This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Guitar Hero, Wii, Big Foot

Pull up a chair! Sit yourself down! Have some rumors!
  • Guitar Hero: Beatles Edition?
    The instruction book will be a printed acid-blotter, so you can FINALLY understand their later works. Turns out, YOU are the Walrus! Who knew?
  • Dell getting back into handheld market?
    Because, you know, their previous plans to expand their markets have gone so well in the past. They've tried televisions, MP3 players (remember the Ditty?!), and, oh yeah, HANDHELDS!
    Well, I'm sure that THIS time, it'll work just fine for them. Uh huh.
  • Acer developing a gaming console?
    Well, we thought Microsoft was crazy, when they announced they were going to break into this highly-competitive market with a little device called Xbox. Time has proven us wrong. Maybe Acer can pull it off too?
    NAH! Who are we kidding? It takes a Microsoft to push, bully, cajole, strong-arm, wheedle, and over-invest its way into a well-established market. See also: Zune.
  • Wii with Blu-ray support?
    The reports of seeing such a thing in the wild smack of "eye witness" accounts of Big Foot, Nessie, the Alabama leprechaun, and the South American gnome. So, until I see shaky-cam footage of the Wii Blu-ray player stomping through the Akihabara streets, I'll remain a skeptic. (But that gnome footage sure has me spooked.)
  • Apple TV DVR?
    And undercut their iTunes TV download revenue?! They'd be mad! MAD I say! (Even though it would be totally awesome, for the consumer, to have to pay for an upgrade.)
  • Apple to share iPod revenue with music labels?
    Isn't this EXACTLY the same idea that got Microsoft's Zune such heat when they announced they'd give $1 of each player's revenue to Universal. Er ... wait ... I mean ... Go Apple! Hooray! *grumble*
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