This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, NVIDIA, Xbox, Roger Rabbit, more

Aggravation sets in:
  • Yet another Apple tablet rumor?
    The new twist: "Unnamed sources" say it'll be on Verizon for $800. Personally, I REALLY want this rumor to be true ... just so all the g#@-&*^%@ tablet rumors will go away.
  • Roger Rabbit sequel?
    Hollywood will not rest until EVERY happy childhood memory of mine is destroyed or sullied in some unforgivable way. It'll also probably be in 3D so, double-awesome.
  • NVIDIA releasing its own netbooks?
    Sure, why not? I mean, if Sylvania — maker of light bulbs — can have a netbook, why shouldn't everyone make one?
    Note to self: Make a dealnews netbook prototype ASAP.
  • Xbox 360 Natal in 2010?
    The basis for this one is that a camera manufacturer has leaked that it's supplying Microsoft with a mess 'o CMOS image sensors. Anyone else find it strange that camera lens manufacturers are the go-to guys for tech rumors? (See also: new iPods rumor.)
  • Blu-ray coming to Xbox?
    This one wins our award for Worst Rumor This Week. After positing why the author thinks Blu-ray will certainly come to the Xbox, they then (after a paragraph break, of course) do a one-eighty and say they are "very doubtful that this will ever come to light." Create a rumor just to deny it? Good job!
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. He would like to start a rumor that the next Wii will make use of the Internet in ways that game-players find useful — like online co-op play. Of course, he would also like to state that he thinks it's highly doubtful that that's true.
You can follow him on Twitter @sommerjam ... if that's the kind of thing you're into.
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