This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPhone, Yahoo!, Xbox, PS3, Wii

Friends? Have yourselves some rumors:
  • Xbox 360 to get "Wiimote" controller?
    Why should Wii owners have all the fun of smashed LCD TVs? Not to mention poor application of controller features to in-game moves? SHAKE the controller to JUMP? Now THAT'S intuitive!
  • Yahoo! snubs Microsoft for AOL?
    Last we left Microsoft, it had just suffered a break-up with Toshiba's HD DVD format. This week finds it, still, unlucky in love.
    Yahoo!: I've had enough of your bullying and threat tactics! I'm leaving!
    Microsoft: YEAH?! You're going to AOL's, aren't you?! I KNEW you were cheating on me, with that ... that ... LOSER!
    Yahoo!: AOL is TWICE the company you are!
    (Yahoo! turns to leave. Stops at the door. Then turns back.)
    Yahoo!: And I think you KNOW what I mean by that!
    Microsoft (mumbling): I don't need you ... there are dozens of other companies who would love to be bought out by me ... YOU HEAR ME, YAHOO!?!? I ... don't ...
    (Microsoft starts to sob.)
  • sigh ... New iPhone models in June?
    I give this rumor the time of day purely based on the fact that Apple DOES have a "If it's a year old, it's too old" policy (see also: iPod revs) so it's not impossible to believe that the Jobs WOULD announce a completely new phone in June.
  • PlayStation 3 gets it's own "Red Ring Of Death"?
    Tin foil hat time: Seeing the love that MS got for it's up-front and frank handling of RRoD issues on its Xboxen, maybe Sony is laying the groundwork for a similar maneuver. Creating a deadly bug that they can swoop in and fix, making them look the hero?
    Also: Man has never landed on the moon.
  • Wii price cuts?
    "Nope!" says Nintendo, "We've seen eBay. We know you guys are, like, totally happy paying through-the-nose for overpriced bundles through shifty, poorly-rated merchants. Ask us, again, about this subject when the Wii stops selling like electronic hotcakes."
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. Some days he would rather have hotcakes than a Wii. Especially because he's found that maple syrup poured over-top breaks a Wii.
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