This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Zune, WoW, and more

Take two tablets and call me in the morning. Guffaw.
  • iTablet to sell 2 million units in 2010?
    The iTablet rumor supernova continues to expand as Gene Munster (an analyst) now predicts the device's sales future. I guess "reporters" are worried that simply predicting the device is becoming old and stale, so they're ramping up the speculation.
    Why stop at 2010? My iTablet rumor: The device will be discontinued in 2015 when our new alien overlords classify the device as "subversive."
  • New Zune HD rumors?
    Actually, no. All the facts are in. C'mon, Microsoft! By this time in a product's life, Apple would have at least a dozen new rumors about new hardware. Slackers.
  • Wii Pedal controller?
    I'm beginning to understand the Wii, now. It's not so much a functional thing, as a slate meant to be dolled up with accessories. You know, like the Kardashians.
  • Snow Leopard on August 28?
    Though most bloggers are treating this like a "Take THAT, Windows 7!" rumor, they ignore the fact that thousands of people are currently running Windows 7. Raise your hand if you're running Snow Leopard, right now.
  • iTunes 9 will have social media integration?
    "Welcome to the Social", Mac!
  • "Worgen" race in new WoW expansion?
    Great news for Werewolf LARPers who felt left out of this whole MMORPG mess.
  • Apple working on new file format?
    The new file will be a container for music albums, lyrics, movies (videos?), and other assorted what-nots. Because the reason people don't buy albums, now, is because they don't get lyrics and liner notes.
    Wait ... isn't this what we said about the new Sony/Universal/Warner/EMI format, "CMX"? This competition is a race to the bottom of the DRM barrel.
  • Posh Spice replaces Paula Abdul as judge on 'American Idol'?
    Yeah, it's not tech news ... but, admit it, a small, secret part of you cares.
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