This Week's Rumor Roundup: Google, iPhone, Michael Bay, GTA IV, more

Settle down, class. Now take out your #2 pencils and jot these down. There WILL be a quiz.
  • A two-for: Google buying Expedia? AND Google buying Skype?
    Google continues to make "wokka wokka" sounds, as it travels around, gobbling up the pellets that are other internet businesses. Quick! Grab a power-pellet before the Microsoft ghosts get you! Fwew!
  • Internal Blu-ray player for Xbox?
    THIS Blu-ray / Xbox rumor is new because it's supposed to be an INTERNAL drive, now ... not external! See how one small change can re-invigorate a stale rumor?!
  • Michael Bay continues to urinate on my childhood memories?
    By rumoring that Transformers 2 is supposed to feature the Constructicons, a little piece of my early-years is, somehow, desecrated. As if the FIRST movie didn't do enough of that.
  • GTA IV Achievements list uncovered?
    Not surprisingly, there are Achievements for killing, exploding, killing, running away from things, killing, and sinning. I mean, what did you THINK you'd get Achievements for? Knitting, cat-rescuing, and giving up the violence to settle down with the woman of your dreams and raise a family?
  • More advanced iPhone?
    Of course, this will spark off a whole new re-resurgence of "3G iPHONE COMING SOON! OMG!" posts on Mac-fan sites. As if repeating the wish, over and over, like some yogic mantra, will somehow affect reality.
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. His yogic mantra, "An Adamantium skeleton" has, as of yet, not yielded any results. He wishes the "3G-ers" better luck, though.
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