Mac OS X Mountain Lion vs. REAL Mountain Lion

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This morning, Apple gave the world a sneak peek at Mac OS X Mountain Lion. It boasts some impressive new features, integrating some of iOS 5's most popular utilities. But instead of merely telling you what they are, we decided to also compare Apple's Mountain Lion to ... a REAL Mountain Lion! (Sure, this kind of gag is usually called "low hanging fruit" because it's the easy joke, but we think you'll enjoy it anyway! And it's actually still informative, too.)

Mountain Lion Face-Off

Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion
Messages App combines iChat and iMessages to sync all of your conversations across AIM, Jabber, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, and across all your laptops, desktops, and iPhones.
Mountain Lions are solitary animals, so they prefer not to chat with anyone.
To Do List
Reminders App is a multi-list to-do application that sends you notifications when a task deadline approaches. It's also synced with iCloud, so it's available on your iDevices.
They have no regular event in their daily schedule other than "hunt," so organization isn't a big deal.
Note Taking
Notes, a simple word processor app, allows you to create and organize short files with text and pictures. It's also synced via iCloud.
Mountain lions are noted for their ability to jump 18 feet straight up and run at land speeds of up to 45 mph.
Notification Center shows on-screen pop-ups every time you receive an email, instant message, friend request, calendar alert, etc.
Mountain lions will not notify you before they pop-up and eat your face.
Share Sheets let you send what you're looking at (websites, photos, videos, etc.) to others via a built-in button within Safari, Notes, Reminders, as well as most other apps.
They're loathe to share things and, in fact, will urinate on things to claim possession.
Integrated Twitter sharing within all apps. Sign in once, tweet from anywhere.
Being a general predator and obligate carnivore, they'll eat a bird, if they can catch one.
Game Center is now part of games for the Mac, so you can cross-platform challenge your friends to yet another Words With Friends match.
Will rarely play with game (elk, deer, sheep, etc.), opting for a sure kill and thus a sure meal.
Desktop Streaming
AirPlay Mirroring lets you send your Mac's desktop to an HDTV via AppleTV.
Though not known for any type of habitation relationship with streams or rivers, they can swim if they have to.
Gatekeeper lets you set parameters for what apps can be installed and run on your computer.
The World Conservation Union currently classifies the mountain lion as a species of "least concern," so no worries about its safety.

Editor's note: To be 100% accurate, "mountain lion" is actually just another name for a cougar. Just think of how much obvious humor we could have crammed into this feature by comparing the OS to a cougar! Talk about low-hanging fruit!

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