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Blog Archives for February 2012

dealnews Podcast - Episode 200: Where Did You See Yourself In Five Years?

It's the dealnews Podcast Episode 200! This landmark episode features guest appearances by past panel members, trips down consumer-news memory lane, as well as instructions on how to enter our big, celebratory sweepstakes in which you can win a Kindle Fire, Roku 2 XS, or a $50 Amazon gift card (as well as a SharkBanana). We also find time to discuss Hulu, netbooks, Netflix, Google's augmented reality glasses, how to pick the right lightbulb, and more. A good time will be had by all!

To Get the Best Deal on the New iPad, You'll Have to Wait 6 Months

After what feels like months of speculation, Apple has finally sent out the invitations to the media, and consumers are ready to save the date: the iPad 3 will be announced on March 7. And while the rumors about what it will offer continue to swirl, we're turning our attention to price: specifically, how long you'll have to wait until the iPad 3 goes on sale.

Paying Your Taxes With a Credit Card May Cost You

Have you got a plan to pay back Uncle Sam? With tax season in full force and the April 15 deadline inching closer and closer, many folks have already learned that they owe both federal and state governments a couple of bucks. There are a few different ways to pay what you owe, but beware of using your credit card to pay your taxes.

5 Reasons Not to Buy the iPad 3

It's rumored that Apple will announce the much anticipated iPad 3 next week, and it will likely be another compelling iDevice. But will you purchase it? You'll sure want to! That is, unless you have one of these five very good reasons not to buy the iPad 3.

Rumor Roundup: Star Wars in 3D on Blu-ray Soon? Google Retail? iPhone 5?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing about the iPhone 5? The future of Apple, Microsoft, and George Lucas? Well neither are we! That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures! And then go tell everybody about them!

Enjoy Your Stay in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the quintessential Southern vacation spot. Even if you've been to its 60 miles of sand and sun many times, its affordable accommodations make it a destination spot for relaxation and fun that's worth the repeat visits. We've found some hot deals to facilitate you working on your tan down at Myrtle Beach: from transportation to hotels, and more.

Caffeine, Convenience, and Cost: Keurig K-Cups vs. Starbucks Coffee

The U.S. operates an $18 billion a year coffee trade, and in the quest for both convenience and connoisseur-quality brew, many consumers have turned to Keurig and its K-Cup system. By offering more than 200 varieties of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and specialty/iced beverages that can be brewed in minutes, we can't help but wonder what the daily and yearly cost of this coffee convenience is. Do you come out ahead by choosing K-Cups over Starbucks?

Is the New BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS Good Enough to Compete?

RIM recently announced the long-awaited BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS, an upgrade to its tablet's previous software. But across the board, reviews have expressed disappointment with the updates. Considering many dealnews readers have purchased a PlayBook during the numerous sales we've seen in the past few months, we want to know what you think of the additions. Is built-in email, a calendar and contacts application, and BlackBerry Bridge enough?

Home Security: Cameras and Safes to Protect Your Property

According to the FBI, in 2010 a home was burglarized once every 14.6 seconds. What's more, the U.S. Fire Administration estimates that there were 362,100 residential building fires last year. Fortunately, with a home security camera system you can reduce the chances of your home being robbed, and with a home safe, you can safeguard your precious documents from fire damage.

 For tips and deals to help make these purchases a little easier, read on!

dealnews Podcast - Episode 199: OS X Cougartown! Rawr!

In the dealnews Podcast Episode 199, the panel talks about the sneak peek of OS X Mountain Lion, Samsung's all-OLED manufacturing scheme, why Internet connected TVs are not so Internet connected, harmful toothbrushes, and vat-grown meat. Plus, Jeff displays a little bit of "the crazy," and so very much more!

Expect to Wait 3 Months for Deals on the New Barnes & Noble 8GB NOOK Tablet

Amazon's Kindle Fire has been skyrocketing its way to the top of the tablet charts, and in an attempt to extinguish its success, Barnes & Noble unveiled its new 8GB NOOK Tablet for just $199. This aggressive move by B&N marks the start of a no-holds-barred tablet war with Amazon. But should NOOK fans jump on this "price cut" or is there a chance we'll see better deals on the NOOK in the near future?

The Most Buzz-Worthy Android Tablets to Keep Your Eye On

Despite a slow start, Android tablets are finally gaining momentum with consumers, and have claimed 39% of the tablet market — a 10% increase from the previous year. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which tablet is worth your time? We sifted through some of today's most buzz-worthy models to find out.

5 Tablet and iPad Accessories Deals: HP Touchpad Case for $10, more

On the heels of the iPad 3 announcement (and some of the lowest priced iPad 2s we've ever seen), and with Android tablets claiming a whopping 34% of the market, we know our readers love their tablets. So we've brought you the top deals on tablet cases and sleeves to keep your prize possession protected.

10 Reasons Why It's OK to Shop Online at Work

Do you break into a cold sweat when someone walks by your cubicle? Well then maybe you shouldn't be shopping online at work! But, if you must (and we all must, right?!), at least have an excuse ready! Here are 10 reasons why it's OK to shop online at work, whether you need to make yourself feel better or if you have to wiggle out of an uncomfortable situation with your boss.

Rumor Roundup: Nic Cage Not Immortal? Eye-Tracking iPhone?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing about the iPhone 5? The future of Apple, Microsoft, and Nicolas Cage? Well neither are we! That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures! And then go tell everybody about them!

Mac OS X Mountain Lion vs. REAL Mountain Lion

This morning, Apple gave us a sneak peek at its upcoming OS X update, Mountain Lion. That's cool and all, but how does it stack up to the real thing?

The 10 Most-Visited Caribbean Islands, and Deals to Help You Get There

We got our hands on a list of the 10 most-visited Caribbean islands, and — luckily for readers with wanderlust — most of them are extremely deal-friendly. So we pulled all the current deals we could find on these popular locations, to help you plan your next Caribbean adventure. Whether you want to lounge in Aruba, walk the beaches of Jamaica, or hit up the Dominican Republic, St. Martin, and more, be sure to read on!

dealnews Podcast - Episode 198: Tengo Hambre

The dealnews Podcast Episode 198 serves up thoughts on the iPad 3, and the 'casters discuss whether or not Han shot first. Then there's chatter about Amazon producing original content, Sony possibly exploiting celebrity deaths, and non sequiturs: hoverboards, Kodak, Shamrock Shakes, and more.

5 Tablet Deals: iPad 2 All-Time Low, Samsung Galaxy Tabs from $400, and more

Here at dealnews, we're not about to resolve the great debate between Apple iPad loyalists and those who love the Android tablet platform. We'd rather see everyone get on the same side of a battle: fighting high prices. We've searched high and low for five great tablet deals, so flex those touchscreen muscles and let's get started with the bargain hunting.

How to Find the Right Rain Gear for Any Outdoor Activity

There was probably a day in your childhood when, dressed in your yellow rain suit and galoshes, you loved stomping around in puddles. Now, all grown up, you find rain too wet, and always screwing up your playtime. The spring rainy season isn't too far off though, so don't let a little water get you down. We've detailed some guidelines for buying rain gear to keep you nice and dry whether you're outside for play or en route to work.

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts: Free Food, Candlelight Dinners, Flowers

Today is Valentine's Day, and you still haven't decided how to express your love for her? While we don't necessarily recommend following your wallet over your heart, today we've found the best last-minute Valentine's Day gifts for those with emptier hands and pockets. From Krsipy Kremes to FTD and Amazon, it will be happy Valentine's Day after all.

UPS Garners Complaints for Losing Packages, Offering Poor Customer Service

When you shop online as much as we do at dealnews, you're going to experience the occasional snafu with delivery. In particular, we've encountered many complaints about the service provided by UPS. So we want to know: how often has your excitement over an arriving UPS delivery turned into anger resulting from a missing package or terrible customer service?

5 Tips to Get the Best Value from Selling Your iPad 2 Before the iPad 3 Release

Seeing as the iPad is the number-one selling tablet in the world, there's a very good chance that you own one. And there's also a good chance that you own the latest and greatest version: the iPad 2. But what if you also happen to be an Apple-phile, and the promise of an upcoming iPad 3 release is tempting you to upgrade? Then be sure to check out our detailed plan of action for ensuring that you get the best value for your iPad 2.

Rumor Roundup: Blade Runner 2? Evil Dead Remake? Amazon Stores?

Rumors! You know the Internet is going to continue to crank out "news" about Apple, Google, Adele, Amazon, et al. The least you can do is read them. That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! If you don't read them, the Internet will feel like it went through all that trouble for nothing!

Have Fun in the Sun in Florida on a Budget: Deals on Flights, Hotels, and more

Even if you're not hurting from a cold winter this year, we bet a little Florida sunshine on your skin and temperatures that let you strut around in shorts or a sundress would be a welcome change from the gray, seasonal limbo. To help you get to the Sunshine State on a budget, we've highlighted a few deals on flights, hotels, and activities that'll get you one step closer to a sunny day at the beach!

Photo and Video Preservation Services: The Price of Digitizing Your Images

Thanks to digital photography and video, the photos and films you capture now can be easily preserved as 0s and 1s, but what about all those cherished images of your youth and your family's lineage? How can you protect these pictures and recordings from the wrinkly fingers of Father Time? We've singled out five deal-friendly digitizing services that convert your physical photos and videotapes into digital formats to not only save your memories, but to also save you money along the way.

What's the Deal with JCPenney's New Pricing Plan?

There's been a lot of talk, and confusion, about the new pricing policy announced by jcpenney a few weeks ago, which entails more structure and (gasp!) fewer sales. If you're worried about potentially higher prices or radically reduced merchandise quality, we've got a lowdown on what the changes may actually mean, what we've seen so far, and what you can expect from future jcpenney sales.

Can You Hear Me Now? 5 Smartphone Deals: Free Android Phones, Refill Cards

Smartphones for all! Let the joys of picture sharing, web browsing, and tweeting be a part of your daily life, without a hefty price tag. Today's roundup of smartphones focuses on the best deals we could find on non-iPhone devices. There are free-with-contract, pay-as-you-go, and unlocked options, for whatever your cell phone needs might be.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 197: World Peace

The dealnews Podcast Episode 197 has arrived and it "meets expectations!" This week, the podcasters throw their support behind Weird Al Yankovic, lament their chances of getting Facebook stock, rumor monger about the Apple iTV, get amazed at Redbox's expansion plans, double their Verizon data, and more. Plus, they're taking suggestions for how to spend their money on a giveaway to celebrate the upcoming 200th episode!

Reach New Heights and Save Money: How to Select a Ladder to Last a Lifetime

As a homeowner, there are numerous tasks that can crop up that can only be satisfied with a certain tool. Say your cat's up a tree (again) and the fire department is busy fighting, like, an actual fire. Or perhaps your gutters are so full of leaves they're beginning to sag like the rear end of an old hound. 
 When a homeowner needs a ladder, no other tool will do. And given the cost, you don't want to bring home the wrong one. So here's our guide to selecting the right ladder at the right price.

Bargain Bed and Bath Deals: 20% off Bath & Body Works, Bed Sheets for $18

Don't feel bad if a few of those New Year's resolutions have already bitten the dust. It's hard to get excited about running 45 minutes on a treadmill, and pinching pennies isn't enjoyable. But shopping to spruce up the home? Now there's a self-improvement regimen that's actually fun to keep. We've found five great deals on decorating and sprucing up both your bath and boudoir.

How to Choose the Right Second Lens for Your DSLR and Budget

Digital SLR cameras are often sold in kit form, which means they're bundled with a basic 18-55mm lens — a good starting point for beginners, but once you start exploring different types of photography, you may find you want more. Adding a lens (or two) to your camera bag will greatly expand your shooting possibilities. Check out our guide for the types of lenses you might consider and what prices you can expect.

A Complimentary Cosmetic Conundrum: Is it Unfair to Swap-Out Freebies?

The free-gift-with-purchase promotion is a standard in cosmetics retail, and many women hold off on buying products from brands such as Elizabeth Arden and Clinique until the promise of freebies rolls around; some customers even spend more than they ordinarily would in order to score the gift. Knowing this, what then happens when the freebie that motivated the purchase doesn't turn out to be what was originally advertised?

Rumor Roundup: iPod nano Camera? "Strange" Apple Event?

Rumors! You know the Internet is going to continue to crank out "news" about Apple, Google, Nintendo, Amazon, et al. The least you can do is read them. That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! If you don't read them, the Internet will feel like it went through all that trouble for nothing!

Red Roses, Green Values: Where to Shop for Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is an easy holiday to tackle if you're thinking romance, baubles, and spoiling your sweetie. But if you're not keen on spoiling the environment in the process, the selection becomes a bit more restricted. Stay away from actual green roses and chocolates, and consider these five vendors whose array of Valentine's Day gifts will honor both your Valentine and our lady Mother Earth.

Will OLED TVs Usher in Better Deals on LED-Backlit LCDs?

It's a well-known fact that new technology ushers in a barrage of deals on the previous-generation tech it replaces. But this year the stakes are higher as the TV industry braces itself for one of the biggest debuts we've seen since the introduction of high definition — OLED panels. We can't help but wonder how OLED will affect prices of other TVs, specifically LED-based LCDs, so we turned back the clock to the summer of 2009 to see how LED itself impacted pricing when it first hit the market.

This Weekend's Best Freebies: Free Food, Classes, and DIY Workshops

Looking for something to do this weekend, but strapped for cash? Then check out our roundup of upcoming free in-store offers for gratis do-it-yourself activities and instructional classes. And as a reward for all that productivity, you can end your weekend with a free order of piping hot onion rings!

Early Super Bowl Commercials Are Akin to Leaked Black Friday Ads

In the last week you may have sneaked a peek at a few of this year's leaked Super Bowl ads. And while watching a middle-aged Ferris Bueller and a pint-sized Darth Vader, you may also have wondered why a company that's paying roughly $114,000 per second to air a commercial during the Super Bowl put it online before the big day. The answer is, of course, to generate excitement and early buzz — which naturally makes us think of all that good Black Friday hype. Read on for the details, as well as the leaked videos.

Inspired Valentine's Day Gifts: Save Money, Earn Brownie Points

Instead of the safe flowers-and-chocolate Valentine's route, take a non-traditional approach to gift-giving this year. Since our atypical options are less in-demand than those Cupid-spattered gifts, you'll not only get a better value for your money, but you'll also be offering up a nice, thoughtful surprise. Here are some more inspired Valentine's Day gift ideas.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 196: Leapy Ear

The dealnews Podcast Episode 196 has arrived to meet your dealnewsy needs! This week, the podcasters discuss Google's Privacy Policy unification, watching the Super Bowl, a Netflix memo that says Amazon is creating a new video streaming service, JCPenney's annoying commercials about its decision to stop sales, how old Google thinks you are, and more.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in February

The short month of February is here, but don't worry: 2012 is a leap year, which means savvy consumers will have one extra day to cram in more deal-shopping! Check out our list of the best and worst things to buy in February, which we compiled after poring over the extensive dealnews archives of sales, coupons, and individual products from years past. If you're curious about Presidents' Day sales, gifts for Valentine's Day, or prices on electronics, outerwear, and more, then read on.

Camera Deals to Smile On: Olympus E-PL1 Bundle for $380, Sony, Canon, more

Photography has become more and more popular a hobby, and it's no wonder: Cameras just keep getting better and better, yet remain surprisingly affordable in a great many instances. From Olympus to Sony, we've fixed our deal-finding telephoto lens on five cameras you won't want to overlook.