This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, iPhone, TIE fighter, PSP, PS3, and more

  • Lamborghini working on a hybrid?
    When conspicuous-consumption meets eco-friendly, the snobbery levels rocket to stratospheric heights.
  • PlayStation 3 going slim AND getting a price cut?
    I know we've mentioned these rumors before, separately, and dismissed them each as untrue ... but now that they appear TOGETHER in one rumor? Well, there simply MUST be some truth behind it, no?
  • Rock Band Unplugged bundled with PSPGo?
    If true, that effectively lowers the price of the device from a hilariously high $250, to a mere ludicrously high $210. (Sales tax added where applicable.)
  • Microsoft to buy Palm?
    Why would they need to buy Palm to get it's WebOS when MS already has the much-beloved Windows Mobile platform ... oh. Right. (I'm still crossing my fingers for a Zune phone, anyway!)
  • New TIE Fighter and X-Wing games?
    I just Lucas'd in my pants.
  • Dell tablet?
    Sure, THIS tablet is just a rumor, where as the Apple Tablet is a done-deal, right? I call for Internet rumor parity! If we believe one, based on nothing more than wishes and dreams alone, we should believe them all! Following that logic: Unicorns are real, too.
  • Yahoo! to sell off Yahoo! Games?
    They should just re-brand Yahoo! to be called "Sushi Bar". After all, it's the only other place I've seen that sells itself a la carte.
  • iPhone nano coming soon?
    "NOT LIKELY!" sez this blogger, then goes on to gush about the Apple Tablet. It's like rumor bait-n-switch!
    I bet his boss said to him, "Jimmy!" (Names have been changed to protect the innocent) "JIMMY! No more 'o dem iTablet pieces, see, or you'll find yourself out on your keister, see?" (Yes, Jimmy's boss talks like a '40s gangster.) So Jimmy sez, he sez, "No way, chief! My new piece is about the flap surrounding the new iPhone nano." Then he laughs to himself, knowing he put one over on his boss, again.
    Later that day: The Chief reads his post, goes red in the face, chomps down on his cigar, shakes his fist in the air, and shouts, "Jiiiiiiiii-mmmmmmmy!!!". The audience laughs, there is a freeze-frame, then credits roll.
    (The ChannelWeb Blog Show is filmed in front of a live studio audience.)
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