This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPod, Windows 7, World of Warcraft, more

An embarassment of riches:
  • Micropayments in World of Warcraft?
    Would you pay 99 cents to buy a Sword of Infinite Smiting?
    Actually ... that IS a great deal! Where can I get one? Do you know what the street value of a smiting sword is?!
  • Microsoft Office to go online on Monday?
    "Online" as in "available on the web" not "online" as in "gaining SkyNet-like intelligence". No, that happens in a couple of years ... but I've said too much already.
  • PSP2 to outperform the Xbox?
    Um. Since they're refering to the ORIGINAL Xbox, wouldn't that be like saying, "Dude, my Swatch is TOTALLY more accurate at time-keeping than an hourglass!" You see, this is how tech progresses: Things get smaller and faster.
  • Next iPods to have a camera?
    With Apple buying up every cellphone-quality camera they can get their mits on, it's all but surely happening ... OR IS IT?! Maybe Apple is finally working to install a spycam in every home in America! Did you ever think of that?!
  • Windows 7 3-licence family packs for $137?
    Let's do the math: Windows 7 x 3 = 21 windows. $137 / 21 = $6.52! You only pay $6.52 per window! Now THAT'S savings!
  • Palm is going to do more stuff?
    With Palm already doing stuff, it's a sure thing that they'll continue to do stuff. I mean, if a company's not doing stuff and exploring new stuff, then they are stagnating, right?
  • Sony Ericsson's "Rachael" another Android phone?
    To be co-released with their "Ross" model, even though incompatibilities will exist between the two, for about 10 years. Then, one day, on a flight to Paris, the Rachael phone decides to finally try and make it work. Sigh.

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