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Blog Archives for 2009

Amazon Kindle 2: A good value?

The Kindle 2, Amazon's eagerly-awaited follow up to the Kindle, has made its official debut. With a lower price tag and slimmer design, it's already won the hearts of Kindle fans. However, can it help the average book reader save money too?

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Toshiba Satellite 2.16GHz 15" for $430 after rebate + free shipping, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a 15" Toshiba Satellite 2.16GHz laptop for $430, Gateway's 15" 2.1GHz AMD laptop for $550, Sony's 1.5-lb 8" 1.33GHz VAIO P for $900, and more.

Money-saving tips for a bad economy

Saving money doesn't mean having to give up on your daily indulgences. With a little creativity and some ingenuity you can beat the gloomy economy and still afford to buy the things you like. We've gathered dozens of tips to maximize your money.

Upgrading? The best trade-in deals for your used tech

From outdated laptops to aged iPods, when it comes to trading in your old tech for cash, there are plenty of options to choose from. We checked the policies of a few major manufacturers to find out which company offers the most lucrative trade-in program for your worn out tech. Plus, recycling options for greener disposal.

Six ways to extend the life of your old PCs

Looking to get rid of an old PC? Before you send it to the recycling bin, chances are you can still get some use out of it. (Like turn it into a security monitoring system.) So before you trash ol' reliable, here are six ideas for extending the life of unused systems.

MSI X-Slim 320 vs. MacBook Air: Which ultraportable is the best value?

MSI's forthcoming X-Slim 320 laptop has all the characteristics of a MacBook Air competitor. With its $700 starting price, it's also one of the most affordable ultraportables we've seen. But is MSI's new system a better value than a refurbished MacBook Air? We put them side by side to find out.

Inside Circuit City's Liquidation Sale

Contrary to popular belief, most liquidation sales generally increase rather than decrease store prices. It's been a week since Circuit City's liquidation sale started and we were wondering what kind of prices we'd find in-store, so we went to our local Circuit City in Union Square, NYC, to find out what kind of deals, if any, we'd find. Here are our findings ...

Palm Pre: The affordable smartphone we've been waiting for?

Palm is re-entering the handheld market with a new smartphone that's being called Apple's biggest competitor. Due later this year, the touch-sensitive Palm Pre will make its debut alongside a new Palm operating system called WebOS. We compared both the phone and the software against today's hottest smartphones to see how it stacks up against the competition.

CES Buzz Terms for 2009: OLED, MIDs, 240Hz, more

Now that we've seen 2009's gadget lineup, it's time to make sense of all the new features that were thrown our way. In an effort to make your shopping easier, we've created a glossary of what we thought were some of the most important terms at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Five ways to shop safely on a smartphone

As smartphones become more like PCs, merchants are making it easier than ever to shop from your mobile. But are purchases made from your cell phone safe? We spoke with the experts to find out.

How to save on winter sports gear

Shopping for winter sports gear can be tricky, especially when you're no longer an amateur but just not quite ready to shell out for professional-grade equipment. To help you make the best decision, we've got some tips from the experts. So, before you hit the slopes, follow these guidelines so that you can make an informed choice when picking up your first snowboard or pair of skis.

Can you save money, in the short-term, by quitting cigarettes?

We all know that quitting smoking leads to long-term savings, but, in the short-term, a lot of smokers believe that it costs more money to quit. We decided to crunch the numbers and see if there's any truth behind these statements. Here's what we found.

dealnews CES reports: Reviews and other news from CES 2009

Although they're back in NYC, dealnews editors Louis Ramirez and Jeff Somogyi still have plenty to report from CES. Their coverage — which approaches CES from a bang-for-the-buck angle — continues on their blogs. (OK, they've checked out some just really cool items as well.) Click here for their take on the Palm Pre, green tech, the Microsoft Surface Table, and more.

dealnews in Sin City: The best values (and other cool stuff) at CES 2009 (updated)

dealnews staffers Louis Ramirez and Jeff Somogyi (our Features and Media Editors, respectively) have just shipped out to CES in Las Vegas. They'll be approaching the show with a decidedly dealnews-ian slant — by scouring the booths for new products with an eye on the best value for your money. (I'm sure there'll be some wicked cool items that they won't be able to pass up, too — we'll let those slide.) Click here for notable stories and for access to all of their CES coverage.

dealTV: How Much Can You Fit In A SCOTTeVEST?

Many people know that the SCOTTeVEST is the jacket of choice for the discerning gadget geek. With all of its pockets, surely there is no end to the number of devices you can cram into it. Well, we tested those limits ... and filmed it. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are our findings, along with a review of the SCOTTeVEST's quality and value.

Renting Movies Online: In-home movie streamers

Going to the movies isn't as cheap as it used to be. Fortunately, a new wave of set top boxes can bring the cineplex straight to your living room. From Roku's Netflix Player to Vudu's high-def BX100, we tested today's most popular movie streamers to find out which on-demand box can save you the most time and money.

Choosing the right fitness gadgets: Nine features to look for in exercise gear

The new year is a perfect time to start a new exercise routine. To help you reach your goals, we spoke with Sean Downey, senior editor of Runner's World, to find out what features are worth the extra money when shopping for running gadgets.
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