaning towards Flay or Batali).

Julia DiNardo
My Mother specifically told me this year that she doesn't want any jewelry, flowers, clothing, etc. All she wants from her children is to get her a cleaning service! I guess fair enough, since she spent the past 18+ years picking up after my brother and I. After all, if we're not going to help her clean the house, the next best thing is paying someone else to do it for us!

Sarah Jones
Mother's Day comes at that perfect time of the year when you start seeing beautiful flowers and gardening items show up virtually everywhere, from big-box stores like Home Depot and Wal-Mart to small local nurseries and garden stands. My mom loves this kind of thing, so I always take this opportunity to get her a really pretty hanging flower basket, some gardening supplies, or some kind of cute decorative yard item to show her how much I love her. Thanks for everything, mom!

Lindsay Sakraida
I plan on buying my mother several balls of hand-dyed yarn, as she's a knit-wit and loves knitting and all its paraphernalia. She'll likely end up using the yarn to make me something, so it's really the gift that keeps on giving (to me).
Happily, there's another mom in my family this year, as my older sister just had a baby a few days ago. I plan to surprise her on her first Mother's Day with the Isaac Mizrahi for Target Pleated Wrap Dress; a new mom needs something that looks great while still being exceptionally comfortable, and a wrap dress is just that. Also, the black fabric easily camouflages spit-up and other bodily fluids. Ah, motherhood!

Jeff Morgan
My mom will be getting the 750GB Seagate FreeAgent Pro ... I know nothing says "I love you" quite like 3/4-of-a-TB of external storage. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? There's actually a passable explanation (other than Jeff's Mom is as weird as he is.) A couple of weekends ago, an OS catastrophe left mom with a Mac that would not run. A quick upgrade to Leopard — running Time Machine to avert any future OS problems — and you have a need for external storage. See, I'm really not that weird and she did ask for external storage for Mother's Day ... I promise.

new: Jeff Somogyi
Jeff Somogyi's blog has a list of 12 things that Jeff says you should absolutely, positively NOT get mom. Like a cemetery plot. (It gets worse.)

Compiled by Jeff Somogyi, dealnews' Media Editor. To him, a good Mother's Day gift is anything that includes free shipping.

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