This Week's Rumor Roundup: DSi, Wii, The Who, more

Seasons may come and go, but rumors are eternal.
  • Nintendo DSi getting a VoIP channel?
    Be warned: You can probably get away with the *ring-ring* "'ELLO! It's-a ME, MARIO!" joke ONCE. Use it wisely.
  • GoldenEye finally coming to the Wii?
    They said it had been delayed due to splintered game /franchise rights held by Nintendo, Rare, Microsoft, and Activision - but that's what Ernst Stavro Blofeld wanted you to think!
  • Wii2 will have Blu-ray and arrive in 2010?
    Also rumored: A discounted upgrade price for current-gen owners. (I sure hope that mine being covered in an inch of dust doesn't ruin my chances at a trade-in.)
  • Sony Ericsson releasing an Android phone next week?
    Honestly, with the glut of Android phones announced in the last few months, the more shocking rumor would be an announcement that a cell maker will NOT be releasing one.
  • J.J. Abrams remaking Superman?
    As long as his idea does not involve a climactic battle of 'Supe vs. an island, it'll already by 1,000x better than that last disappointment.
  • The Who: Rock Band?
    For Rock Band fans: The Who are the guys that sing over the credits to the CSI TV shows. For The Who fans: Rock Band is a "crazy doo-dad" that "those dern kids" play that disrupts nap time.
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